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Easy Open Multitool and Scraper

Easy Open Multitool and Scraper

Easy Open Multitool and Scraper
Easy Open Multitool and Scraper
Your Price: $2.49
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Open, Pry, Scrape Anything with This Handy Tool

There are hundreds of uses for one of these in nearly every room of the house. Use it in the kitchen to open soda or soup cans. Use it to open up difficult air vents or recessed lights in the living room. Use it to pry open paint cans in the garage. Or use the handy bottle opener at the outdoor bbq.

The ergonomic and textured tool features a comfortable resting place for your thumb. This can also be used as a handy scraper for removing super-sticky labels off of jars, food off of cooking trays and stones, gum or wax from surfaces, even use them on a glass top stove. The durable plastic construction will last a long time but unlike metal utensils, won't scratch surfaces.

Never waste a manicure or break a nail again on tough to remove stickers and debris!

Features and Benefits:

  • Long-Lasting Plastic Multitool and Scraper
  • Opens Soda Cans and Soup Pull Tabs
  • Built-in Metal Bottle Opener
  • Pry Open Paint Cans, Air Vents, or Recessed Lights
  • Scrape Off Stickers, Adhesive, Food, Gum, and More
  • Perfect for Many Frustrating Tasks
  • Saves Your Manicure and Nails
  • Won't Scratch Delicate Surfaces
  • Comfortable Texture and Thumb Indentation for Stability
  • Gets in Hard to Reach Areas
  • Small Durable Tool with 100's of Uses
  • Fits on Keychain
  • Dimensions: 4in x 2.25in x .15in

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