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Easy OFF Opener - The 4-in-1 Opener

Easy OFF Opener - The 4-in-1 Opener

Easy OFF Opener - The 4-in-1 Opener
Easy OFF Opener - The 4-in-1 Opener
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Opening bottles is all about hand strength, but you have to have a grip like a hydraulic vise in order to open some of those bottles. So give yourself some leverage with this clever little bottle opening wonder.

4 in 1 Opener

The Dual Bottle and Cap Opener is your standard lever-action bottle opener on one end, with both a metal and a plastic edge for opening all sorts of caps, tops and crowns. On the other end you have a conical-shaped rubber gasket that fits over those stubborn metal twist-offs and plastic pop tops.

Wedge it down good and tight and then you can use your entire arm to twist instead of just your fingers. There's not a twist top in the world that will stay on when you apply that kind of torque. It's science! Works like a charm on bottle tops, those notoriously stubborn plastic pop tops, even wine bottle twist offs.

You never have to appear weak and impotent again when faced with an immovable bottle cap. With the Easy Off Opener you'll never go thirsty.

Opens Canning Lids AND Can Tabs Too...

But it is more than just for bottles! You can also open canning lids and those stubbord soda can tabs. It is four tools in one!


- Two bottle openers in one
- Includes both a plastic and a metal lever action opener
- Features a sturdy rubber gasket specifically for twist offs
- Use on glass and plastic bottles, even wine bottles
- 5 1/4 inches long

5 Stars  Easy To Use 
Its simple and easy to use.

5 Stars  Works great 
Nice for anyone with a weak grip or arthritus.

5 Stars  4 in 1 opener 
Great tool. Use it daily. Bought these as gifts.

5 Stars  Great to open bottles - 
Great open bottles - and easy to place in piuck -

5 Stars  Great Buy! 
My sister has arthritis in her hands. She couldn t open bottles, she loves this opener..

5 Stars  Great Gadget 
Coke in plastic bottles are difficult to open lately, especially if you have arthritis or moist hands. This little gadget is great. I bought several of them. They work like a charm.

5 Stars  Works great! 
Easily opens all bottles.

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