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Easy Access Emergency First Aid Pocket Kit for Home, Car or Office

Easy Access Emergency First Aid Pocket Kit for Home, Car or Office

Easy Access Emergency First Aid Pocket Kit for Home, Car or Office
Easy Access Emergency First Aid Pocket Kit for Home, Car or Office
Your Price: $15.99
Compare at: $39.99  (60% off)

It's the Boy Scout motto; Be Prepared! And you will be prepared for most common mishaps, accidents and minor injuries with the 210 Piece Emergency First Aid Pocket Kit.

The Most Complete First Aid Survival Kit for Emergency Situations

Essential for minor wound treatment, protection, aches and pains, and even survival in emergency situation, you will be amazed at everything you will find packed into this small, convenient pocket kit.

The kit includes an assortment of bandages, a cold pack, vinyl gloves, tweezers, scissors, cotton balls, alcohol prep pads, antiseptic wipes, a sterile eye pad, safety pins, even an emergency blanket. Yes! An Emergency blanket.

It weighs almost nothing and takes up almost no space, but it unfolds to a large 83 x 51 inches. That's over 7 x 4 feet. The aluminized polyester is wind and waterproof and reflects body heat back to the body, making it a life-saver in exposure situations.

Compact First Aid to Take On The Go

Measuring 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches and weighing barely over a pound, you can keep this kit pretty much anywhere; in a kitchen drawer, in the glove box of your car, or the bottom of a backpack. You might never need it, but if you do you'll be glad it's there.


- 2 pc triangular bandage
- 1 pc instant cold pack
- 1 pc first aid tape
- 6 pc wound dressing
- 4 pc disposable vinyl gloves
- 2 pc 5 cm x 4.5 yards conforming bandage
- 2 pc 7.5 cm x 4.5 yards conforming bandage
- 1 pc 10 cm x 4.5 yards conforming bandage
- 1 pc plastic tweezer
- 20 pc sterile absorbent cotton balls
- 1 pc scissors
- 30 pc cotton tipped applicators
- 50 pc adhesive bandage (19 x 76 mm)
- 40 pc adhesive bandage (10 x 40 mm)
- 2 pc knuckle fabric strips (75 x 38 mm)
- 2 pc fingertip fabric strips
- 22 pc alcohol prep pad
- 4 pc antiseptic wipes
- 1 pc CPR mouth breath mask
- 12 pc safety pins
- 1 pc emergency blanket
- 3 pc non adherent pad
- 2 pc sterile eye pad


- Compact First Aid Kit
- Take it Anywhere on the Go
- 210 First Aid Items Included
- Soft, Zippered Nylon Case
- Ideal for the Car, Home, or Backpack
- Great Safety for Hiking and Working
- Dimensions: 8.5" x 6.5"

4 Stars  Good kit 
Has a lot

5 Stars  It has what you need for emergency first aid 
I have looked at several first aid kits to keep in my cars. This one has the things you need without giving you a bunch of things you wouldnt use, at a very reasonable price. It will also be easy to restock the kit when needed.

5 Stars  Compact and Complete First Aid Kit 
Bought this for my RV. Compact in size, but complete in content.

5 Stars  Very nice little kit 
Of course it is impossible to fully evaluate something like this until after it has been used, but a careful examination of the contents suggests that it covers all the important things such a kit should have. In fact, I intend to give this to my daughter, if she doesnt already have one, and buy another to replace mine.

5 Stars  Great Emergency Care 
This is one secure way for your health protection

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
Everything you could want I shared them with friends!!!

5 Stars  Always be prepared 
Awesome kit to have available at all times! I have kits in each of my two vehicles and 2 at home for any type of emergency!!

5 Stars  Perfect 
This is the perfect kit to carry with you in your car or on your motorcycle or even on a four wheeler! I got it and I like it.

5 Stars  Wonderful 
Great buy!!!

5 Stars  This was what I was looking for. 
This kit comes with everything I need for an in-vehicle First Aid Kit. It fits neatly under the drivers seat, glad I got two,

5 Stars  1 st aid kit. 
I ordered 4 of these nice kits to keep in all our vehicles. its nice to keep fresh bandages and parts in the vehicles.

4 Stars  My Review 
Everything promised was in the kit. Luckily we havent had to use it yet and I hope well never have to, but Im glad that its there for my family if we need it

4 Stars  Gifts 
I bought one for my home and 3 for Christmas presents. It looks pretty comprehensive. Ive never needed a first aid kit with any more than bandaids, but you just never know. Now Im better prepared.

5 Stars  Emergency First Aid Kit 
Very impressed with Kit and contents. Showed to my Bridge Group and re-ordered 6.

4 Stars  First Aide Kit 
As anyone would guess yes we all need emergency resources,and for the price given very well investment.

5 Stars  Handy 
I purchased this First Aid Kit for a vacation rental home I own. It has just about everything to handle a variety of mishaps.

5 Stars  Put Everywhere 
Great first aid access. Put in Go Bag, Car, Kitchen, garage and workshop!

4 Stars  First Aid Kit 
I needed a first aid kit for the ranch truck. We are always getting poked and scratched while tending the cattle. This kit appears to have everything we need and will provide relief when ugly happens.

5 Stars  Great for the car 
This first aid kit has everything you need to take with you. My wife nicked her ankle while staying at a motel. Got the first aid kit out and there were a whole lot of band aids in a separate bag, not just thrown in there. Great kit.

5 Stars  Greay VALUE 
These First Aid kits were just what I was looking for and they are PERFECT for what I wanted. GREAT VALUE for the $$$ and they are excellent kits TOO.

4 Stars  First aid kit 
The kit looks like it has everything I would need in an emergency. It is neatly arranged for easy access. Fortunately I have not had to use it but I feel safer knowing its there in case of an emergency.

5 Stars  Good for what its good for. 
Havent needed it yet, thank goodness, but it seems to have everything needed for minor emergencies. I keep it in the trunk and the best thing it gives is piece of mind. Recommend everyone get one even if you never need it, its good to know its there.

5 Stars  Great to GO First Aid Kit 
Excellent kit for camping and hiking. I pack it all the time with my Scouts. Light weight and came full of what you would want in a great First Aid Kit

5 Stars  Always be Prepared 
Having Grandkids and My Doctor calls my Sister and me The Fall Down Sisters This Kit is great to have on hand. Gave my Son one because he is a Football Coach of Kids. So many items included and the bag to keep all together.

4 Stars  Has a lot of little helpful items but could use a bit more. 
Good for minor emergencies while out & about. Keeping this smaller kit in my car.

5 Stars  My first revew ever 
I have never ever done a review on any thing anywhere, but I had to because this really saved the day in my home. Long story short... there was an accident and we used a few items in this kit.

4 Stars  first aid kit 
convenient, useful in almost any venue. Something that is taken for granted until needed. supplied well.

5 Stars  great feeling just knowing its there 
I hope Ill never need the First Aid Kit I purchased, but it gives me peace of mind just knowing it is there if I do. Everything I need for common medical emergencies is there!

5 Stars  aid kit 
looks good

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
Very good kit for the price !

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
Excellent Product


I got this for our RV as it seems to cover all the bases of camping injuries. I was very pleased when I opened it and saw all the supplies. This is expensive at Wallgreens but very reasonable from those Genies at Pulse.

5 Stars  Great Product 
A must have for all homes, offices and autos.

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
This is a great first aid kit. It contains everything that you would need in case of an accident. I purched one for each of our cars.


5 Stars  Emergency care kit 
Perfect size for home or car. Nylon bag is well made. Contents are pretty much everything you would need for minor hurts and cuts and scrapes. A great buy if you bought everything separately it would cost 3 times as much. Great buy would purchase again

5 Stars  Awesome First Aid Kit! 

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
Looks great I havent used it. It is a gift.

5 Stars  first aid kit 

5 Stars  med kit 
just what i needed in my rc hobby shop

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
Good deal. Handy item. Highly recommend

5 Stars  Mr 
Received merchandise in a timely manner and it was even better than the advertisement showed it.

5 Stars  Wise choice 
I bought several of this item --one for myself and a couple to give as gifts. It is a compact, well-organized item, ideal for car or home use. It provides a certain peace of mind in case of an emergency.

4 Stars  Great gift 
Bought this for my daughter, and my grandson who play soccer. These always come in handy for bumps and bruises out on the field.

4 Stars  First Aid 
It has everything you need

5 Stars  Nifty Case For Almost All Emergencies 
This kit includes virtually every assortment of bandages and other items needed to treat small wounds. Perfect for the car, as we travel a lot and visit grandchildren.

3 Stars  Easy Access Emergency First Aid Pocket Kit for Home, Car or Office 
Everything appears at it should. However, it is impossible to rate this item fairly unless you have used it in a time of need. Then and only then will you know its value. For now I give it a 5 for peace of mind knowing I have it.

4 Stars  emergency kit 
lot of useless stuff makes up count

5 Stars  Easy access Emergency First Aid pocket kit for home car or office 
This is perfect for my car has everything I might need.

5 Stars  first aid kit 
I bought 4-one for every driver in the family. Great value for what you get in the kit.

4 Stars  First aid 
Very satisfied

3 Stars  First Aid Pocket Kit 
Packed really well and all but the alcohol pads sounded dry to me.

5 Stars  Small kit complete needs 
Kits contain all supplies needed to address emergency situations.Compactness makes storage and transportation easy.

5 Stars  Small kit complete needs 
Kits contain all supplies needed to address emergency situations.Compactness makes storage and transportation easy.

5 Stars  Perfect 1st Aid 
The First Aid Kit is perfect for the car or for that weekend camping trip to the lake or wherever. It is lightweight, compact and has the essentials you may need for those scrapes and scratches you encounter.

4 Stars  Nice Kit, great firstaid bag 
Nice Kit has most of what you need in a small package. Got one for each car., great firstaid bag

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
Excellent kit. We bought it for our RV

5 Stars  Emergency First Aid Kits 
Bought extras to have one in each car and house. Excellent kit with everything you need for small to big emergencies.

5 Stars  1st aid kit 
Fully loaded. Compact size. Great price.

5 Stars  Pop Up 
Keep in car for optimum use..

5 Stars  Mr. 
I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. I received it promptly in excellent condition.Thank you

5 Stars  Retired 
Very satisfied.

5 Stars  Perfect size 
I bought this kit to include it in my range bag. I had a slide bite my hand while shooting at the range, and it was a mess since I had nothing to stop the bleeding. It wasnt serious, but I realized that there could be numerous reasons to have a first aide kit at the range. This is the perfect size and composition.

4 Stars  First Aid Kit 
Have not used it yet, but it is compact seems to have most items I would need in case of any emergency and is now in my car.

5 Stars  Emergency First Aid Kit 
Good deal

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
A first aid kit is something everyone should have handy. This kit has almost everything you would need in an emergency. Ive always kept one myself so bought this one to use as a gift for someone else.

5 Stars  emergency first aid kit 
complete and compact. I originally bought 2 and when I saw how nice they were I ordered 4 more for gifts.

5 Stars  A Good Kit 
This is a well-equipped kit. Good for every home! It has already come in handy for me.

5 Stars  love it 
We love those the best thing that we could give for a not-for-profit Organization for some of the fundraiser that we do soft case easy to travel with if we needed another one we would definitely order again

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
This was a fantastic buy! The kit is loaded with items that would be used if you or someone got hurt. The cost was so low for what I got in return! Thank you !!!


5 Stars  Great Product 
Useful product for around the house and in the car. Easy to store. Contains all the necessary items to render immediate first aid

5 Stars  Good to have on hand and never need. 
The emergency kit has many items that may help with large injuries and definitely useful for many smaller but still critical injuries. Though I have never needed a blanket, it helps to know there is one there that can help if someone needs protection just to keep from suffering greater trauma after an injury. I hope I never need it but I get a certain peace of ming just having the kit on hand.

5 Stars  Dont judge this by the cover! 
This has got to be the most deceiving bag in the universe! It really IS what is inside that makes this First Aid Kit stand out from all others. All of the supplies are from top-class suppliers and are easily replaced as needed. I purchased one for the house and one for the car. Hubby immediately noticed the one in the car and was happy that I had purchased it to *replace* the hard-sided kit we have had for years.

4 Stars  first aid kit 

5 Stars  First aid 
Exceptional product great price

4 Stars  First Aid pack 
This is nice for moja trip put west. And YOU never know when YOU may need IT.

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
Carry it in my car. It appears to be very complete but wont know for sure until I go to use it. Would like to get my hands on some more of those emergency blankets.

5 Stars  First Aide 
Very happy with purchase.

5 Stars  First Aid Kit 
Very happy with product.

5 Stars  Good value at a low price 
This handy first aid kit is a necessity and you never know when youll need it. Many items included in the kit, very compact and at a good price.

4 Stars  Well worth the $ 
I am very pleased with this kit you get alot for the $

5 Stars  NEED 

5 Stars  You Just Never Know 
I bought 3 First Aid Kits, 1 for home...and one for each car i own. You just dont know when you may need a bandage or more. As an ole Boy Scout the motto of Be Prepared keeps coming to mind.

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