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Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight
Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight
Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight
Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight
Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight
Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight

Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight

Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight

Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $19.99  (60% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $13.98 (65% off)
Sold Out
Get one for $7.99
Save $2.00 and get two for $13.98
Save $3.00 and get three for $20.97
Save $4.00 and get four for $27.96

In today's hi-tech world, this outlet upgrade is a no-brainer!

The Dual USB Outlet with Nightlight adds 2 USB ports without sacrificing an AC outlet in process. The best part is that this also includes a night light around the entire unit that has 3 different brightness modes. The nightlight is operated by a futuristic touch sensitive button directly on the top.

Here's where this outlet separates itself from others on the market… STABILITY! There are 2 different ways to set this up; both are super simple. You can just plug it into any existing standard 2 port AC outlet (vertically or horizontally configured), and call it a day. The stabilization bar goes into the other outlet's ground port for a strong hold. But there's also an optional, included center screw, so you can take off the outlet plate, plug it in and screw it down. This creates a more permanent, clean and flush fixture in your home.

The USB ports have a total of 2.4A, plenty of power to charge up 2 iPads at the same time, not to mention smartphones or anything else you have that recharges via USB.

- Adds 2 USB Ports to Standard Outlets without Losing AC Ports!
- Easy Installation (Either Plug and Go or Screw In for Added Stability)
- Stabilization Bar Goes into the Other Outlet's Ground Port
- Nightlight with 3 Illumination Modes (Low, Medium and High)
- Touch Sensor Switch for Nightlight Operation
- 2.4A Max Output
- Charges Smartphones, Tablets, iPads, Camera Batteries and more!
- ETL Certified
- 3.5" X 5" X 1.5"

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Fantastic 
I like the fact that you gains extra support with the addition of the USB PORT

5 Stars
(2) Works great 
Works as expected. The dimmable nightlight is a nice extra touch.

5 Stars
(3) space saving outlet 
I ordered the Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight for my kitchen as that is where everyone charges their phones and the usb outlets allow me to use the outlets for other things than chargers. I actually have 2 one near the sliding door and the other when you enter the kitchen. Fantastic! and the nightlight helps greatly when I get up in the night and this way I can see what I am doing instead of bumbling around and stubbing my toe.

5 Stars
(4) Great product 
Good lighting and adjustable lighting are great. Used in kitchen and computer room.

5 Stars
(5) Worked well 
So far it works very well. Two outlets, two USB ports and a night lite. Very easy installation. The only downside was that the night lite was not automatic.

5 Stars
(6) Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight 
So far, this item works great. Thinking of getting some more when the price drops.

5 Stars
(7) Dual USB Outlet 
I received the outlet and plugged it in as soon as I got home. It works great! I like the idea that it has a nightlight built in and the 2 usb ports are great as we are always trying to jockey for positions to plug in our phones at night. I bought 2 and might go back for more.

5 Stars
(8) Great light 
Easy to install

5 Stars
(9) Dual USB Outlet 
Good solid product that gives you two regular plugs and two USB plugs. Easy to install and you get a night light to turn on or off as you want. Very happy with my purchase.

5 Stars
(10) Good service good price 
Receptacles with USB portsGreat value great price

5 Stars
(11) Excellent product 
Frees up the plugs and the night light can be adjusted to three different levels.

5 Stars
(12) Added convenience 
Its convenient these days to have extra USB ports with so many devices that use them. A plus on this unit is that it has a screw in the center that holds it firmly to the outlet. Some of these outlet multipliers do not, so when you try to remove a plug, they pull out of the receptacle.

5 Stars
(13) Convenient 
I like having USB outlets available without diminishing the electrical outlet capacity. The nightlight function is a bonus.

5 Stars
(14) Perfect nightlight 
Love it Easy on/off Adjustable brightness Handy USB ports

3 Stars
(15) USB Outlet 
This device does not have a way to screw positively to Decora outlets as the Decora outlets do not have a center threaded attachment location. This should be pointed out in sales material.

4 Stars
(16) IT Works 
I purchased 2 items one as gift for my son-in-law. Will be giving it to Him at Christmas. The 2nd I tested it for our use and it works great. Im not using it at present not to give the surprise away.

5 Stars
(17) good to have around !!! 
plugs in anywhere you have a two-plug outlet, which should be just about anywhere !!!!! can charge two phones at once, and has the little light on the top so it can be a night light, too, if needed !!!! so HANDY !!!!

4 Stars
(18) USB outlet and night light 
It works well and is as bright as you want it. I like the USB ports to recharge my phone and tablet. The only drawback is that it doesnt shut off when there is daylight.

5 Stars
(19) USB Led Nightlight 
I found this device very conviently perfect @ church since a lot of members use some sort of devices to plug into and not many places offer this option.

5 Stars
(20) Great product 
Quality, service and ease of ordering...repeat business for sure!

4 Stars
(21) 3 in 1 outlet 
A great combined outlet. My only minor complaint is that it does project out from the wall a bit more than I like.

4 Stars
(22) Is as advertised 
The plug works as expected for electrical and USB. While I was pleased to see that the night light can be turned off, it would be even better if it was motion sensitive. If turned on, it stays on, even in the daylight or presence of other lights, wasting electricity.

5 Stars
(23) Great device!! Works as advertised. 
Great device!! Works as advertised.

5 Stars
(24) Exceeded my Expectations 
I really needed only one but after seeing what a bargain price they had I decided to order four. I’m glad I followed my gut on this as they are really nicer than I expected. I put two of them in our home & the other two in the motorhome. We use USB ports on these exclusively now vs. standard issue transformers. Night lights are a great bonus! I especially like that they have three levels of brightness.

5 Stars
(25) Receptacle with USB 
Pretty cool have it between our chairs in the living room both cords plugged into it Lightworks to at night pretty good

5 Stars
(26) Outlet with USB 
I love it. Able to plug in phone for charging and can use cords for electrical things with the bigger ends that wont work in regular outlets. Kudos to this outlet.

5 Stars
(27) Duel USB Outlet with LED Night Light 
I bought a lot of these and installed them in my home and ended up giving some of them to family who“loves the easy installation and night lights for the families.

4 Stars
(28) Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight 
Product Functions as Expected

5 Stars
(29) Dual USB Outlet with LED Nightlight 
Works great. If the room is dark the night light comes on.

5 Stars
(30) Works great 
I like having the outlets and USB charging ports and great price

5 Stars
(31) Awesome 
This has to be the best plug going.So convenient and my daughter loves it..I bought one for me and for her..

5 Stars
(32) Fabulous! 
Great chargers sand night light combo! Grandkids love ‘em!

Review this item!
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