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Dual Heat Fabric Steamer

Dual Heat Fabric Steamer

Dual Heat Fabric Steamer
Dual Heat Fabric Steamer
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Here's an item that every professional should own... A Fabric Steamer!

Time To Ditch The Iron And Grab This Clothes Steamer Instead

Throw the iron away and get rid of wrinkles the fast and easy way with this Multi-Purpose Fabric Steamer.

This is perfect for travel or home. It's small, lightweight and portable and provides a natural and easy way to get wrinkles out of clothes.

This Fabric Steamer Is Effective and Easy to Use

It's powerful enough to penetrate deep into heavy fabrics and gentle enough for your most delicate fabrics.

It removes wrinkles with ease and freshens fabrics without the use of harsh chemicals. No waiting with this quick travel steamer heats up in just 2 minutes

Here's A Tip: Use it to remove scum and grime from other surfaces too. Works wonders on bathroom tile!

- Compact size portable fabric steamer for travel or office
- Easily remove wrinkles from fabric, scum from glass, and grime from other surfaces
- Dual Heat Settings: 400 and 850 watts
- Safe for all types of fabrics
- Uses Plain Tap Water (No additive necessary)
- Heats up fast (2 minutes)
- Approx 6 minutes continuous steam
- Easy-read water level window
- Power indicator light
- 3.3-oz. water reservoir
- 8' power cord
- Product dimensions: 5"x3"x9"
- Compact size perfect for travel or office
- Easily remove wrinkles
- Dual Heat Settings: 400 and 850 watts

4 Stars  Fabric Steamer works on Suit Coats 
We received an online order of 2 suit coats that were shipped just folded in a bag and arrived very wrinkled! The Dual Heat Fabric Steamer came to the rescue and removed all the wrinkles. The only issue is that the water tank is small and doesnt hold that much water so I had to refill several times for each suit coat.

3 Stars  Too small 
The unit is too small to use at home with a full load of laundry to iron. It works well for small jobs, so its probably best just to use while you travel.

5 Stars  Remarkable product 
Use it twice sinceI received and I am very impress with it, smooth and easy to use, leave clothes without wrinkles!!

5 Stars  Great steamer! 
This steamer is very lightweight and simple to use. I bought it for travel and its easy to pack as well. Reasonably priced and it works great

4 Stars  Works great 
Compact and easy to operate works great

5 Stars  Makes life easier 
This works great. It makes it much easier to remove wrinkles from clothing than using iron which I hate. Now I can easily remove wrinkles and dont have to get out the dreaded iron.

5 Stars  Hair Remover 
works well

5 Stars  steamer is a revalation 
For some reason I thought a steamer would be heavy, and therefore tiring to use. Instead its light and weirdly fast. Seems like magic.

1 Stars  Not Safe! 
This product worked ok the first time I used it, but later in the day when I tried to use it again the water boiled and just kept spitting hot boiling water through the spout. It didnt matter which setting it was on...same thing. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Also the power indicator light comes on as soon as its plugged in even when the switch is in the off position and only takes seconds to heat up instead of 2 minutes which is contradictory to instructions.

3 Stars  steamer 
very quick turnaround on reserve water.

5 Stars  fabric steamer 
Love it not only as a iron but as a surface cleaner as well

5 Stars  fantastic 
Does a great job

4 Stars  Steamer 
For the price, size, ease of use and effectiveness this is very very good

4 Stars  Steamer 
Works good. Would give it a 5, but on/off switch is always in the on postition. Does have two setting. High and low.

1 Stars  Fabric Steamer 
Have only tried it once so far. It does a lot of spitting. Will continue trying to use it and it may be okay.

5 Stars  Glad i got it 
perfect job at right price!

5 Stars  Great buy 

4 Stars  works as expected! 
Handy when I have a top that is wrinkled. Quick, and I dont have to drag out ironing board.

2 Stars  Not what I expected it would do 
I bought this product in hopes that it would remove wrinkles from shirts but it did not perform up to my expectations. It also claimed that it can serve as a humidifier, it better be a real tiny room because the steam only lasts for about 2.5 minutes.

5 Stars  works 
very handy alternative to ironing. Winkles disapear.

4 Stars  Works great! 
Got this for a trip to NYC, Didnt think Id need it before. Layed my suit jacket over chair back and forgot about it. Found it 2 days later all wrinkled. Got out the steamer and it did wonders, got out all the wrinkles. Only 4 stars because it is a one item steamer, but so far thats all I need. Makes it easier to pack, though.

5 Stars  Love it! 
Great steamer. It works wonderful getting the wrinkles out. The only negative is that you cant use it if the item is on the bed or floor otherwise perfect.

3 Stars  Fabric Steamer 
This product is just ok with me. I tried it on a pair of sheers and was disappointed. The reason that I purchased this steamer was in hopes of some help with curtain scarves...they are so long and difficult to remove wrinkles from....what else can I say. I will try again in the near future when I spring clean my bedroom...heres hoping for better results!

3 Stars  Fabric Steamer 
Guess it could be ok, reservoir is way to small, Ive only used it twice so far I have mixed emotions.

I was apprehensive at first to order this steamer, because of the price. But when it arrived, I tried it out and it amazed me. So easy to use and it steams in a very short time. I attached an extension cord and steamed my shower doors. It did a great job! I recommend this item highly.

5 Stars  it works 
the steamer works ok. got to refill it with water quicker then I would like but still not a big problem. I like. 5 stars easy.

2 Stars  RETURNED 

5 Stars  So Easy 
. It is lightweight and easy to use easy for me to hold and move over the fabric heats up quickly and performs as advertised.

5 Stars  very good value 
my wife loved it!!shes not easy to please.

4 Stars  Nice Steamer 
This steamer heats of the water pretty fast. Once it gets hot the steam starts right away. One thing to note, It comes with a measuring cup. The cup will almost fill up the container. DO NOT fill to the top. What will happen is water will spit out and get all over. So, I found out real fast why that measuring cup came with the unit. I would say the steam last for about 10-15 mins per fill up. It is really nice little unit for the price. So far I have only used it for clothing.

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Video: Dual Heat Fabric Steamer

Throw the iron away and get rid of wrinkles the fast and easy way with this Multi-Purpose Fabric Steamer.
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