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Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad
Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad
Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad
Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad
Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad
Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad
Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad

Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad

Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad

Compare at: $22.99  (82% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

We all love our laptops but we hate how hot they get. As they get older they seem to get hotter and hotter. This is not only annoying it can be dangerous.

Keep your laptop cool, safe and working efficiently with this Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad. It will decrease the overall temperature of your laptop.

The slim and lightweight dual fan cooling pad provides whisper quiet and efficient operation on the go! Protect your investment by keeping your laptop cool and running properly.

Genius design! No batteries are needed! It powers thru your USB port but unlike others on the market the cord features pass thru technology... meaning you can plug into the fan USB cord. You don't lose a port!

- Extra light (but sturdy) housing allows you to carry in your laptop case
- Supports laptops of various sizes
- Dual Fan Airflow
- Whisper Quiet Fan
- NO BATTERIES NEEDED... it powers thru your USB port on your laptop
- USB cord features pass thru technology, you don't lose your port!
- Ideal Fan Position Under the CPU
- Angled Riser Improves Comfort
- Approximate Size: 12" x 9.25" x .25"

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Works Great 
I got 3 of these fans to give as gifts. They work great.

5 Stars
(2) dual fan laptop cooling pad 
Easy to use. Has good cord storage. Fan comes out side so you can really use it on your lap.

5 Stars
(3) Great purchase 
Now I can keep my laptop running without fear of ruining the surface of my desk. The fans keep the laptop cool all the time and keeps it at better temps. Thanks Pulse TV

5 Stars
(4) Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad 
Very happy with my purchase.. I will continue ordering from PulseTv.Com..

5 Stars
(5) laptop Cooling Fan 
Best buy keeps my laptop from getting hot and fits nice under it. Was a great buy and am well pleased. made very well.

5 Stars
(6) Dual Fan Cooling Pad. 
Worked as well as advertised and did not take up a USB port.

5 Stars
(7) Laptop cooling fan 
Good product does a cool job!!

5 Stars
(8) A very important safeguard 
This fan replaced one I had but the fan blades would hang up on the housing. This one from Pulse TV is quiet and blows great to keep my laptop from overheating, something all PCs need for longer life.

5 Stars
(9) Great Product 
Just what I needed to cool my Laptop and at a great price. Easy to operate.

5 Stars
(10) Cooler Cooling 
The cooling pad is a definite plus to have with a laptop. My laptop is getting older and the fan is slowing down, so having the cooling pad underneath helps keep a steady flow of air going. The USB plug is also nice in that it allows you to plug something else in on top of it so you havent lost a port.

5 Stars
(11) Excellent,much needed product 
I have always worried about the heat generated by my laptop overheating and damaging my computer. Now this product has solved my worries.

5 Stars
(12) small but effective 
love the cooling pad for my laptop - what I appreciated most was the USB plug that went into my computer - it was the kind that allowed another cord to be plugged into the same outlet - this was exactly what I needed since one of my two USB ports stopped working!

4 Stars
(13) Laptop cooling fan 
Works well in diverting hot air from underneath computer. Would like to have non-slip tabs on product to prevent computer from sliding on fan body.

4 Stars
This is great product - I wish it had some type of suction cups to hold it onto the laptop - BUT it does the job just fine - well worth the price!

5 Stars
(15) Must have for laptops 
No More overheating. Works great and is whisper quiet. Great price also. Order one and give your computer a life extending gift

5 Stars
(16) Laptop Cooling Fan 
The cooling fan works just as advertised. I have only had it for a short time, but am very satisfied with it.

5 Stars
(17) Fan Laptop Cooling pad 
I love it! Especially since it just plugs into my laptop! It works great! and is very quiet.

5 Stars
(18) Excellent Product 
I was a little hesitant on purchasing this but it is wonderful and does the trick. The price is awesome!!! You wont be disappointed.

5 Stars
(19) laptop cooling pad 
I bought this for my husbands laptop, works great, he loves it, these cooling pads are expensive in stores. this was a fantastic price, simple, just plug it into your computers usb port, runs when you turn on your laptop & off when you turn off your laptop, no problem, simple & worth it, I definitely recommend this.

3 Stars
(20) Slippery 
Product made well But it slides around.

5 Stars
(21) Does the job 
My 6 year old granddaughter never wanted to have my laptop on her lap because ITS TOO HOT PAPA! Now she has no problem when its on this cooling pad.

5 Stars
(22) great cooling pad 
Easy to use, good protection for my expensive laptop

5 Stars
(23) cooling fans for laptops 
product is well made and works well the value was right on the mark thanks

5 Stars
(24) Keeps em cool 
When we dont have time to blow out the dust on our laptops they tend to heat up and shut down. The laptop cooling pads we ordered arrived quickly, worked great solved the problem. We know we still need to blow out the dust though. ;-

1 Stars
When I first opened these, and plugged them into the computer, I thought WOW, what a great cooling pad, however, if you dont keep your Laptop etc., perfectly flat, it will totally slide right off the Cooling Pad. Aggravating!!! They were inexpensive enough, but a total waste of money if you ask me!

5 Stars
(26) gr8 gadget 
This is a nice, lightweight fan for your laptop. Simple to use. Uses the power from your laptop so when laptop is off so is the fan.

5 Stars
(27) Excellent product 
I have been using it for over a week now and it is great. I bought it because my acer laptop sitting on my Dining room table would periodically shut off due to heat build up. It has not done that once since I started using the cooling fan.

5 Stars
(28) great product 
The Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad works great....I can use my computer without getting shutdown....this is worth the money I paid for it...arrived sooner than I expected....

1 Stars
(29) Too small 
Fans do not line up with vents on bottom of DELL 15 inch Latitude, so does little to cool

5 Stars
(30) Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad 
One of the best investments I ever made. This cooling pad will extend the life of my aging computer; 10 years old +; which has an intermittent cooling fan.

4 Stars
(31) Practical 
I especially like the angel that is comfortable, and it makes is easy to see the keyboard on my desk. I wish it came with Velcro to attach to the bottom of the laptop and the top of the unit.

5 Stars
(32) This one works 
The unit is light and has nice features, such as flip up feet to raise the rear of the stand and a usb plug that allows you to plug another usb device into it.

5 Stars
(33) Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad 
This is the best cooling pad I ever had, and the price was great you cant beat the price, I love it.

5 Stars
(34) very good 
great value ...so far outstanding product

5 Stars
(35) Dual Fan Laptop Cooling Pad 
I have 2 HP laptops and they tend to over heat and shut down if Im doing any system intensive projects. I bought 2 of the cooling pads and so far, so good. No shut downs! I would recommend them to others.

4 Stars
(36) keeps my lap top cool 
Helps me continue to work indefinitely. I had one lap top cook and now I dont have to worry.

4 Stars
(37) cooling 
i guess it works its kinda hard to figure out cause the computer is sitting way up in the air

5 Stars
(38) Super 
Keeps my computer cooled down

5 Stars
(39) Laptop fan 
Keeps the laptop cool while working. Quickly delivered

1 Stars
(40) Pitiful!! 
I tried this computer cooler on my lap and on my desk. It has such a weak air flow that I could blow on it and have more effect.

5 Stars
(41) Solved Overheating Problem 
When my computer started overheating and shutting itself down, I thought it was time for a new one. Fortunately a few days before I had decided to spend several hundred dollars for a new computer, I saw this add on Pulse TV and decided it was worth a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works. Now the computer no longer shuts itself off and never gets unusually warm. Additionally,the adapter with its own port does not deprive you of an often needed port and it shuts itself off when the computer is turned off so there is no battery drain. I enthusiastically recommend this product to prolong and protect your computer. Add to this the great customer service of Pulse TV and you cannot go wrong.

Review this item!
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