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Drain Buster - 2 in 1 Plunger
Drain Buster - 2 in 1 Plunger
Drain Buster - 2 in 1 Plunger
Drain Buster - 2 in 1 Plunger
Drain Buster - 2 in 1 Plunger
Drain Buster - 2 in 1 Plunger

Drain Buster - 2 in 1 Plunger

Drain Buster - 2 in 1 Plunger

Compare at: $24.99  (72% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Use this once and you will never use another plunger again!

Clear away tough clogs with the drain buster power plunger! Its patented plunger design adds extra suction that loosens compressed debris in pipes, toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks and more.

This unique plunger features a powerful compression chamber that provides extra power without extra work! The air-tight tube features a handle that increases back pressure as you pull, providing far more suction pressure that a regular plunger. Two interchangeable plunger cups easily screw on for large or small drains. Stronger than ordinary plungers!

- Powerful Suction
- Two Interchangeable Plunger-Heads
- Small Drain Plunger Head
- Large Drain Plunger Head
- Suction Handle
- Compression/Overflow Tube

Review this item!

5 Stars  Water Away 
This product did as advertised. Great plunger at a great price.

5 Stars  Drain Buster 
Works really good, as long as you pull out the inner flap.

5 Stars  Simply Awesome 
This little plunger handles any plugged up sink. It really is Simply Awesome.

3 Stars  Drain buster 
Unfortunately, it was too big to fit on the sinks in my house.

2 Stars  drain buster 
The first one I received was broken. was replaced promptly. Thank you. The drain must be completely clogged in order to suck up water and push it back down to open the clog. My tub drain was not completely clogged. So, it didnt work.

3 Stars  Not as expected 
I thought this would work better than it did. I has helped the flow on the water, but not totally resolve the clog.

4 Stars  Cant really rate it. 
Looks like it does in the pix online. Havent had to use it yet

4 Stars  Good for sink 
Used in bathroom sink. Size is Handy and did the job. Water doesnt drain out of plunger too well. You need to work to get water out and then store in plastic bag.

5 Stars  Very nice product 
It works great.

5 Stars  Great Item 
Love the ability to change the size of plunger

4 Stars  Really neat thing 
It worked pretty good,I would recommend it

5 Stars  Plunger 
I had this some time ago and I loved it. You can use it for the toilet and the sink.

3 Stars  Drain Buster 
I used it in the kitchen & toilet. Worked good on both. Cant use in the tub or bathroom sink because the water sprouts are in the way.

1 Stars  Useless 
Sorry all though the idea maybe sound, the item was useless. The handle is too fragile and you cant put the necessary force behind it for proper operation before it breaks.

5 Stars  Plunger 
Great product!!! Had to use it right away and it worked perfectly.

5 Stars  2 in 1 Plunger is great 
This is the greatest, works well as indicated

1 Stars  Useless 
Did not work at all.

5 Stars  drain buster 
works great

3 Stars  Same as a plunger 
I was hoping the Drain Buster would resolve my draining issues in just a couple tries. Unfortunately, it takes more than a few tries to get the water to drain.

5 Stars  plunger 
Fabulous product , great suction. My sink and toilet thank you

5 Stars  Love is better the second time around? 
This is the second time I have purchased this item from you that REALLY PACKS A PUNCH OF WATER W/AIR! I love the two different size plunger heads and only had one issue....the handle broke/cracked right in the middle of the loop handle and I had to redesign/reinforce it with a bolt and nut after squeezing it together, drilling a hole through the overlapped handle pieces, and inserting the nut and bolt for tightening. I used to be a plastic piece designer/manufacturer and suggest the handle should be redesigned as a Solid T with a thicker vertical neck v shape to the horizontal top of the T. REASON.... the center of the present Loop T is the weakest part of the piece because that is the knit-line where the molten plastic comes together. Otherwise, a very unique and powerful design. Love your product designs.

1 Stars  Not as described 
This product does not operate as advertised. Very difficult to unplug a toilet blockage & it doesnt fit over some sink drains. Save your money!

5 Stars  Works great on the tub drain 
I use this all the time on my tub because I have long hair and no matter what type of catch I use, I always end up with slow/blocked draining. For those having problems, the trick is to fill the plunger with water and then make sure the drain is as full of water as it can be. Then plunge as soon as you place it on the drain. This will give you the most pressure, but it still may take 2-3 plunges depending on the clog.

5 Stars  So easy to use and works great 
Does everything you said.

4 Stars  Freed bathtub drain. 
I couldnt detect any effect at first when I tried to clear a slow draining bathtub. From then on the tub drained as desired. I have to assume it works.

3 Stars  Drain buster 
The small unit for sinks does not work for most vanity top wash basins because the center is protruded and will not fit most wash basins. It works only on kitchen sinks that has an indented center.

1 Stars  Drain buster does not work as indicated 
I am super disappointed in my drain buster...does not seem like I can get the proper suction to make it work correctly

2 Stars  PLUNGER 
Hate to say it but the product doesnt work any better than our traditional plunger. We are disappointed with the purchase.

5 Stars  Great product! 
Ive only had occasion to use it once since I recently purchased this product. I used it when my toilet became plugged and it did what its advertised to do!

5 Stars  Great Product 
Worked like a charm. My plug cleared instantly. Very happy with it.

5 Stars  great plunger 
we have been doing everything from using vinegar and baking soda , and any other home recipe to clean out whatever was plugging up our bathroom sink. when I saw this 1 I figured what ever lets give it a try. So when it came about @ weeks ago I opened it and used it, and the drain is still running clear. Love it

2 Stars  Difficult To Use 
Disappointed!! Item is very hard to use!

1 Stars  drain buster 
never worked. dont wast your money on this item. after paying return shipping not even worth wasting time for replacement.

5 Stars  Drain Buster - 2 In 1 Plunger 

5 Stars  Better than original plunger 
This is very easy for weak and older people to use. Very glad I found and purchased this item!!

1 Stars  drain buster 
not as good as expected

5 Stars  Very effective! 
I was having so much difficulty with my traditional plunger the drain buster has been a welcome relief.

3 Stars  Drain buster 
It did not do any better than a plunger on toilets. I have not tried it on a sink but I don t expect any better results but we will see...

4 Stars  Drain Buster 
Easy efficient.

5 Stars  Drain Buster - 2 In 1 Plunger 
Great! My Husband LOVES it!

4 Stars  plunger 
works great

5 Stars  Drain Buster 
I love that it has 2 heads that you can use! Ive used it twice on my tub so far & works great!

1 Stars  1 Star is one too many 
Nice idea but the product simply doesnt work as advertised. I ordered 2. One has zero suction in the plunger tube when pumped so I suspect it is defective. The small suction cup for sinks is good in theory but if the drain stopper protrudes above the lowest point of the sinks bowl the cup is ineffective. The toilet plunger doesnt work any better than one you would buy at a builders square. I cannot recommend this product.

1 Stars  Drain Buster 
First tried it in the shower, then the toilet, then kitchen sink. didnt work on any. No pressure built up. like using a paper towel tube.

5 Stars  Deain Buster 
Works as advertized - OK

3 Stars  it works but 
It works but not as well as I thought it would . Still had to use my older plunger too.

5 Stars  Worked well 
I was slightly skeptical that this would work on a drain that has been causing problems for years, but for the price, figured I would take a chance. It worked extremely well. After only a few plunges, the drain is still clog free! I plan to use it regularly to keep the drain open.

5 Stars  drain buster 
I had to replace the first one I bought because it was faulty. The service to replace it was fast and efficient with a very pleasant customer service rep.

3 Stars  Plunger Opinion Plunged 
I had high hopes for this product. Unfortunately, they were unfulfilled. It didnt seem to work any better than the three other plungers I already own.

5 Stars  It unclogs where the regular plunges couldnt 
It really does unclog the worse toilet clogs...I tried and tried with a regular plunger and finally had to call maintenance. Saw this add and decided to get it. Well the toilet clogged again and used the drain buster and it worked. I am very weak and it unclogged in 3 plunges

5 Stars  WOW! 
WOW! Another hit! I used on a sink that has been partially blocked for months. It unblocked immediately. I am thrilled with another product from Pulse TV that does what it says! Love it! Bought one for my Mother. Now considering some more for Christmas gifts. Sure saves on a plumber bill.

5 Stars  True to its name 
I bought the Drain Buster out of desperation. Wed had a tub drain clog for months. We tried everything from commercial drain cleaners, plungers and snakes. We could not get rid of the clog. The tub took half an hour to drain after a shower. After I got the Drain Buster, the clog was gone after just three plunges. The sucking sound of draining water is beautiful.

5 Stars  It Really Works!! 
Yep, I just got mine in the mail yesterday and went to the bathroom and tried it and I was so happy it REALLY WORKS PERFECTLY!!

5 Stars  it really works 
At first I didnt think it was going to work. I been trying to unclog my tub for about a week. I bought other things to unclog it but they didnt work.I decided to try this and I was so amazed how it really work. When I started using it I was saying its not working but then the water started going down. Wow. I told my mom like 3 times about how it really worked. She thought I was crazy. I was just amazed. This item is amazing.

Review this item!