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Dozen of Mens Socks
Dozen of Mens Socks
Dozen of Mens Socks
Dozen of Mens Socks
Dozen of Mens Socks

Dozen of Mens Socks

Dozen of Mens Socks

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These soft, comfortable, classically stylish men's dress socks are a treat for your feet. Solid color dress socks like these are commonly worn not only with more formal attire, but also with jeans, khakis, loafers, low-top boots, brogues, oxfords, and even dark-colored athletic shoes.

These cotton socks are made with 10 percent spandex to ensure a snug fit that won't droop or sag. Colors include brown, light gray, charcoal grey, and navy blue, so you have plenty of options for whatever you're wearing. A 12 pack guarantees your feet are always covered.

Features and Benefits:
- 12 pairs
- Size 10-13
- Solid colors
- Soft and comfortable
- 70% cotton, 20% polyester, 10% spandex

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