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Double Compression Waist Slimming Belt
Double Compression Waist Slimming Belt
Double Compression Waist Slimming Belt
Double Compression Waist Slimming Belt
Double Compression Waist Slimming Belt

Double Compression Waist Slimming Belt

Double Compression Waist Slimming Belt

Compare at: $39.99  (75% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Tired of battling the bulge? The Double Compression Waist-Slimming Belt will instantly trim inches off your waist, giving you a slimmer, more proportional silhouette.

The elastic double-compression straps let you apply as little or as much pressure as you need to enhance your physique and control love handles, while the soft Neoprene construction is comfortable enough to wear under your regular clothes.

Corrects Posture and Promotes Weight Loss

Wear your Waist-Slimming Belt during exercise to accelerate weight loss. The belt preserves body heat around your midsection which stimulates water loss. Plus, the compression provides back support while working out and helps keep your posture correct. The super strong hook-and-loop fastening surfaces let you put the belt on and remove it in seconds. Look better, feel better, and train better in one easy step.

- Unisex
- Shapes and controls waist and abdominal area
- Promotes weight loss during exercise
- Preserves body heat and stimulates water loss
- Corrects posture and helps protect back
- Adjustable hook-and-loop closure for a custom fit
- Stretchy and comfortable Neoprene construction
- Fits waist 32"-46"

Review this item!

4 Stars  Grandpa needs a belt 
I babysit my granddaughter and as she gets older she gets heavier, I didnt want to wear a lifting belt so I was looking for a belt I could wear all day if needed. This belt is giving that extra support I need! Thanks

3 Stars  Not large enough 
need a better fit

5 Stars  adjustable 
this is my second belt. few years ago my spine was fractured and so I am not using it for sliming but for back pain. It works very well but for one thing. where you pull the belt together the lashes are not very well stitched, or the fabric cant stand the pull but it came undone. so I stitched it together but of course it is not as good as the original. thats why I ordered a second belt.

5 Stars  Compression belt 
Having a bad back, this easy to use non bulky helps ease the pain. Living in the country requires a lot of yard activity. I like the easy way it goes on and doesnt get in my way. Without looking like there is something wrong with me, I enjoy wearing it downtown because it helps my back while giving me a better waist line.

1 Stars  A Disappointment 
My first review was not published so heres another. As someone else said, if you have some girth around the middle, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! My 42 in waist is greater than this thing will stretch to and is therefore, useless.

1 Stars  Very Disappointing 
I found this item is too small for my size--admittedly larger than Id like but by the narrative and hype, I thought it could become part of my efforts to strengthen my core while also relieving some back pain. If there were multiple sizes to order, I missed that part since again, the one I received is just plain too small. A true disappointment! Ill be rethinking my decisions going forward when considering ordering any other items similar to this one or of potential interest in another/other areas.

5 Stars  Double Compression Waist Slimming Belt 
Very pleased with the product. Good quality , great price, fast shipping!

2 Stars  Belt for skinny people 
Very well constructed and was exactly what my aching back deserved. I have 4 herniated disks, so doing simple chores is painful. Unfortunately, it barely goes around my waist. One size does not fit all. ??

1 Stars  Not for the chubby 
I have a 42 waist and was unable to wrap the belt around my body and get it connected.

1 Stars  Waist Slimming Belt 
I dont like it at all. Too stiff. Could never make the waist look smaller. Not comfortable at all.


5 Stars  Fantastic 
The support this belt provides is beyond reproach. I highly recommend this product, which I seldom do about products.

4 Stars  Compression Belt 
Product well made and feels similar to the old weight belts except for the latch is Velcro instead of a buckle...

5 Stars  Good Product 
I use the back brace/waist trimmer when I am working. It keeps my back from hurting.

5 Stars  Double compression back support 
It works great and is flexible enough to exercise with it on.

4 Stars  compression belt 
I like the belt but I wish it had been a litte bit larger. I hope to be able to make it work.

5 Stars  Get a grip, wont you? 
Well made, heavy duty waist slimming belt. A real bargain and does what you bought it for. You should buy two of these.

5 Stars  Back brace belt 
Love it, best I have ever found and worn.

5 Stars  Great! 
This back brace is great quality for the money spent, definitely worth it!

5 Stars  use as medical device 
eliminates 80 % of lower back pain when used for golf, yard work and workouts!

3 Stars  Sizing misleading 
this barely fit around my middle. Sizing is skimpy.

1 Stars  Do not buy if you are a big guy 
The unit may be terrific, but if you are a big guy with a waist size of 44 it doesnt fit. One size doesnt fit all. Waist of my money.

5 Stars  Great fitting belt 
I ordered two to keep in two places! Both fit perfectly and gave me excellent compression by my lower back! The price was excellent and it is a good buy!

5 Stars  Very Good!!! 
Very Good!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars  Works great 
I have a slightly arthritic lower back, and this belt helps me stand/sit straight with little effort. The slimming effect is a bonus.

5 Stars  Easy and it works 
Hard to shape my bod and really worked on back palm great deal

4 Stars  Belt great for back support 
I find this belt much more comfortable than my regular back support belts. I am very pleased with it.

2 Stars  Slimming belt 
I have copd so this belt is not working for me. It is not comfortable to breath.

5 Stars  Exellent for low back Pain as well 
I suffer from Stage4 Lymphoma. As a consequence of a very harsh chemo therapy regiment known as ABVD..I also ended up w/peripheal neuropathy which is nerve pain in my hands, feet, leg muscles & lower back. I ordered this belt not for slimming but for low back support. Results..this belt is awesome..gives me the support I needs & therefore contributes to lowering the back pain threshold. I thank you very much

2 Stars  It looked good in the photo 
Sadly it wasnt what I expected, its too bulky and cannot be worn comfortably under clothing. I found something else online that works better so I will likely return this for credit.

4 Stars  So Far, So Good! 
I like it so far. Well see how well it does down the road!

5 Stars  Just what I needed 
Belt was purchased to help control an abdominal hernia. Works great and has the added benefit of back stabilization.

5 Stars  Waist Slimming Belt 
I am very happy with it.

4 Stars  Suck it up 
Single velcro belt, theres better belts out there but not at this price. Recommend for low budget. It does the job.

4 Stars  Works fairly well 
I didnt purchase this for back support but I play in a couple of bands which requires me to stand for extended periods of time. This product does help my back in those situations.

5 Stars  Excellent for Weight Lifting or Spinning 
Very Adjustable for size in three places. Keep back pain in check due to heavy exercise. Easy to wear under workout clothes.

Review this item!
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