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Dirt Devil Dry Vac and Dust
Dirt Devil Dry Vac and Dust
Dirt Devil Dry Vac and Dust
Dirt Devil Dry Vac and Dust

Dirt Devil Dry Vac and Dust

Dirt Devil Dry Vac and Dust

Your Price: $29.99
Compare at: $59.99  (50% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
- Direct path technology provides powerful suction.
- Capture dirt from edge to edge
- Flexible edges cover corner and baseboard cleaning
- Cordless convenience
- Bagless
- DirtLock Technology captures what disposable pads leave behind

Looking for cordless convenience? The Dirt Devil Cordless Vac+Dust with Swipes delivers powerful cordless cleaning that saves you time!

Its powerful pickup comes from Direct Path Technology, while DirtLock Technology captures what disposable pads leave behind. Great for any hard floor surface including tile, wood, laminate and more.

It includes one SWIPES washable microfiber pad that picks up dirt and debris like nothing we've seen.

This thing cleans from edge to edge so you don't have to break your back over your floors. The cordless convenience allows you all the freedom so your vacuum doesn't and the quick-turn maneuverability will blow your mind.

- Comes with charging cord
- Direct path technology provides powerful suction.
- Capture dirt from edge to edge
- Flexible edges cover corner cleaning for baseboards and floors at the same time
- Cordless convenience lets you clean anywhere you can take this
- Bagless
- DirtLock Technology that captures what disposable pads leave behind
- Direct Path Technology provides powerful suction
- Comes with one SWIPES washable microfiber pad
- Quick-turn maneuverability
- 10.8V rechargeable battery
- Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Weighs under 5
- 1 year manufacturers limited warranty
- Overall: 46.75in H x 13in W x 6.5in D

Review this item!

4 Stars  very nice vac 
does nice little jobs on tile and hardwood, great for daily swipes around the house.

5 Stars  Great Deal! 
I am very pleased with the Dirt Devil Dry Vac and Dust. Works great and the price was the lowest Ive ever seen. I highly recommend this product.

5 Stars  Jim Wright 
Good equipment saves time and helps in reducing back pain and problems.

4 Stars  Dirt Devil Dry Vac and Dust 
Very convenient to have the combination of the dry vac and dust. Cordless is always a plus. Just wish the charge would hold a little longer.

5 Stars  Works Great! 
I love this! Light weight but does the job. Easy to use and keep everything clean! Would recommend!

5 Stars  Outstanding 
Love this, it dusts and vacuums, makes cleaning my floors so easy, glad I purchased this!

5 Stars  Great little vac 
Will recommend..

4 Stars  Great Little Machine 
Once you get the hang of it, such as the suction is at the middle and the dusting on the ends, it is easy to use. Swivels nicely to reach corners and maneuver. We have two Golden Retrievers so this is perfect. Other machines with spin brushes get their hair tangled up in them and make it hard to remove their golden hair. Wish the dirt container was a bit larger and that they would include an extra mop head to use while laundering the other. Long lasting run time with one charge.

5 Stars  Dirt Devil Dry Vac and Dust 
I have all tiles and laminate flooring and this is a fantastic household cleaner! I have 5 cats so sweeping up cat hair is a more than daily chore and this makes it so very much easier. Paid half of what I would have paid for it if Id known it worked so well. The mop gets the corners and sweeps it out to be sucked up by the vacuum. Fantastic!

5 Stars  Dirt Devil Dry vac and dust 
I like the ease of using it. You can use just the dust part or both. Took a while to fully charge it, but worth the wait. I was surprised the filter collects dust & hair on the bottom instead of inside. Didnt think it was working at first. Thinking about buying one for my daughter.

2 Stars  Vac/duster 
Maybe Im not using this item correctly cause all it does is push the dirt/dust around, doesnt pick up very well at all. Rather disappointed with this item. Not what I expected.So my search continues for a tool to help me keep my floors clean.

5 Stars  Dirt Devil Dust and Vac 
Love this little lightweight vac. This is my go too vac for picking up dust and other trash. I keep it charged so when I need pickup its ready. Easy to use, easy to empty. Overall..outstanding.

4 Stars  Adequate cleaner 
It did a good job. Only drawback was having to wash filters after each use.

3 Stars  Not what I expected. 
I was quite disappointed that the charge only lasts about 10 minutes and then takes a long time to recharge though it can be used partially charged. It MUST be charged 24 hours before 1st use. If all you need it for is a little pick up of no more than 10 minutes then it would probably be fine for you. I had hoped for something that would help dog trackings without getting out the big vacuum.

4 Stars  Cordless dirt devil 
Good product I would recommend this item to everyone

2 Stars  Weak vacuum. 
Not as sold. An inferior vacuum.

4 Stars  WINNER 
well worth cost which is low to start

4 Stars  Nice 
Ive only tried it out Have to do a lot more when I get things cleared out

5 Stars  Awesome Vac! 
Bought this to help keep my light wood floors clean. Its been fantastic. I spilt some coffee grounds and it cleaned it right up. I highly recommend this.

Review this item!
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