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Dirt Devil 360 Reach Pro Vacuum Stick

Dirt Devil 360 Reach Pro Vacuum Stick

Dirt Devil 360 Reach Pro Vacuum Stick
Dirt Devil 360 Reach Pro Vacuum Stick
Your Price: $49.91
Compare at: $99.99  (50% off)
The Dirt Devil 360 Reach will significantly reduce the time and stress involved in cleaning your home or car.

This unique vacuum by Dirt Devil is your one stop shop for sweeping, dusting and vacuuming. It can be used as a light-weight vacuum sweeper with the included extension wand, or as a dust buster without it. The extension wand can be adjusted from 22 inches all the way up to 34.5 inches.

It comes with 7 attachments and tools to help you get a range of cleaning jobs done with ease; reach up high, behind furniture and deep into crevices without breaking a sweat!

- Crevice Tool
- Powered Stair and Upholstery Vacuum Head
- Hard Floor Vacuum Head with Washable Microfiber Pad
- Vac and Dust Above Floor Tool with Washable Microfiber Pad (great for shelves and vents!)
- Pivot Extension Tool (helps to vacuum and dust high shelves and lamp bowl shades)
- Fan Blade Vac and Dust Tool
- Extension Pole

The Dirt Devil 360 Reach will significantly reduce the time and stress involved in cleaning your home or car. Plus, the dirt catcher is easy to empty and snap back onto the unit.

Features and Benefits:
- Dirt Devil Multi-Tool Vacuum and Duster
- Can be used as a vaccum, sweeper and dust buster
- Allows you to save money
- Extension Wand extends from 22 inches to 34.5 inches
- Saves bending and wear and tear on your back
- Easy to use with ergonomic handle
- Save time with easy to change extensions
- Micro-Fiber components can be machine washed
- Removable dust catcher
- Rinseable filter
- Long extension power cord

1 Stars  Dirt Devil 360 Reach Pro Vacuum Stick 
Dirt Devil Multi-Tool Vacuum and Duster - Can be used as a vacuum, sweeper and dust buster - Extension Wand extends from 22 inches to 34.5 inches. Fails to mention that the wand does not have power for the vacuum head.

2 Stars  DirtDevil 360 
Much heavier than anticipated. Awkward to Move around. Wouldnt buy it again

5 Stars  Dirt Devil IS a dirt devil 
Light weight and easy to use. Good for those in between times using the big vacuum cleaner.

5 Stars  Dirt Drvil 360 Reach Pro Vacuum Stick 
This Vacuum lets me get into the corners and other tight places. Good value for the money.

4 Stars  Hand held vac 
Does a fairly good job with the vacuuming but it is ackward to hold to empty the cup.

4 Stars  Great small vacuum! 
Floor attachment works terrific, as does the furniture brush. The fan cleaner does not work very well on my fans but it is worth the price just for the other two!

4 Stars  Very Good 
does very well, the power and suction is fine but the unit is a little too heavy, still works very well and has all the attachments you will need.

5 Stars  perfect for my office 
I purchase this to use in my office. Its awesome. Good suction and the attachments making cleaning up easy.

5 Stars  Love!!! 
Absolutely LOVE this vacuum/duster for all my hardwood floor. The attachments are great too! Loved it so much that I just ordered one for my daughter!

3 Stars  Gets hot 
The motor gets too hot quickly & is hard to hold for too long because of the motor heat. Started to burn my hand till I put it down. It overheated & stopped working. Had to let it cool before I could use it again. Its heavy to me. Maybe a shoulder strap would help. Stair attachment worked good. Thats why I gave it 3 stars instead of 2. Not thrilled.

4 Stars  Great Tool, maybe better with complete package 
Would probably have been a 5 star if it had the power extension wand for the carpet brush. Not too easy use when on your knees. Otherwise a very handy tool. Works great with some accessories from other household tools.

5 Stars  Great tool 
We love the small Dirt Devil. It has a powerful vacumn and gets into places nothing else can. Especially love the way it cleans fan blades. Thanks for a great purchase and item.

5 Stars  great lil picker upper 
Super for those quick job to touch up

5 Stars  Vacuum 
Recd when I should have. Works great.

5 Stars  Dirt Devil 360 Stick 
Powerful little vacuum with a long reach to get in tight spaces and up high for reaching to the top of my curtains. I love the extra long cord so no more having to change the plug-in to get around a large open space. Great for vacuuming the car out in the driveway. Lots of attachments and a convenient storage bag to keep everything together. I love my Shark Professional Rotator but my Dirt Devil Stick is my everyday go-to for all the small jobs.

5 Stars  I just love the power 
And ease Also attachments are great. Ive recommended it to everyone I work with, family & friends

3 Stars  Happy/Not Happy 
The motor gets too hot, too fast. The vacuum may be light weight, but its still heavy to me, I have to take a break from vacuuming before I can finish one room. The attachments are nice.

5 Stars  Great little vacuum 
Im really pleased with this vacuum. It works great for cleaning ceiling fans, and works very well on floors ,too. It has plenty of power in my opinion. I would recommend this purchase.

5 Stars  Should do the job 
Have yet to use this product, but looks like it will work well for my intended use.

Just what I was looking for in a vacuum for quick jobs. And, the attachments are GREAT. So many useful attachments that I have not had with any other vacuum.

3 Stars  Dirt Devil 360 
I usually love Dirt Devil products but Im not impressed with this model. The attachments seem to block the air suction.

4 Stars  Great Product 
Have used several time but have not used all the attachments yet, but I look forward to doing so. Vacuum stick works just like promoted. The only thing missing was the vacuum head but you have to buy the powered version for that.

5 Stars  Great for small jobs 
Love this vacuum for my hard wood and tile floors. The ceiling fan attachment works great as well.

3 Stars  Stick Vacuum 
I was disappointed that it isnt made to clean carpets other than carpeted stairs - but that may be my fault for not paying attention to the info and video. We will use it strictly for our downstairs tiled area. Extension not long enough to clean paddle fan on cathedral ceiling. But cord is nice and long.

5 Stars  Wow - better than I expected! 
It sure beats using a broom and dust pan, or hauling the Shark stick around banging into things. Good power, easy to use, and just take it apart put it in bag for the next use. With three dogs, its a God-send.

4 Stars  Very easy to use and versitile. 
So many uses with just one machine.

2 Stars  Limited 
The most valuable attachment is the stair attachment. Hardwood floor attachment doesnt do much more than a dust mop, and there is no attachment for the carpets. Hand held unit for stairs and furniture is probably worth the price

5 Stars  love it 
I love Dirt Devil products anyway and this is really nice with hard floors and ceiling fans. The only difficult thing about it is getting the u-tube to bend but it does if you put enough force into it.

5 Stars  Dirt Devil 360 Reach Pro Vacuum Stick 

5 Stars  Dirt Devil 
I bought it for a friend who is remodeling his house. At this point, he has not been able to use it to its full capacity but he is looking forward to it and loves all the attachments.

4 Stars  Light and easy to move around 
easy to use and change applicators

5 Stars  Dirt Devil 360 Reach Pro Vacuum Stick 
Fantastic product. It was more than I expected and Im sure glad I purchased it.

4 Stars  Excellent Tool 
Worth the price. Especially good for cleaning staircase. Storage bag would be great if it were large enough. As it is, bag is very aggravating. I cant understand why it was not made large enough to house all pieces without extensive effort. Vacuum excellent. Storage bag terrible. Satisfied with purchase.

5 Stars  Great 
Arrived ahead of time. Love the convenient storage /carrier bag Have a vacuum which is difficult to carry up & downstairs. This really solved a lot of problems for me...cleaning stairs, quick clean floors, reaching to high places & including the overhead fans. Does not totally replace vacuum cleaner for power but for lightweight convenience its great. Hung it in closet for fast access

4 Stars  - 
The only complaint I have is that the vacuum lacks an adequate amount of power. That may be why it was so available for purchase by Pulse TV. Otherwise, the whole package is very, very good.

5 Stars  dirt devil sweeper is AWESOME 
this electric broom is the best thing ever!!!. i have 2 shedding dogs and my broom just doesnt ever get all the hair picked up, not even my swiffer.. With the suction on the dirt devil it picks up every single hair or dirt in its path. i use it every day and its so easy to use, even all of the attachments. i even bought one for my elderly mom who loves it too .

5 Stars  Good Investment 
Very happy with this purchase. I only have used it once on my tile floors. Did a very good job and I like the washable pad and it is nice for your woodwork. I plan to take this to our place in Florida for its main use because of all the attachments.

5 Stars  Dirt Devil Vacuum Stick 
Works great, love it especially the long cord. The compactness is very helpful as it stores well I my vehicle along with the other housecleaning supplies.

3 Stars  Bare floor vac. 
Great for bare floors. Should have one more head to do rugs. Too bad. It has a strong suction and easy to use.

5 Stars  Dirt Devil 360 Reach Pro Vacuum Stick 
This is the PERFECT, quick clean up vacuum. The extensions make it great for any task in a moments need. It is good for a quick clean up on stairs as well. It is easier and quicker than a broom and dust pan. We love it.

5 Stars  dirt devil + 
dirt devil great vaccuun just the right attachments

5 Stars  dirt devil 
lite weight and easy to use

5 Stars  Great 
Great vac. Loving it.

5 Stars  Good machine 
Good machine thanks

5 Stars  Dirt Devil 360 
Im not a young woman so I needed something that is light weight yet effective. This vacuum fits the bill!

5 Stars  great quick cleanup vac 
love the attachments and the cord length lets me get a great deal done without changing plugs

5 Stars  I love my new Dirt Devil Vacuum Stick! 
It comes complete with every attachment you could ever need.

5 Stars  Dirt devil review 
Works very well with the enclosed options, would recommend to others.

3 Stars  Dirt Devil 360 
Not as good as touted. But not as bad on price.

5 Stars  Great lite weight vac 
This is the best cleaning tool Ive purchases in a long time. I have inside dogs & this sure helps keeping all the dirt/dog hair picked up. Im short so the extension tool is a life saver for me. The attachments are awesome & the storage bag is a winner.Doesnt take up as much space in my closet as a reg vac. Luv this produce.

5 Stars  Dirt Devil Vac 
This is the most compact, easy to store vac I have. Has a tool for every job. Great suction, light weight good for people that have problems lifting heavy stuff or arthritis sufferers. And at a GREAT Price too. Fast 7 easy pickups and cleaning. Fan attachment is wonderful. Going to order another 1 to keep as a spare.For the price, why not?


Video: Dirt Devil 360 Reach Pro Vacuum Stick

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