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Dermasuction Deluxe Platinum Blackhead Remover
Dermasuction Deluxe Platinum Blackhead Remover
Dermasuction Deluxe Platinum Blackhead Remover
Dermasuction Deluxe Platinum Blackhead Remover
Dermasuction Deluxe Platinum Blackhead Remover

Dermasuction Deluxe Platinum Blackhead Remover

Dermasuction Deluxe Platinum Blackhead Remover

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The Dermasuction is one of the best and most popular blackhead removers on the market. With two different strong yet gentle suction modes, it sucks the yuck out of even the most stubborn and clogged pores leaving behind smooth and radiant skin.

You can use the Dermasuction on much more than just your face. With four different interchangeable heads, it works great on your arms, legs, and back for a special type of clean not seen since childhood. There is even a special oval suction head for getting in those tight spots like the sides of your nose.

You'll be amazed at the amount of impurities, grease, and blackheads you'll see pulled out of your skin (it's half the fun!). And when you're all done, clean up is super simple. Just remove the tip and wash it out under warm water.

Plus, this is the Deluxe "Platinum" Edition, so you get a bunch of extra features like an internal hi-power, rechargeable battery. Not only will you save money by never having to buy batteries but it also will maintain a full-power suction every day. You also get a 10-pack of reusable and washable sponge filters, a $10 value, and a sleek carrying case. This model is also upgraded from white to hi-gloss black for a beautiful ultra-modern look.

- Rechargeable Deluxe Platinum Edition
- Cleans Deep Down In Pores
- Pops And Cleans Out Pimples
- Easily Eliminate Clogged Pores
- Battery Recharges Via USB
- Exclusive Ultra-Modern Black Color
- Painless With Two Powerful Suction Modes
- Four Suction Heads: Small, Large, Oval, And Sonic Head
- Easy To Clean - Just Rinse The Suction Head
- Use Anywhere; Face, Arms, Legs, Back And More
- 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty
- Includes Travel Case And 10 Extra Washable Sponges

Review this item!

5 Stars  Just INCREDIBLE item! 
Honestly, I really was not expecting this to work. I WAS WRONG - IT IS INCREDIBLE! As I have aged, blackheads seem to be a huge issue for me. Luckily, I do not have huge pores, but nothing that I used really worked. Plus - as I have aged, my vision decreasing permitted them to hide in certain areas that are difficult to see. WOW - JUST WOW. I am actually embarrassed with all of the gunk that has been removed from my face the last few days. I also bought one for my Son & his GF for Christmas - they also LOVE THEM. IMHO - If this does not work for you, re-read the directions. DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY.

5 Stars  It REALLY works! 
Its easy to charge, easy to use and it really works!

3 Stars  Suction device 
Not quite what it promised. Even under high power it leaves something to be desired. Underpowered. The theory works but the machine lacks the necessary suction

1 Stars  SCARY 
did not work for me. felt like it was going to pull my cheek off.

4 Stars  Well Made 
This was for my husband & he has had little to no needs for zits removal. But he had one on his chin that he could not stand to be touched. This was a life saver. We used it on the soar spot & it is healing up nicely, not all gone yet but getting there. I gave it 4 stars because we havent used it that much yet.

5 Stars  Great 
This is pretty cool and works. Dont get it thinking every little blackhead is going to disappear But it gets the majority of them.

5 Stars  The stuff it got was gross but good 
I have a blackhead problem around my nose... I used this on it and oh my what it got out was a lot of puss that was just plain gross. It works as advertised.

1 Stars  Dermasuvtion Deluxe 
I got this for my husband to use. He has these areas around his eyes outside corner that has small patches of blackheads. He tried this product and by the time he finished he looked like hed been in a fight, and the blackheads were still there. He got aggravated and threw the tool out.

3 Stars  Moderately effective 
Older larger blackheads not excised with the suction available ! Works well on fresh blackheads

4 Stars  ? 
It works ok

5 Stars  Works exactly as stated 
simple to use and works great. My Face has never looked better.

5 Stars  Awesome thing!! 
It does a very good job at what it is designed for! You can even use it while its on the charge. The thing I need to figure out is where to get new sponges. Its easy to clean the heads, and when I use this to the max Ill for sure be buying another one.


5 Stars  derma suction delux. 
it works very well. plan on buying 6 more for xmas presents for grandchildren. very happy with it.

1 Stars  Sucker 
Doesnt work. Looks great, heavy and appears professional but will not remove black heads or white heads. Sucks up the skin but cant remove the goo.
Hi Richard. Thank you for the review. Here is a tip that might be helpful. Before you use the Dermasuction place a warm compress over the affected areas for a few minutes. This will help to loosen for easier extraction. Also, don't forget that each head serves a different purpose. Oval for the nose and mouth areas, Small for everyday use, Large for stronger suction (best on blackheads), Silicon to exfoliate and remove dirt and oil.
9/5/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  Worked amazingly! 
I bought this for my brother who has had big deep blackheads on his back and chest for over 30 years. This product sucked them right out with no problem. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to finally get rid of them.

4 Stars  Clean pores 
I was able to finally clean out the blackheads on my nose and clean my pores out. Worked once I used the correct attachment.

1 Stars  Waste of money! 
I have one small blackhead and I tried using it about 10 times but it did not work.

1 Stars  doesnt work 
It sucks skin. It doesnt suck any thing out of it.
Hi Helen. Thank you very much for the feedback. Please make sure you are using the correct head. There are 4 included and each has it's own function. Oval Head - For Corners, Small Head - Gentle Suction (more everyday use), Large Head - Strong Suction (Blackheads), Silicone Head - Exfoliate. We have provide a picture of each above. I hope this helps!
8/9/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  It Works! 
Good suction & does exactly what its ad says.The suction mark will disappear in about 2-3 hours.

Review this item!
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Video: Dermasuction Deluxe Platinum Blackhead Remover

Grossed out by your clogged pores? Looking for a better way of how to get rid of blackheads? DermaSuction effortlessly removes blackheads for a painless and easy blackhead removal.
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