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Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler w/ Adapter

Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler w/ Adapter

Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler w/ Adapter
Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler w/ Adapter
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The desktop Kool-Down Evaporative Cooler gives you cooling relief without a big, bulky AC unit. This quiet and portable 2-speed evaporative cooler circulates moist air to help lower the surrounding temperature and provide refreshing relief. It is ideal for your desktop, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere space is limited or you don't need a large unit.

The 28-ounce reservoir provides enough moisture to run the evaporator for up to 10 hours! If you want it even cooler you can add ice water to the tank. And the vents are adjustable so you can adjust the air flow where it is most comfortable for you. The quiet but powerful fan will create a 49 square foot bubble of cooling comfort.

Light and efficient, The Kool-Down Evaporative Cooler is a personal climate control system without Freon or heavy compressors or condensers. Why use a fan when you can enjoy your very own personal cooling system?

- Adds cooling moisture to a room
- 2-speed quiet fan
- Up to 10 hour water tank (28 oz.)
- Adjustable air vents
- Height: 10-inches
- For office, bedroom, kitchen
- LED power indicator
- Non-slip rubber feet
- Uses 4 C batteries (not included)
- DC adapter jack included

4 Stars  I was definitely liking it... 
I received my Kool-Down Desktop Air Cooler & was very happy with it for what I needed it for.But after a week I began having problems with it...it became a bit noisy & the fan stop running like it was suppose to. So at this time Im waiting for my replacement unit to come in & hopefully the problem will be eliminated...other than that Im happy with my purchase!

4 Stars  Compact air conditioner 
Its winter right now, so didnt get a chance to see if this item really makes a difference. I did turn it on, just to make sure it works & it seems to be pretty cool when its on high mode. I got it for the bathroom, since I dont have central air. Im crossing my fingers that it will make a difference once it starts to get warmer outside. I would like to be able to put on my makeup without it melting off before Im finished. Well see. ??

1 Stars  Air Cooler 
Due to power outage in Puerto Rico, I decided to purchase as a gift. The review I heard from them it really did not cool the air. It was a very weak performance. Was used with batteries and without to see if there was a better result connected to the outlet but unfortunately, gave the same result. Not what expected.

2 Stars  Hot + Humid = difficult to cool 
I think this device might have better results if my local environment wasnt so humid. I only felt the breeze from the fan, the temperature in the area did not seem to decrease

2 Stars  Worked but Didnt Last Long 
I ordered this in June. Yesterday, the motor died. Its not like I run in 24-7. The duration was very disappointing.

5 Stars  Great size, great price, cool air! 
Nice air conditioner at a wonderful price - helped me survive some hot summer afternoons. Also, a handy size. I especially like that it can run off power or batteries, and can be easily moved around.

5 Stars  Just works as described, really well. 
Have used this device in place of very expensive household air conditioning. Has paid for itself. Have used it solely for bedroom.

4 Stars  Evaporative Cooler 
Works great for a small room!

5 Stars  Air Cooler 
Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler is wondrous for these hot summer days. It is amazing something so small and quiet can so easily cool down a room. I was grateful for the instructions enclosed.

4 Stars  Keep cool 
At first it was difficult to replace the water but every day it gets easier. Very cleverly designed so that you know, if the lid goes on, you have done it right. Even here in the desert one load lasts all day.

3 Stars  Not cooling 
I put cold water in it and stick it in the freezer for an hour before using. It doesnt cool as much as I had hoped.

4 Stars  Kool down evaporated air cooler 
Its a very quite working system. That I love. But a little to small for the room Im trying to cool. Overall a good system.

5 Stars  Kool Down 
I really love it.It is like having a cool mist from Niagara Falls blowing on you at night.

4 Stars  Evaporator - Cool Down 
Good item, but not all of states to be. Cools fairly well - works better on low vs high....

5 Stars  Using for month and love it 
I work from home and my office gets hot. I put this on my desk and it keeps me so much cooler. Easy to use too

5 Stars  Works great. 
I bought this for my son who seems to constantly be hot. He uses it every day to cool his immediate area and loves it.

5 Stars  Work great and keeps me cool! 
I use this on my desk and it makes a HUGE difference!

2 Stars  Not something most people would have a use for. 
Very low fan power. You dont feel much of a breeze if youre really more than 12 inches away. Water in the container goes fast.

1 Stars  JUNK! 
There should be a 0 rating but one was not provided. Dont buy this product unless you want to hold it up to your face-that is the only way you will feel and breeze. Evaporation? There is very little if you are not at least a foot close to it! Dont waste your money.

5 Stars  Perfect on my desk! 
Makes those hot days much much better. I leave it on my desk for a cool breeze when ever I need!

4 Stars  It worked. 
I didnt know what to expect but the price was right. A/C went out in our building and I gave it a try. It worked great.

1 Stars  Does NOT cool 
Ordered two of these units. Filled with water per instruction and turned on. The water never get to the stripes so all you get is air circulation

2 Stars  Dont buy 
This air cooler leaks water and I returned it.
Please make sure that the cap to the water reservoir is screwed on all the way, but not too tight either. Caps that are too loose or too tight can cause this leak. If you find that yours is leaking still, please contact our Customer Service Department directly for return instructions. Thank you!
7/18/2017 - Amber

5 Stars  Love it 
second year Im using this and I think it works great. I keep it in my home office because I like it colder than the rest of the house and this thing does the trick

3 Stars  Good Looking Desk Fan 
It is very dry at 7500 feet in Colorado, and an evaporative cooler would have come in handy. This unit makes an attractive desk fan, but I noticed no additional cooling effect from the air passing through the wet strips. It is possible that there was some humidity added to the air passing through the strips, which is a good thing here, but that is about it.

2 Stars  Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler 
Does no function as efficiently as I was lead to believe. Very little cooling effect from even close distance.

4 Stars  Good product 
Its not an AC but the next best thing. A recent hot spell hit my area and it cooled my office down making it bearable to work. Very happy with this purchase.

3 Stars  Cooling 
It cools right in front of you but not beyond,.

3 Stars  deluxe kool-down evaporative air cooler 
I would like give you 5 start but I receive other small cooler much different of this. Anyway Thank You for your service

5 Stars  Deluxe Kool Down Evaporative Air Cooler w/ Adapter 
Works great !!!! We use ours to keep the Chinchilla and the Hamsters cool during the hottest parts of the day. The critters say they LOVE it 😊 Seems to keep everyone happy. We were using ice packs over the tops of their habitats but they dripped and would make their bedding wet.

4 Stars  Deluxe cool down evaporator 
Well at first I had trouble getting the water tank in the correct position and water went everywhere, I tried again today and somehow it worked great, neat little device, not an airconditioner but definitely works as an addition to help. Thanks Larry

5 Stars  Kool down evaporator 
I showed it to my husband and he was very skeptical. He tried it the first night and said it was a wise purchase. We use it in our bedroom we lower the thermostat to 85. we run the ceiling fan it makes the room comfortable. We live in Texas the temp are over 100. We are VERY satisfied. Thinking about getting another!!

5 Stars  Works great 
I have it sitting on my desk at work. It blows cool air on me when the central A/C does not work, which seems to be a daily occurrence.

4 Stars  Value for money 
Item is useful and inexpensive.

5 Stars  Awesome! I bought 3 of them! 
Awesome! I bought 3 of them

5 Stars  The Kool Down Products 
I enjoy the added confort that these air coolers bring to my environment.

1 Stars  Kool-Down Evapoarative cooler 
Product is a failure. DONT BUY IT! Fan barely blows...dont think it could blow out a match.

4 Stars  A good combination of cooler and humidifier 
In a dry and hot environment, humidifiers are supposed to work well in decreasing the dryness and the stuffiness of nose and sinus but for my sinus problems they have not been that effective. I tried many of them without success. I tried this Kool-Down combination humidifier and cooler and I was pleasantly surprised by how effective in achieving its aimed functions. The humidity is just right and the cooling effect adds to the experience. If you have sinus problems like me, do yourself a favor and get one of those. The reason iit is only 4 stars is the rather small water container that you need to keep an eye on its level before it gets empty. It is supposed to last for eight hours. It is when you happen to forget turning it off that could be a problem.


3 Stars  Deluxe Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler 
Quality and effectiveness mediocre at best

2 Stars  Evap 
Its not what I expected. It is too small to cool an area.

3 Stars  Kool-Down Evaporator 
If Im sitting right beside it, I can feel a little difference. My husband wasnt impressed with it at all.

5 Stars  Deluxe Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler w/ Adapter 
It works great, have it by my bed and it cools down during the night giving me savings on my air conditioning. Really like it. Thank you.

5 Stars  Works pretty good 
I love how easy this is to operate. Works pretty good too.

3 Stars  Deluxe Kool Down 
The look and ease of making it work is doable, but the range of air output is poor. I wanted it to cool down my small bedroom, but the area it effects is so limited I have to sleep practically on top of it to feel the cool air. Hummmm....kinda defeats the purpose

1 Stars  evaperator fan 
fan to weak. leaks water when you move it. very dissatisfied.

1 Stars  Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler 
Rather dinky product that doesnt live up to its billing. Output is sparse, not enough to make much difference. Water container is messy to fill and difficult to replace. Very disappointing.

4 Stars  Not to cool 
It is what it is.

5 Stars  Kook Down 
I am very impressed it really does cool, I have one on the night stand by my bed and love it.

1 Stars  Very poor performance 
The fan is noisy, and does not cool, period. I measured the temperature with no water, then measured the temperature with water, making sure the ribbons were totally wet. No difference in temperature. I returned the product.

3 Stars  Cooling fan 
Sort of works, I wouldnt buy it again

1 Stars  Terrible product 
I should have known this product couldnt work, but I ordered one anyway. I even put the water container filled with water in the freezer to really chill the water, but that did not help at all. You people should be ashamed offering junk like this!

1 Stars  Evaporative cooler 
Really, disappointed in the physical size and very low through - put. If I could get my.money back, I would.

3 Stars  Air cooler 
Doesnt feel cool like advertised, needs a higher level, have to put it right in your face..the water tank last a good ten hours though

5 Stars  keep cool 
Im sitting by my kool-down and it is very nice and quiet and cooling the air by my computer. Great item no cords using batteries.

2 Stars  Evaporative Air Cooler 
Not what I expected. No better than a table fan.

2 Stars  Not worth the price 
This cooler doesnt provide that much cool air I have a $9.00 personal fan that works better I believe the advertisement said it would cool a whole room ? a whole corner of a room if you sit right in front of the thing. OH yeah and that water thing just leaks not helpful at all

4 Stars  Delux hool Down Evaporative Air Cooler 
I purchased flout units to use while watching t.v., I can keep the a/c turned up . worked great during the 114 degree days this past week.

3 Stars  It Actually Helps a Little Bit 
When I first turned it on it took 4 NIGHTS for the water reservoir to run out. I bought this because I am cheap and want to raise the AC Temperature to save on the bill. I turned the thermostat up to 80 after I got the Kool-Down. It does seem to make a zone of COOLTH, but my bedroom is pretty large, so it dissipates pretty quickly. I also have one near where I sit on the couch that helps a lot more. I think thats because it is a more restricted area, blocked by the couch on one side & the wall on another. I have only refilled the reservoir once in a week. I am still waiting to see how much it helps at the height of summer.

3 Stars  Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler 
I found the two Air Coolers I purchased to be a good buy. they do cool a area of approximately 5, but the only problem I have found is they leak water from the base if not in use.

5 Stars  Very versatile. 
Works well,suggest using cold or ice water,but we do live in Az. The best part is that at home you can plug it in and camping you can use batteries. Awesome!

2 Stars  Deluxe Cool down evaporative cooler 
This unit makes a mess, the water just pours out, and even on high it has no power. A regular room fan is more effective.

1 Stars  Not good 
It weorks if youre sitting 1 foot away from it

1 Stars  I am not pleased. 
The unit is small which the description stated, but you have to sit right next to it to get any benefit. I would not tell anyone to buy this.

1 Stars  Cant Rate It Less 
The is the most expensive piece of junk I have every brought from Pulse TV. I followed the directions to the letter and it not only doesnt cool a room, I set up two in one bedroom about 12 X 12 feet, and felt no difference after 3 hours of them running with room closed and shades down.

1 Stars  Worthless cooler 
Too small. Bad design. Cooling pad should be in back of fan, not in front of it. Just doesnt make any difference in air temp.

1 Stars  Not strong enough 
The fan it uses is the size of a computer fan and will only work if it is a few feet away pointing right at you. It will not cool a room. I am disappointed because of its hype for being effective, I thought Pulse was more honest in its descriptions.

1 Stars  Deluxe Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler 
This is one of the most cheapest, good for nothing piece of junk Ive EVER purchased. I will be returning it this week. I can blow more air thru my mouth than what comes out of this thing....cheap, cheap, cheap.

5 Stars  Awesome fan 
This fan exceeded my expections. I am so happy I purchased 2 to get the discount. I have one at home next to my recliner and one at work on my desk. They are like sitting in front of an air conditioner. Very quiet and the air is cold. I am very pleased with this purchase,

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Kool-Down Evaporative Air Cooler w/ Adapter

The desktop Kool-Down Evaporative Cooler gives you cooling relief without a big, bulky AC unit. This quiet and portable 2-speed evaporative cooler circulates moist air to help lower the surrounding temperature and provide refreshing relief. It is ideal for your desktop, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere space is limited or you don't need a large unit.