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Cord Keeper XL Compact Accessory Organizer
Cord Keeper XL Compact Accessory Organizer
Cord Keeper XL Compact Accessory Organizer
Cord Keeper XL Compact Accessory Organizer
Cord Keeper XL Compact Accessory Organizer
Cord Keeper XL Compact Accessory Organizer

Cord Keeper XL Compact Accessory Organizer

Cord Keeper XL Compact Accessory Organizer

Compare at: $24.99  (80% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

The Cord Keeper XL is the perfect travel companion, keeping your cords and other travel essentials protected and organized.

Inside this zippered hard case, you'll find a network of straps, mesh pockets and elastic bands so everything you want to store inside has a place.

If you're someone who travels with (or just owns and wants to organize) a lot of electronic accessories, you need this organizer. Keep all your charging cords, laptop power bricks, adapters, earbuds, spare batteries, flash drives... you can even fit most tablets inside.

Even with all your electronics accessories inside, there's still a large zippered plastic pocket that's perfect for passports, cash, credit cards and event tickets. You can store the Cord Keeper XL inside a backpack or suitcase, or carry it on its own; it includes a nylon handle.

It's not just for electronics, either. Arts and crafts utensils, toiletries, first aid or survival gear... you can organize it all!

- Hard Shell Zippered Case
- Heavy-Duty Construction
- Provides Organization and Protection for Accessories
- 4 Hook-and-Loop Straps
- 4 Elastic Bands
- Medium Elastic Mesh Pocket
- Small Elastic Mesh Pocket
- Large Zippered Mesh Pocket
- XL Zippered Plastic Pocket
- Great for Electronics, Toiletries, Med Kits and more!
- Nylon Carrying Handle
- 10" X 8.5" X 2"

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5 Stars  The Cord Keeper is very useful! 
It held a lot more items than I thought, and was lightweight & a very compact way to carry all the different cords, plugs & charging items. Surprisingly, my iPad fit in just fine also.

4 Stars  Works for Me! 
Saw this product and said thats just what I need to keep all my cords & debatable computer items in one place where I will be able to readily locate when I need them!

5 Stars  cord keeper 
It works very well

5 Stars  Handy Storage Cases 
Good value, these cases are very useful for putting tablets and other electronic devices, as well as their cords and chargers for convenient storage and travel

5 Stars  Very useful. 
Very useful.

5 Stars  Cord keeper 
This Cord Keeper makes a GREAT GIFT to Many on your Holiday Shopping list. Well made, easy to pack for a trip, fits in Computer Cases.

4 Stars  Really Nice! 
The cord keeper is a well made case with a durable shell which is important to me since I travel quite a bit. Its important to measure your tablet if you plan to store it in the organizer. Really happy with this purchase!

5 Stars  Love this! 
I love this chord organizer! I had chords everywhere, in dresser drawers, office drawers, bedside tables. Now they are all together, along with my 3 portable chargers, flash drives and batteries. So easy to find what Im looking for now.

5 Stars  Outstanding Product! 
I am very impressed with this item. it is strong and sturdy and has many velcro partitions as well as three pockets, one of which is plastic to prevent leakage. I use it for medications.

5 Stars  this really works 
What a great idea this was, someone should have come up with this sooner.

5 Stars  Great value 
I purchased this at 50% off. Pulse has it for half the price Ive seen on other sites. I use it to travel with my 10 tablet and accessories. Shell keeps Tablet safe from light crushing in suitcase or backpack. Velcro straps hold extra flash drives and cords. Zipper pockets hold extra sd cards etc...

5 Stars  Great buy 
I was not expecting it to be as big as it is. I had no problem putting my solar charger in it compared to other organizers I have. Those are going in the trash. I ordered 2 of these but will be ordering more soon.


Review this item!
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Video: Cord Keeper XL Compact Accessory Organizer

This case will do it all AND it's priced at well below the competition. You could expect to pay up to $30 from eBags, Brookstone and even Office Depot for a case as rugged and loaded with features like this.
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