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Copper Knife - Stays Sharp FOREVER
Copper Knife - Stays Sharp FOREVER
Copper Knife - Stays Sharp FOREVER
Copper Knife - Stays Sharp FOREVER
Copper Knife - Stays Sharp FOREVER
Copper Knife - Stays Sharp FOREVER
Copper Knife - Stays Sharp FOREVER

Copper Knife - Stays Sharp FOREVER

Copper Knife - Stays Sharp FOREVER

Compare at: $14.99  (80% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

The Only and Last Kitchen Knife You'll EVER Need!

The Copper Knife (As Seen on TV) never needs sharpening and will stay sharp forever.

With its durable hardened stainless steel core, Copper Knife stays sharp, while delivering delicate, paper-thin cuts, and slicing your food prep time in half.

Not only will you be able to easily cut without applying pressure, but the Copper Knife's ergonomic handle and non-stick copper surface also make it perfect for all your food prep, whether it involves cheese, bread, tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple, or anything else you enjoy.

Like many professional grade knives (that cost a small fortune), the Copper Knife has a series of small holes above the blade. These holes prevent a vacuum from forming between the blade and the vegetables or cheeses you are cutting. This allows the blade to not stick to the item and provides a smoother, faster cut. Cutting potatoes has never been easier!

The addition of a copper coating makes this the best non-stick knife on the market!

- Chop, Mince and Dice better with this than any other knife
- NEVER needs sharpening
- Non Stick
- Durable and Safe Stainless Steel Core
- Easily cut without applying pressure!
- Delicate paper thin cuts
- Ergonomic Handle
- 5.5 inch blade

Caution: Blade is extremely sharp. Use extra care and keep away from children.

Review this item!

5 Stars  Shaper and fast 
fits my hand nicely and cuts easily through everything I have tried

2 Stars  Do not stay sharp as advertised 
They seem to be pretty good knives and worth the cost at the discounted price. However, they do not remain sharp forever as advertised.

5 Stars  works well 
The knife stays sharp and works well, cheese does not stick to it

5 Stars  Very Sharp 
The knife is very sharp and lightweight. I bought a second one for camping. Hopefully it stays sharp a long time!

1 Stars  Ha 
This can barely cut room temp butter

2 Stars  This product does not perform as advertised 
stays sharp forever??? haha,,,not even close,,i only used it on tomato,,first time was great,,second time really good,,after that it kept going downhill,,and this was just with tomato,,,i also tried using it to cut pork into pork chops,,,lets just say that by the time i had cut down just one roast,,i got a blister from having to push so hard to cut,,dont was your money

5 Stars  Amazing! 
This knife is amazing! Well built, very sharp, and has not gotten dull even with two weeks of continuous use.

5 Stars  Good knife 
Good knife for the money. Works well.

5 Stars  Copper knife 
Wow! They are sharp, love them, everything is as good as described.

5 Stars  Works well 
Works well

4 Stars  Ok but too small 
Just too small for large pieces of ?? meat ??

5 Stars  Copper knifes 
My wife loves them. Very sharp and hold a good edge

3 Stars  Light and sharp 
Cuts non-dense foods easily--did great on boneless chicken breasts, but too light weight for dense foods such as carrots.

5 Stars  Copper knife 
The knife is very sharp I was very impressed

3 Stars  Copper Knife 
Very sharp as stated and relatively easy to use. It is a lot smaller than expected so unless you have very small hands, it is hard to use to chop things up, thus the 3 stars.

1 Stars  Knives 

5 Stars  Love this 
I bought this knife for my sister for a Christmas gift. I own one myself. I love it. It cuts great.

5 Stars  They are GREAT! 
The knives are far better than I ever would have believed. Recommend them highly!

5 Stars  Good buy 
Ordered one to try. Liked it so much bought 3 more.

5 Stars  Really Sharp 
I love the knife. It cuts through tomatoes like a charm. I have cut through hard things and it will still cut a tomato into thin slices.

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
I just purchased 2 of these knives, one for Christmas gift to a person who loves to cook. I kept the other knife and it is very sharp. After many uses not sure it will remain this sharp, havent had it long.

5 Stars  Amazing knife 
This is now the most used knife in my drawer. I cook often and I use this knife on everything! It always stays sharp!

5 Stars  Very sharp knife 
Loved the knife. I use it to cut frozen meat, tomatoes and potatoes for scalloped potatoes and ham. Definitely agreat buy.

5 Stars  Great Knife 
Love this new knife. It has become my wifes favorite knife as well. Sharp, comfortable and light. Slices cheese without sticking.

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
Perfect size for me.I use it every day

5 Stars  Great 
Love this knife and have two, one for my husband, so we dont fight over it!

5 Stars  Copper knife 
Its everything they said it was

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
I bought two knives. They are truly sharp and cut through produce like butter. I wish I had purchased 4, When they are offered again I will buy two more,

5 Stars  ITS SHARP 

5 Stars  Copper knife has many uses 
The copper knife has been used in the kitchen to cut vegetables and in the yard to shave hardened putty. The knife is very sharp and very easy to handle.

5 Stars  So Damn Sharp! 
The wife loves them, so we got a couple of extras for Christmas gifts. Great product!

5 Stars  Love the Copper Knife 
Received the Copper Knife three weeks ago. Have had a lot of use since I received it. It has been all it has been advertised as being.I am not disappointed. You will not be either.

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
This knife is the perfect size for slicing my vegetables. It is sharp and is styled so the food does not stick to the knife!

4 Stars  Copper Knife 
After I ordered this product I was informed that it was out of stock, but would be shipped later. It took longer than I thought to get it. Product was what I expected. I would think that you have a special that you could stock accordingly.

2 Stars  Not as advertised 
The knife I bought two were not sharp at all I had trouble cutting chicken


5 Stars  Super Sharp 
Good design and handle well when preparing anything in the kitchen. Its super sharp but to think its forever sharp remains to be seen. There you have it, a useful kitchen tool.

5 Stars  copper knife stays sharp forever 
your statement that the knife would stay sharp forever was quite true best knife ive had

4 Stars  Great little cutter 
This knife is everything that was advertised. Very handy, lightweight ,easy to store and very sharp. I use it a lot.

5 Stars  This knife is perfect for fruit & vegetables 
Ive used this knife daily for about 3 weeks. It slices through fruits & vegetables like a dream. I hope it keeps the sharpness, for now, I am extremely pleased. Cant find a good knife for this price anywhere and it is very comfortable in my hand.

5 Stars  Careful 
This knife is SHARP! It is light and cuts beautifully, A really great product.

5 Stars  copper knife! 
very sharp, and stays that way. Also very good for chopping cheeses.

2 Stars  Does not stay sharp 
the knife seems to be sharpest from the back/ while cutting a tomato if you start from the back of the knife it cuts ok- but to hold the blade straight It crushes the skin- Ihave pictures

4 Stars  Copper Knife 
Great knife use it for many things . Great for cutting cheese or even as a steak knife.

1 Stars  Did not work as advertised. Disappointed with the performance. 
I was disappointed with the performance and did not do the job as advertised. Did not remain sharp and it was junk piece of knife.

4 Stars  copper knife 
Good but not the best for slicing tomatoes.Cant beat it for wafer thin slices of cheese.

4 Stars  Extra Sharp Knife 
The cooper knifes very sharp and paper thin. It cuts easily small things like onions. However I have a butcher knife I use to cut bigger things like squash and meat.

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
I LOVE these knives!!! Cuts everything without any effort. Havent had them long enough to know about the stays sharp forever claim. But right now theyre great!!

3 Stars  Sharp Forever knife 
Not as sharp as advertised.

4 Stars  Good knife at a good price 
I like the knife but it is little light weight. It is very sharp and does a good job at slicing and mincing. I gave 4 stars because of weight, Im used to a heavier knife.

5 Stars  Excellent 
Even gave one to my x.

5 Stars  Sharp 
My new favorite knife.

5 Stars  Love it 
Ive only had the knife for a couple weeks, but I absolutely love it.

5 Stars  Great knife 
Much more than what was expected

5 Stars  very sharp 
I dont know how long it will stay this sharp but husband sliced finger first use after warning from me, very pleased with quality of this product

5 Stars  Best knife EVER 
Is the best sharpest knife ever.

4 Stars  Sharp Knife 
Cut great and no problems with it other than I would like the handle to be a little bigger,

1 Stars  Didnt stay sharp 
Started out sharp but quickly got dull.

1 Stars  Never sharp. Even when NEW!!! 
Purchased this knife in the hope it would be a good kitchen knife... It NEVER cut, even a tomato, just smashed thru. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Do not recommend!!!

It Really Works!! had for 1 month and still cuts Perfect!!

5 Stars  Coper stay sharp knife 
Works better than I thought fast sharper with now problem didnt need to work hard to cut thing and they didnt stick to knife

5 Stars  copper knife 
love it and want more

3 Stars  Not really sharp 
it will not be very sharp after a few weeks of use

5 Stars  COPPER kNIFE 

5 Stars  Sharp is an understatement 
Havent used long, but out of the box this is the sharpest knife in my kitchen. Very light, well balanced and easy to use. Love it!


1 Stars  Not happy at all 
The ad said will stay sharp forever they do NOT

5 Stars  Very sharp 
Great price for a very sharp and versatile knife.

4 Stars  Good Product 
I found the knife to be a bit light-weight for my liking, I like a heavy knife. But it is sharp and useful in the kitchen, I have no regrets buying it, and I can recommend one for every kitchen.

5 Stars  Works great 
Very pleased Super sharp be careful!

5 Stars  Best knife I have bought 
Good knife

1 Stars  Not sharp 
I dont know why I dont have the same results as so many other reviews. It is not sharp and certainly is not anything like the commercial. I will try to sharpen it and see if it cuts ANYTHING !!!

3 Stars  Poor Quality 
I guess the knife cuts fine but the handle is cheap and all of it seems smaller than expected. My Wife gave 3 of them as gifts and one already has a broken handle. Im actually beginning to doubt alot of the items Ive purchased from your company due to poor or cheap quality

5 Stars  Wonderful 
Just love it works great!! Just keep away from children!! For adults to use only!! Great!!

5 Stars  Love this knife 
Its just the right size and very sharp. Im very please with the feel of the knife. Priced right too.

5 Stars  copper knife 
wife and daughter love the way these knives cut and function


5 Stars  Great Knives 
My wife loves these knives

4 Stars  good as hoped 
stays sharp,cuts every thing

5 Stars  Great for the kitchen chief 
Great but tricky at first. It has to be handled carefully because its wicked sharp and requires a certain tilt when cutting.

5 Stars  Best Knife Ever !! 
I totally love this knife. It more than met all my expectations. I recently purchased two more so I can always have one handy and one for my RV.

1 Stars  cooper knife 

4 Stars  Great Knifes 
These knifes work very well. They would be better if they were 1 to 1.5 inches longer.

5 Stars  wonderful knife 
very sharp, good balance, stylish minor issue not being able to use knife to transport cut items to skillet because of the small holes it - need to find something else. holes also allow cut food to slip through when trying to slide food to cupped hand or bowl.

5 Stars  As advertised 
Cut where other knives fail.

3 Stars  Sharp - For Now 
Received the knife and as promised it is very sharp and cuts through anything, easily. However, on the package, and that is the first time it was mentioned, it said wash by hand to keep sharp. So, it is sharp for now, but in our house if it doesnt go in the dishwasher, we dont want it. We shall see how it holds up after multiple washings, and I think everyone should be aware that to keep it super sharp you have to wash by hand.

5 Stars  Whata Knife! 
These knives will probably last longer than I will! They really can virtually cut through most anything!

5 Stars  knife 
This knife is sharp,hope it stays that way.Havent had it long enough yet to see if it will.

5 Stars  Superior Knife 
Great knife at a great pricesuch a bargain.

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
I was skeptical at first but when I tried it wow, it was like cutting through butter. I love it! Glad I bought two!

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
Lightweight and very sharp. Excellent product.

5 Stars  copper knife 
stays sharp!

5 Stars  Very Good Product 
Love this knife.

4 Stars  Copper knife 
Very happy with it.

5 Stars  New knife 
Fantastic....I love it.

4 Stars  Copper Knife 
The copper knife really does stay sharp and I dont have to waste my time trying to keep it sharp. I love my knife.

5 Stars  Awesome Product 
I found this knife to be everything you claim.I highly reccommend it to anyone.I simply love it,dont know how I got along without it.Its a daily use implement in my kitchen.Thank-you

5 Stars  love it 
It is very sharp and just the right size

5 Stars  Copper knife 
Great knives Ive order three 3 times to give to friends You cant beat them for the price so far so good.

2 Stars  The handle is cheap 
The handle is plastic of a cheap quality. It is also too short so that cutting is awkward. I had planned to give two as gifts but I now have all three in my donations box.

4 Stars  Sharp-but copper is peeling 
Nice knife for the money..copper coating is peeling on one side

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
The best and sharpest knife I have ever used...

5 Stars  wonderful knife 
stylish, extremely sharp knife - definitely keep fingers AWAY when slicing! works very well - good balance when using. love the shiny copper!

5 Stars  great buy 
Great little knife it has become my go to knife

Right from the start, my copper knife was very dull and could not cut a thing without lots of arm strength. Because it was so inexpensive, I simply threw it out into the recycle bin rather than place a return. Sooo disappointed!

3 Stars  Wasnt as sharp as I expected 
Nothing close to the commercial which shows it slicing and dicing with ease. Forget cutting a tomato. It is fine for basic jobs but do not expect a super sharp knife. For the price it is decent for a basic paring knife.

5 Stars  Awesome knife! 
Never want any other knife!

5 Stars  Super sharp 
This knife is a great size and extremely sharp. I order two and they work great as steak knifes. We use them for other slicing and have NOT been disappointed!

5 Stars  great knife to have 
I have had this knife for over 3 months now, still cuts as well as the day I receieved it. I plan to buy more for Christmas and gift presents.

5 Stars  Great little knife 
I bought two and have been using them regularly. Works great. I love the size. It fits perfectly in my hand

5 Stars  Copper Knife-Stays sharp.....well 
FOREVER refers to taxes & death. This is a sharp little knife. If you cant sharpen a knife you should stick with washing dishes & taking the trash out. Im no professional cook. Im a retrained steel hauler & I like home cooked food. After 40 years of marriage I found that my wife doesnt like to cook. Good deal. Im out of work after selling my last Big Truck & remember KP from 50+ years ago in the US Air Force. I have a 3 sided stone from Harbor Freight that I can touch-up this knife every 2-3 weeks & cut up tomatoes, apples, cucumbers paper thin. To get started through the skin use a hacksaw motion for the first 2 strokes. Dont try to cut them like with an AXE. Piece of cake. If you WANT it to work youll have better luck. My problem comes when she says that was really good & tasty, what do you call that?? er...Supper, what else. If I cant pronounce it I dont eat it. Tip on home fries Wash the potatoes, bake in the microwave, put in the freezer for a while. Slice them 3/8 inch thick with your Copper knife, put them in your OLD fry pan with some butter on slightly higher heat with the clear cover on them. Add some sea salt & sliced/chopped onions after you turn them over. Now that Ive gained 50 lbs. the only exercise I get is sharpening up my copper knife.

1 Stars  Copper knife 
Was sharp when I first got it a few weeks later it was worthless VERY DULL!!

2 Stars  Doesnt stay sharp 
Didnt stay sharp for long. I have had to take the sharpening steel to it several times. We never put our knives in the dishwasher and I didnt put this one in the dishwasher.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
As soon as I got it I put it to work. I had no problem slicing and dicing carrots, celery, onions, radishes, and it cut through the chicken joints with no problem. I am having my son make me a leather sleeve tp put it in. It is lite for heavy work but overall Im happy with it. Plan on buying a few more to put in my tackle box as it is lite enough to use as a filet knife.

4 Stars  Wish it was bigger 
Nice knife, especially for the price. See other reviews on sharpness and do not agree, at least for ours. Sharp and even cheese does not stick to it. Only con is wish it was larger, as handle and blade are a little small for some tasks and feels too light for some tasks. For the price, a good 2nd knife for specific tasks.

1 Stars  DULL BLADE 
Dont waste your money on this knife. I used a couple times and it got super dull. Wouldnt cut through a tomato. Bad product. Very dissapointed

4 Stars  Good knife......but. 
No knife stays sharp forever, period! This knife comes to you very sharp but mine has already lost its edge along the critical first inch and a half and Ive only been using it a month. Be sure to use some sort of cutting board or mat. In all other ways this is a good knife, lightweight, good balance, foods dont stick to it while cutting. Great knife for the price but dont throw away your sharpening steel.

1 Stars  Copper knife 
I was disappointed with this knife. Its very dull and doesnt cut through anything very well.

1 Stars  Not very sharp 
I was very disappointed with the knife. I bought two opened and tried one. I felt the edge and seemed dull when I took it out of the package, I then tried it on cutting cherry tomatoes in half, almost squashed the tomatoes. Had trouble cutting bagels in half, not good clean cut.

1 Stars  Very Disappointed 
While having purchased many items from Pulse and have been very happy with all of them, the copper knife that never needs sharpening falls very short. Ive used it just over 2 weeks and it wont even cut a tomato well. Trying to cut it squashes it and I have to contend with a thick squashed slice. Not good!

2 Stars  So disappointed 
I purchased 4knives Tried the first one and it was only fair when it came to cutting the way you advertised.

2 Stars  not big enough 
knife is not big or heavy enough to cut anything safely an 8 inch Rada knife is a lot better.

I wish you had a fording BOX so that I could forward these individual adds to my family and friends

5 Stars  Really A Sharp Little Knife 
This knife is as sharp as my $140.00 Rhineland Cutlery chefs knife that I have to constantly sharpen. For a light duty knife it really serves its purpose. You cant go wrong for the price. I bought three of them. I guess time will tell if it holds its edge without sharpening.

5 Stars  Cuts great 
Been using it for 6 weeks and its the only knife I will use

4 Stars  Sleeve? 
Very sharp, but would be much better if it included a sleeve to protect the blade.

4 Stars  Very Good Knife 
My loves this knife. Very easy for her to use and very sharp which makes cutting up food easier.

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
I love the knife. It is very sharp and does a great job. I would love it even more if it came with a sheath to protect the knife and my fingers when storing it in a drawer.

5 Stars  Copper Knife 
Great kitchen gadget! It cuts great, even works for partly frozen meat.

5 Stars  Works great 
Been using it a week and it works great. Cuts things very easy

Review this item!
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