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Comfort Eye Sleep Mask

Comfort Eye Sleep Mask

Comfort Eye Sleep Mask
Comfort Eye Sleep Mask
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Ever wish there was a more comfortable way to block out light while trying to take a nap? Traditional eye masks are prone to falling off during the night or just don't feel good on the eyes. This unique mask features cut out ear holes to loop over your ears, for a secure comfortable fit.

Simply place it over your eyes and loop it over the ears. Adjust to size with the hook and loop fasteners (velcro). Once secure, you'll enjoy the pitch black for snoozing on the airplane, hotels, or any bright room.

Migraine or headache sufferers know light can aggravate pain, and there's even a little pouch for a gel pack (not included) to provide cooling relief.


- Comfortable Sleep Mask
- Unique Over-Ear Design
- Blocks Light for Sleep, Headaches
- Stays in Place All Night
- Soft, Brushed Neoprene-like Material
- Built-in Pouch for Gel or Cold Pack
- Adjustable Fit
- Fits Head Circumference 19-27in

5 Stars  good sleep 
When i put the mask on it gives me very good coverage against the darkmess. Thanks a lot

4 Stars  Good Product 
Good Price. Item is a little tight over the top of the nose for me.

5 Stars  Makes Sleepy Time Better 
My roommate is horrible. They are loud and have no regard for my much needed sleep. With this and a set of earplugs, I can tune out the world of bad roommates and slip into wonderful sleepy time. I love it!

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