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Whistle Blower
This memorable collection of NFTs represents iconic images of the greatest whistleblowers in world history. These people changed the course of history and now you can own a piece of history with these unique pieces.

Ellsberg, Assange, Manning, Snowden and more! Each NFT image contains a thought-provoking quote from the prominent whistleblower.

25% of all NFT revenues generated from the Whistleblowers Collection will be donated to the official Wikileaks and Julian Assange Defense Fund. This includes ANY NFT revenue from the Whistleblowers Collection.

Visit the Whistleblower Collection on OpenSea

Historical photos of United States Military Generals with inspiring quotes. Collectible memorabilia commemorating US Armed forces in World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam War, Korean War and more. Learn about the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines.

Each quote describes the general's philosophy of war and life.

Own one of these rare NFTs for a full resolution, triple- authenticated trading card. Enjoy the historical photos, inspiring quote on a limited edition card, lovingly and respectfully crafted just for this reason.

Visit the US Generals Collection on OpenSea