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Collapsible Lantern and Micro Swat Tactical Flashlight Combo

Collapsible Lantern and Micro Swat Tactical Flashlight Combo

Collapsible Lantern and Micro Swat Tactical Flashlight Combo
Collapsible Lantern and Micro Swat Tactical Flashlight Combo
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We bundled together two of our customers' favorite lighting items. In this exclusive combo pack, get the COB-LED Collapsible Lantern by i-Zoom AND The Micro Swat Tactical Flashlight by Farpoint. All your batteries are even included so you are ready to go right away. Everyone knows a good flashlight and lantern are both are essentials for any bug-out bag, camping trip, or power outage!

Our Best-Selling Handheld Flashlight

You won't believe just how bright one little flashlight can be! This tactical flashlight uses only 1 SUPER-bright High Intensity Bulb. The Micro SWAT Flashlight features an adjustable high-intensity beam, allowing you to switch between flood focus and spot focus. To focus the beam, simply pull the end of the flashlight from the body of the unit. That's not all - you can also switch between its high-beam, low-beam, and strobe modes with a soft touch of the sensor switch.

Using the latest in bright and efficient LEDs, these flashlight bulbs have a lifespan of 110,000+ hours. This adjustable beam flashlight only takes 1 AA battery - and yes, it is included.

It's great for indoor, outdoor, and emergency use - it's made of a durable aluminum alloy that is weatherproof, shock-proof, and impact-resistant. It also has a beveled head that protects the focusing lens from drops.


  • Use High-Intensity Bulb lasts 110,000+ Hours
  • 3 Watts, 300 Lumens - See from 275m Away
  • Adjustable Zoom for Flood or Spotlight Functions
  • Soft Touch Sensor Switch
  • High-Beam, Low-Beam, and Strobe Modes
  • Weatherproof, Durable Metal Body with Durable Pocket Clip
  • Anti-Rolling Design
  • Beveled Head Protects The Light Focusing Lens
  • Only Requires 1 AA Battery (Included)
  • 5 Hours Battery Life (Aprox.)
  • Compact Size: 4.25in x 1in Diameter

Our Best-Selling Collapsible Lantern

This unique lantern features no power switch - you turn the lantern on and off by sliding the LED portion up and down. It's so cool, and this feature protects the actual lights, reserves power and makes it compact enough to fit in even the smallest backpacks.

This powerful lantern features 3 next generation COB light strips and dishes out an impressive 600 Lumens in all directions - it is BRIGHT! Control the brightness output by partially sliding it open.

Rugged and ultra-portable, it is the perfect lantern for camping, hiking, or for keeping around the house in case of an emergency. Your first set of 3 AA batteries are included so you can use it right away.


  • The Most Popular Lantern We've Ever Sold!
  • Unique Collapsible Design for Illumination Control
  • 9 Watts Powers 3 COB Light Strips
  • 600 Lumens in All Directions
  • Durable Weatherproof ABS Body
  • Folding Handles for Carrying or Hanging
  • Lantern Turns Off When Collapsed
  • Up to 4 Hrs of Illumination on full Batteries
  • Takes 3 AA Batteries (Included)
  • Collapses from 7.25 inches to 5 inches
  • 3.5 inch Diameter

4 Stars  Flashlight 
Works great, small and powerful. Very happy when it

5 Stars  great little flashlight 
it took me a minute to figure out that the on/off button is on the bottom, but its bright and can be focused or wide angle.

5 Stars  Light, easy to use and to operate and gives sufficient light 
All I needed.

5 Stars  Great product lives up to it s billing 
Great product lives up to it s billing, convenient small enough to carry around in my pocket, the design is great, I love the short and long beam length

5 Stars  Great 
Great size and handy.

4 Stars  Works as it says. 
I use it to save using electricity in the bedroom and its great for those late-night trips to the bathroom. It does seem to lose its brightness if left on for a while.

5 Stars  Bright light! Convenient size. 
I really like this handy flashlight. The light is surprisingly bright, and its a convenient size. I have bought more than one so as to have one readily available when I need it.

5 Stars  Light 
As advertised. Very good quality. Very bright. Very happy with the lights. As always the products from this site are of great quality!!!

5 Stars  Great Flashlights 
The 2 Micro SWAT Tactical Flashlights are very helpful, as we use them for nighttime walks. They are very bright, lightweight and were on sale!

5 Stars  Flashlight 
It a powerful flashlight for it s size. You can put it and use it anywhere any time.

4 Stars  Micro swat Tactical flashlight 
This is a very sturdy flashlight will come in handy during hurricane season if I lose power. The price was right.

5 Stars  Swat Flashlight 

4 Stars  It s Okay 
The light is okay except the light isn t as bright as I expected.

4 Stars  Small and bright 
This little flashlight can go anywhere. It s so bright and light size adjustable. No batteries to worry about, but do remember to bring the charge cord.

5 Stars  Pocket size and always available 
Ive carried small flashlights like this for years, working inside panels in mechanical rooms, ceilings and other dark corners. I like the fact that it uses one AA battery which is easy to find.

5 Stars  Excellent customer service 
I was very happy with the lanterns which I gave to two friends as gifts. They were also very pleased with them. Upon receiving my order, one of the lanterns was broken. I sent an email to customer service, and a replacement was mailed out immediately! I was very impressed and will definitely buy from PulseTV.com again in the future!

5 Stars  great price 
Small and mighty. It is bright and was a good price. Can be keep in your purse and small spaces.

5 Stars  Cool Flashlight 
Since PG&E we often have power outages So the Flashlights Come in handy and its very bright thanks Pulse

5 Stars  Tactical flashlight 
Very handy.

5 Stars  great item 
works great

5 Stars  This one saved me! 
My husband always has control of every flashlight in our home. This one I purchased just for me! Good thing I did too!......recently after I fell asleep in my favorite chair while watching tv.....I awoke to a dark house as the power had gone out and my flashlight was next to me on my table thankfully! My husband was fast asleep on the second floor and had no idea....so thanks again!

5 Stars  second purchase 
These handy, small, bright flashlights are great for bedside, next to the thermostat and those dark corners where you just need a glance to see what youre looking for. They are inexpensive enough to leave all around the house, and great for camping.

4 Stars  Micro SWAT Tactical Flashlight 
Product Arrived As Expected

5 Stars  Great flashlight! 
It is a smaller version but still works great. It is very bright and is not heavy to carry in a purse or pocket. It only takes one battery unlike the larger version that is heavier and takes three batteries. I highly recommend it!

5 Stars  Great little flashlight 
Bought extras to give to my adult children.

1 Stars  Micro SWAT Flashlight 
I ordered two units and neither worked. Batteries in both units had leaked and damaged the switches. I contacted Customer Service and they promptly replaced both units. Replacement units work properly. My rating now is 5 Star.

5 Stars  Micro Swat Tactical Flashlight 
Excellent. Previously purchased this product as a 2 pack, and jumped at the chance for a 4 pack. Great for the vehicles, tool box, strategic spots in the house. Also, I do volunteer work at a historic theatre and use to guide when seating late arrivals.

3 Stars  Review of Micro SWAT Tactical Flashlights 
I ordered the 2 pack. They are okay but not the top of the line. Not as bright as other flashlights of smaller size but okay to have as backups.

5 Stars  Micro SWAT Tactical Flashlight 
I am very happy with the two flashlights I ordered. They are small enough to place in your pocket or clip to belt. They are very bright for such a small flashlight. Thank you.

5 Stars  Micro SWAT Tactical Flashlight 
these are great -- going to get a few more for family members

5 Stars  Flashlight 
Swat flashlight is great! Its bright, its compact and works great!

5 Stars  Thanks 
Great product and price as usual.

5 Stars  Good product at a reasonable price 
Recently we had a weather related power outage lasting over 4 hours. This little flashlight did a good job.

5 Stars  Perfect little flashlight 
Great little flashlight, durable, great value, very bright Should have bought more of them

4 Stars  Very nice 
A bit small but very effective item.

5 Stars  Small but Bright 
These flashlights are small and that makes them easy to carry. Small? Yes. Bright? Also yes and that is what I want in a flashlight. I am waiting to see how long the battery lasts. Good buy

5 Stars  tactical flashlight 
great value

5 Stars  Micro Swat Tactical Flashlight 
I was very satisfied with this purchase

5 Stars  Great flashlight 
I ordered 3 of the Micro SWAT Tactical Flashlight and they arrived fast. They are very durable and bright and at a great price One of the lights had a bad battery in it that leaked and ruined the flashlight. I sent a email to PulsTv about the problem. I received a return email saying they would replace the defective product. PulsTV stands behind their products and offer great values.

5 Stars  Flashlight 
It is small but very bright.It is great for walking my dog at night.Very pleased

5 Stars  Bright and handy! 
I am always looking for handy little flashlights that I can leave on nightstands and other spots in the event of power losses but so many of them require multiple AAA batteries. This SWAT flashlight only needs one AA battery which makes it so much easier to maintain and the light is exceptionally bright. A great buy!

5 Stars  Im Blind! 
Really puts out some light for such a small flashlight. A great deal as well. I bought 3!!!

5 Stars  Top flashlight 
I love this little light. I take it with me whenever I take the dog for a walk. I take him in the evening, and this gives me plenty of light, to see where Im going.

5 Stars  Fantastic Light 
We had an outage at our community center on the day we were getting blankets ready for the Linus project. This lantern was so bright, it was used near the kitchen where the sandwiches and chips were for the group. I got the first one from my brother and ordered 2 more.

5 Stars  swat tactical lantern 
item works great easy to use very bright

5 Stars  Very well made 
A very well made flashlight and does exactly what it is advertised to do.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Product works as advertised. Price is good. Received a defective part and customer service resolved the problem satisfactorily.

4 Stars  Adequate 
This flashlight is just exactly what I expected. Good, not great flashlight. Small and all 3 lights operate as advertised.

5 Stars  Good flashlight 

4 Stars  handy flashlight 
correction to previous review. This flashlight uses a battery, I mistook it for the rechargeable one I bought previously. However, this flashlight is very rugged and handy especially for our emergency kit.

5 Stars  perfect flashlight 
works great, really like the recharging ability to save batteries

5 Stars  Excellent little flashlight 
It does everything as advertised.

5 Stars  Good Nightstand Light 
Keep it on my nightstand. Good way to avoid stepping on the dog!!!

5 Stars  Handy and powerful flashlight 
I bought 5 of these little buggers, previously purchased before, was so happy with them, when I saw them again, I got more. they are compact, powerfull and just the size to carry in your pocket or pocketbook. I have them in my car, truck, tool box and gave them to my grandkids too.

5 Stars  worth the money 
good small flashlight

4 Stars  It is what you say it is. 
Works well. I dont need the strobe feature but its good to have.

5 Stars  Micro Light 
These are great. It produces such a bright light for such a small light. In addition, it projects a very far distance.

5 Stars  Micro SWAT Tactical Flashlight 
This item is absolutely awesome. Shopping with you is the best. Thank You So Much!

5 Stars  Great product, great price. 
I LOVE these flashlights.

5 Stars  Strong light. Great price. 
Have a similar light bought at another site, but the price for this was only half of the other. Light has good intensity, and the three settings bright, lower intensity and high-intensity strobe are so useful.

5 Stars  LED Lantern 
Took advantage of the 2 for 1 offer. Delivery was quick. Unfortunately 1 of the lanterns did not work. Email to PulseTV resulted in suggested troubleshooting and when that didnt work a new lantern was shipped.

5 Stars  Amazing flashlight! 
I recommend this product. This is absolutely amazing! Instead of using my cellphones flashlight during the night, I use this micro swat flashlight now. Very dependable!

5 Stars  Great light 
This purchase was a replacement of the same flashlight that I had before, which I lost. This is compact and gives off plenty of light. Works great for my needs.

5 Stars  Let there be LIGHT!!! 
This lantern is the best I have ever bought!!! Its BRIGHT and lights up an entire room!! Perfect for power outages and for camping!! Great for your Cabin or any other place you need light and so PORTABLE!!! Dont pass this lantern up!!

5 Stars  Micro-Swat Flashlight - A great value 
Great miniature flash light with impressive power and zoom feature. Sturdy clip which can be removed if that is your preference.

5 Stars  Micro SWAT Tactical Flashlight 
amazingly bright little light

5 Stars  Love em 
Have bought numerous of these. One double A battery and very bright. Can not beat them. The best.

2 Stars  It works but barely 
Ive previously purchased two tactical flashlights and this one is a big disappointment. The power of the flashlight and its ease of use are both disappointing.

4 Stars  Value 
Good product with more options than expected.

5 Stars  WOW! 
Awesome,Awesome, Awesome. Dont know what else to say, except more and more Lumens.lol

5 Stars  Thanks 
Great product and price.

5 Stars  superb 
My grandson loved it, easy to manage and gives off plenty of light.

5 Stars  Tactical Lantern 
Well pleased with the lantern. very bright and small in size. the special price was appreciated

5 Stars  Excellent Light,but 
This is an excellent light The prior version of this product was smaller, which is more portable. Brought over 20 units, The product does deliver good light, battery life is reasonable for use

5 Stars  So useful! 
I love this little flashlight. It is small and convenient, with a super bright light. I am so glad I bought it. I am using it at home, but it would be great for camping, too.

5 Stars  Flashlight 
Works great

5 Stars  Great buy! 
These 2 lanterns will be great to have this winter! When heavy snow disrupts electrical line I will have light! Batteries are no problem, I always keep a lot on hand!

5 Stars  tactical flashlight 
Excellent product.Works exactly as advertised!

5 Stars  best ittle light for the price Ive ever found 
Ive already bought 4 of them- liked the first 2 and came back for 2 more. good quality, bright, long-lasting... couldnt ask for more

4 Stars  Great light for its size 
Not the brightest light, but a single AA and small size make this an excellent light. If it had been rated at about 250 rather than 300 lumens, I would have given it the full five. At the price, this is well worth the money.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Excellent product. The three modes hi, low, flashing are very useful, and the adjustable lens makes it very versatile. It is really heavy duty. I ordered two, and will probably order two more to have them where I need them.

5 Stars  Great Value! 
These Tac lights top shelf quality.

5 Stars  Love this lantern 
I took advantage of this special pricing. I gave 2 away for presents, I kept the others for myself. Its real bright, I only had one come in that didnt work, prob poor batteries, which right out of the box, batteries installed. Youll love it!!

5 Stars  Good Small Size Flashlights 
Handy to have around the house and autos.

Pleasantly surprised at how bright this lantern is! I have several other type small lanterns but this one is by far the brightest! It is good quality and I also like that it collapses so it fits in one of my drawers! I plan on buying a few more for Christmas- they will make great Stocking Stuffers!

3 Stars  Review 
Light isnt as bright as I thought it would be. Would like a different way to turn on flickering light.

5 Stars  Swat Tacical Flashlight 
Exactly what we were looking for ...very handy

5 Stars  Micro Swat flashlight 
Great little light. I love it for walking the dog after dark. Fits nicely in any pocket.

5 Stars  Great buy 
Great little flashlight. I got one for my car in case of emergency and one for my wife. Its small enough to fit in a purse.

5 Stars  Great Flashlight 
I bought some of the micro tactical flashlights. They were as advertised. Durable, feels great. Small, but very bright. Good value. I use larger versions of tactical flashlights and needed lighter ones for hiking and to put in the car. Very pleased.

4 Stars  Good Flashlight 
Good flashlight, but the belt clip is NOT attached very well. I came off after a few clips to my belt.

5 Stars  Perfect 
These are just as advertised and just what I wanted!

2 Stars  falling apart after a week 
carrying this flashlight in a pocket turns out to be a bad idea. the lens is held in with a thin flexible o-ring that fails under any kind of stress. other things in a pocket provide such stress. when the o-ring fails, the lens falls out of the end of the light. i bought two, so im trying to figure a way to carry the remaining one around without it disintegrating. too bad, because its kinda cute and the light is decent for the money.

5 Stars  Tactical Flashlight 
I purchased two flashlights to keep in my car and they are perfect for that. The light is not as bright as the much more expensive models, but great for the price

5 Stars  flashlight 
have bought these flashlights before & would buy them again. they are great gifts & they use only one AA battery

5 Stars  great little light! 
as a gadget nerd, I buy all sorts of small, tactical multi-tool and related things and a good portable flashlight is a daily essential item! VERY bright for a little guy, and very packable no matter what the daily grind/camping/hiking/go-to-bail-out bag...whatever. Think Im going to buy a couple more to keep in the cars and drawers around the house.

5 Stars  Great little flashlight 
This is an amazing little flashlight. I have them in every vehicle and next to my chair. I give these as Christmas gifts and every one loves them.

5 Stars  Great flashljght 
I purchased two and gave one to a friend who already had a flashlight in her purse. When she saw this one she immediately replaced the old one with the new one.

5 Stars  swat lite 
great little lites

5 Stars  very bright 
This little light is almost as bright as the others that take 3 batteries. It also has a clip so you can clip it to your belt loop or any other strap.

5 Stars  Flashlight is great 
Got several of them and are lightweight and easy to carry in pocket. Beam they put out is awesome- great product!

5 Stars  Small but very bright. 
Just what I needed. Will be great during a power outage. The lights are very bright.

4 Stars  Lantern 
When they work they are GREAT!

5 Stars  great little light 
Just got these today. SMALL BUT MIGHTY. That battery protector piece can be easy to miss. Glad I purchased them. Got within time frame.

5 Stars  Great lamp 
I love this lamp. I have used it when out side and the main purpose is for when I have a power outage.

5 Stars  Small, but very bright 
This is a good product to have when needed

5 Stars  Lantern is a must have item 
I ordered the first set for me and was so impressed with them I ordered several sets for gifts and my friends liked mine so much they started ordering theirs.

5 Stars  Bright Lite 
Works as advertised, lights up evenly throughout the room. Light weight and durable. Good buy.

5 Stars  good product and service 
I have purchased 4 of these. very satisfied

5 Stars  Great Great 
Best thing I bought ..really usefull in mountains where I live.

4 Stars  NOT TOO SHABBY !! 

5 Stars  Very bright 
Tremendous light from 3 small batteries. Went fishing in remote Canada. No power. Played cards at night. Had to turn it down to see cards. Too bright. Lit up the campsite.

5 Stars  great door prizes 
Im always looking for good but inexpensive door prizes for our association meetings and these fit the bill to a T. I live in Florida and we have afternoon storms as well as the big named ones now and then and these lights are perfect for those temporary losses of power. Keep up the good work Pulse.

5 Stars  AWESOME 

4 Stars  great for camping or emergency light 
handier than a flashlight in my opinion since these give omnidirectional light, and it is quite bright. Good item!

5 Stars  As advertised 
This lantern is very bright and does do what the ad says it does! Good if your power ever went out! Very happy with this purchase!

4 Stars  Swat Tactical Collapsible Lanters 
I now have 4 of these , they light up my small attic nicely. I bought 1 set and it was fine but when I saw a second set on a 2 for 1 price I ordered another set. The second set the light bulb in one of the lanterns was shot almost no light. I returned them and the replacement set work just fine. Great doing business with you.

5 Stars  Amazing 
Thank you for this amazing price and item I love it so much... my girls used it in Camping and they were so happy with it.

5 Stars  Be Prepared 
No brainer item. List of uses is unlimited. Affordable enough for one in every room. Bright compact and durable. Not a cheap toy. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  SWAT Tactical Collapsible Lantern 
This is a really good product. It is well made and easy to use. Its light weight and provides good illumination when the power is out. For the price, you cant beat it!

5 Stars  Good emergency lighting 
Great product for a low price.

5 Stars  Great product! 
The item works as described. It is a cheaper model than the original but, it works just as well. Also, the original has a magnet on the base and this model does not but, I do not have a need for the magnet. I have one of these for each bedroom for use when the power goes out at night due to a thunderstorm or other problem. This product is perfect for that use.

5 Stars  5+ STARS..... I LOVE THESE!!! 
Very bright light from these compact units. You can hang it up or grab the handles and walk around with it. Ideal for the Home, Boats, RVs, Campers, Cars, Trucks, Aircraft, 4 Wheelers, Snowmobiles, Garages, Tents etc. If you have frequent power outages, these are for you. One lamp illuminates a 12x20 foot area easily. I bought several to give as Christmas Gifts. Light Weight and easy to Operate & carry, especially for Seniors or Children

5 Stars  Bright lights once you remove the strip 
So many ways to use these lanterns. I remembered reading about the battery strip so I unscrewed the battery compartment and did that. These are nice little lights. I gave one to family for the survival kit and Ill use mine to walk the dog or when I need light anywhere.

5 Stars  SWAT Collapsible Lanterns 
Same lights as we see on TV WITHOUT the Army truck & Billy Bad Ass trying to destroy it. BARGAIN, BARGAIN, BARGAIN !! & NO extra hidden fee for the second one. Yes, it WILL light up a room. Im just waiting for the NEXT time the power goes off. One of these will enable me to find my generator & hook it up to my built in extension cord. Candles make house warmings, REAL HOT house warmings & Im no fireman.

I previously wrote a review that this lantern did not work. Well, I want to revise my review. I was ready to replace the batteries and when I tried to remove the middle one, a black 2 inch cardboard strip appeared. When I removed the strip, the lantern worked perfectly!!! The amount of light produced is amazing and will light up an average sized room. Very useful in a power outage . Please forgive me for my last review of this item. I do not want to mislead anyone is any way. Thank you

4 Stars  Lantern 
I am not a fan of battery operated lanterns. I like the old kerosene & wick flame. But.. for indoor use and safety these are great. Pull-up top half to turn on. No brightness control except for as much light is permitted out. But light power is constant. And these light up a room. In a tent Im sure would work great. Battery longevity isnt the greatest. But buy rechargeables. The fold up handles nake for easy packing or carrying or hanging from tree limb or hook. Offered as a set of two, you wont be disappointed. And each comes with a set of batteries, so your ready right out of the box. You have to remove the strip between battery and conductor.

4 Stars  Super brighness at low price 
For poeple wish it was batery recheargeable just to buy recheargeable battery and the charger it cost almost nothing and its work out well I DID IT LOL P.S SORRY MY ENGLISH WRITTING IM FRENCH FROM QUEBEC AT LEAST I TRIED hahah and you

5 Stars  Lantern 
This little lantern really puts out some light! Comes in really handy when we have power outages or when we need to go to the pasture after dark. Really lights up the way. I have gotten several.

5 Stars  Lantern 
Really bright works great

5 Stars  THIS TACT IS PHAT!!! 
great lights!!!...bought two...lit the entire house...no need for gas lantern...great lights!!!

5 Stars  It really puts out the light 
Yeah it was well worth the few bucks I gave for it.

5 Stars  Great Lantern 
Cheaper than those advertised on TV but outstanding quality. I was a little apprehensive because of the lower price but after receiving mine ordered a second set.

5 Stars  PULSE TV 

4 Stars  Work Well 
They light up very bright. I bought as emergency lights. When they arrived I pulled the tab on the batteries,nice that batteries are included, pulled up the top and got very bright light. I put the tab back between the batteries and now Im set for whatever comes along.

5 Stars  Great compact emergency light 
Sturdy and Easy to use

4 Stars  collapsible latern 
good bargain for auxiliary lighting at a good price.

5 Stars  Collapsible Lantern 
This is a great item. Its very rugged & super bright. Ive seen similar lanterns for twice the price, & they didnt have the built in compass on the top. Well worth the money.

5 Stars  Great productG, Great value! 
A must for the sportsman or just for emergencies.

5 Stars  Love it 
Great product. Only comes with heavy duty batteries though instead of alkaline. Ill have to see how long they will last.

5 Stars  Let There Be Light 
I originally bought these for our camping trip. We get hit with a bad storm. Knocked our power out for 3 hours. We got to use our lanterns and tell ghost stories..turned into a fun night.

4 Stars  lantern 
I have 1 arm and it is hard to open have to put between legs and pull. Demo shows it opens easier.I wonder if a little lube would help?needs bottom magnets

5 Stars  Really Bright 
My husband loves this mini and very bright light! It is really too bright for my taste, but he ordered it in order to get around in the dark at night in our house!


5 Stars  Awesome 
We use this at our camper!! Love the adjustability of these. I ordered two and may have to order a few more for home when the power goes out!!

5 Stars  Very good for back up lights incase electric is brown out . 
The collapsible light is too bright , the price was reasonable , with battery included , you cant bet that deal.

5 Stars  Awesome Lantern 
Very bright Lantern. .. Bought 2 of them... Will probably buy more. ..

5 Stars  Be the brightest 
Better than flicking your lighter.

5 Stars  Awesome Lanterns 
I really love these potent mini lanterns. They really pack a punch! Very bright, light, and handy! I bought a bunch of them so everyone who goes with us to Yosemite will have one for their camp site!!!

5 Stars  works good 
Seems to work good , fairly bright . Good for the price . I wish it was rechargeable .

5 Stars  These lanterns are great 
These lanterns are so great all my friends want them.

5 Stars  Power in Small Packages 
I bought this light for both my home and for my sister before hurricane season begins this Summer. I was surprised to need it within two weeks of receiving it due to severe thunderstorms, including toronado alerts, which caused a power outage for several hours. It was a great help.

5 Stars  Super Bright, and easy to use. 
I bought three of the lanterns thinking they could be good to have in a power outage,and because the price was so reasonable. It turned out the lights were awsome.Ilove how you have instant bright light just by pulling up on the handles and if you dont want a lot of light, then simply close it up until you get the desired amount. My friends liked it so much he paid more than I paid for it.I definitely recommend these lanterns to anyone.

5 Stars  very good 
Gives wonderful light in multiple scenarios, easy to carry etc. Havent had to leave them on for any length of time, but so far so good.

5 Stars  These are Bright 
I have four of the older version, by a different company, so I bought two of these to compare.These are much better at sucking up the dark around you. Very handy, and well made. A Must Have for your vehicle.

5 Stars  Great lantern 
I bought 2 of these. One for home and one for camp. The lantern does everything as advertised. Its exceptionally bright. Will light up the whole room. Small and compact. Easy to store . Im impressed with how bright it is !

4 Stars  Extremely bright for a small lantern 
Easy to turn on. Convenient with its handles to hang or position. The magnets are really a greay idea for placing on slanted surfaces. A super buy!

5 Stars  Good product 
Items arrived promptly and was as described

4 Stars  Lantern 
Just as good as Bell and Howell


5 Stars  Wow, its BRIGHT! 
I bought 2, took one out of the box. Couldnt figure out at first how to turn it on. Checked the batteries - present, pulled the lantern open & closed. Checked the batteries again - oh, wait, theres a small piece of cardboard in there blocking the batteries from making contact during shipping. Took it out, pulled the top - FLASH! Face palm, until I got my eyesight back

5 Stars  Small size omits a lot of light 
I ordered 2 of these to take camping. Have not used them yet, but they are the perfect size, and the light is very adequate.

5 Stars  Portable Light 
WOW- this light is even blinding in the daylight, illuminates a big circle.

4 Stars  Good to have 
It is very bright and extremely serviceable. The only thing I wished it had is a magnet on the bottom to use for auto use.

5 Stars  Excellent small lantern 
I love it. Ordered two and placed both of them in my storm shelter under the house. I live in southern Oklahoma where we do see quite a few tornadoes.

5 Stars  Bright as the Stars 
I bought 6 thinking I would use all of them while camping. I used ONE at my camp site and could see every thing that needed to be scene....easily.

5 Stars  Great Product 
This product works well and is well worth the money

5 Stars  SWAT Tactical Collapsible Lantern 
This is one of the brightest lamps I have ever seen.......I really like it.....I have 6 of them. Keep them all over the house plus in both cars....

5 Stars  Rating 
Collisible lanterns are good disregard the other message sorry

5 Stars  Great Light 
I like the quality of this light it is comparable to others that I have bought at a much higher price. Well worth the cost paid

5 Stars  Lantern 
Seems to be very bright and compact

5 Stars  Brilliant emergency/recreational light 
The brightness & ease of use is much better than I expected. Will have one in my car, camper & bedroom,. Will be a great help in power outages.

5 Stars  Ultra bright lanterns! 
I bought 3 of these lanterns, and frankly, for the price, did not expect much. Boy, was I wrong. These lanterns are ultra bright, beyond my wildest expectations, and so simple to use, and store away, with little space. You will not believe the intensity of the light from these things. I am going to order 4 more, to use in my private back yard.

5 Stars  so far, so good 
Havent used it enough to comment on battery life, but man, this thing is bright!

5 Stars  Check the red tab 
Bright enough but you have to pull the red plastic tab out in order for it to work. My neighbor wanted one but its made by TacLight and she wont order it because they screwed her on an order of the flashlight.

5 Stars  Excellent Compact Lantern 
Product is just as advertised. Compact in size, provides very good, bright light. Easy to store.

5 Stars  works great!! 
Bought these to put in vehicles.

4 Stars  Lightweight and bright 
I think this is a good product for both emergencies and those who travel useful both on the road and in hotel rooms. I have also purchased an alternative lantern very similar in size and weight that can be charged with sunshine, and does not require battery replacement. Solar charging is a better emergency choice.

5 Stars  Nice and bright 
Very Nice Lantern. It lights up a whole room

5 Stars  Packs a Punch 
These lanterns are awesome!!! They are small and light, but very bright. I bought a bunch of them so all of my Yosemite campers can have one of their own!!!

5 Stars  Great Lantern 
Super brightness, stores away neatly, when the power goes out, its great to have. Camping its the best light on the table.

5 Stars  OMG! I can see! 
We recently lost power, though not for long, but being disabled I need at least some light to get around. This gave me great vision and I was able to hook it to the front of my walker and get around easily and be able to read until the lights came back on. Love it!

5 Stars  Love them! 
I BOUGHT 3 of these Tactical Collapsible Lantern one for my son in law and one my daughter and one for me. We love them. I will order one more for my other daughter as we all love them

5 Stars  Bright as a star 
Unbelievable how bright it is and so easy to use. My grand kids kept one of the 5 I ought in their bedroom

4 Stars  Pretty nice! 
Was better than expected! Good lightT

4 Stars  SWAT Tac Light 
Small LED light that collapses, with folding wire handles. 4 inch, plastic, light weight. Nice

5 Stars  The SWAT Tactical Colapsible Lantern 
Wonderful product. We live in an area that constantly gets hit by power outages. Either ice storms in the winter months or tornados in the spring. This Lantern is great. Just pull up on the handles and youve got instant light for the whole house. In my experience all of the PulseTV merchandise Ive purchased have matched or have been beyond my expectations. I especially like that all the merchandise usually come with batteries included. I dont have to go looking for batteries and I hate that. One of the other products I purchased was a battery charger that charges all sizes of batteries of every size and they dont even need to be, Rechargeable Batteries! Thank you PulseTV. You always brighten my day.

5 Stars  Lantern 
I received two lanterns. One was perfect. The other had leaking at the battery terminals. I telephoned Customer Service immediately and described the problem. The lady with whom I spoke was very professional and courteous. She advised me a new lantern would be sent without cost. This was quickly done as it arrived within a few days. I was very pleased!

5 Stars  Great for home use! 
I had already purchased this item before. I liked it so well, that I purchased a few more. These lights are good for home use in a power failure or earthquake or other disaster. I also am using them for camping and they do just about as good of a job as gas lanterns but I dont have to carry fuel or propane.

5 Stars  Small but bright 
I ordered one for my home as we occasionally have power outages. I found it easy to use and filled the room with light. I then ordered 8 more for friends.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Works just as advertised. Very bright

5 Stars  Great little lanterns that are really, really bright. 
We bought 2 of these to take camping this Summer and they are so much brighter than I thought theyd be. They are certainly worth the price and I love how you just fold them down to shut them off.

5 Stars  Great lamp 
Bought several of these for my family. Everyone loved them. Easy to use, very bright light, lightweight

5 Stars  SWAT Collapsible Lantern 
Purchased 2 of these lanterns and I am very pleased. Very compact and extremely bright light. Plan to purchase more .

4 Stars  Very bright! 
Got two of these for camping. Small size, but very bright! When I go camping, I will update my review. Only flaw I give them is they are plastic well see how long they last.

5 Stars  Excellent lantern 
The lantern is small, light, compact, well designed, with a useful holding/hanging handle and a very bright light. The collapsible design means you can half-close it to reduce the light. Ive now bought four of them, for myself and for gifts. Very affordable.

5 Stars  swat tactical collapsible lantern 
This is a great lantern. I got some for me and my whole family. Everyone loves them too. This company has very great values. It is great to be able to get such bargains and of fine quality. Thanks for all the good offers.

5 Stars  Collapsible lantern 
Great light. Much better than the plastic ones.

4 Stars  Good for the Price 
Glad I bought two of these for the same price as the one you see on TV. The light itself is very bright and the protective housing is high impact plastic. Should be able to drop it a few times without breaking it. Biggest complaint is that the handles are very thin making it feel cheap. Still the light came with batteries and so far it has worked every time I have needed it. I like the way you can adjust the brightness. Had one in the bedroom and the other in the living room last night when a storm came through. Fortunately I didnt need them but when I do they will certainly do the job. Recommend for the price.

5 Stars  Great Lights 
These lights are very bright and easy to use. Will work well when the power goes out.

5 Stars  Handy! 
This thing is great! I put a lot of crap in my travel duffel. It was hard to find stuff. I toss in this mighty little lantern and it doesnt break. I drop it on the floor and it doesnt break. It doesnt take up much room, but when Im searching thru that bag now, I just pull that lantern on both ends and BOOM! Daytime inside my bag and it doesnt get hot like bright, incandescent lamps. At night when I need to make a pee-trip to the head, I just reach into that bag on the way, and I have a have a brightly lit trail. But since the light comes out sideways not up, I dont get my night-eyes blinded. Its a bright, but gentle glow. And because its collabsible it protects itself and no fragile filaments means long life. No buying expensive and sometimes hard-to-find bulbs.

5 Stars  Great lantern 
Would reccommend this product - very pleased with price and quality.

5 Stars  Collapsible lantern 
Great product. I ordered four. Great for camping and to have during power outage. The shipping is reasonable. I received it within a few days.

5 Stars  AWESOME LIGHT!!! 
This little Lantern Light is so bright for its size and easy to use! I need to get more!

4 Stars  Good little light 
I bought this light for a good price $10 . It is nice and compact, very durable, and bright enough for the little projects where you need a flashlight or camping. A good little light even came with batterys!

5 Stars  It is bright!! 
First one came with damage but customer service promptly replaced it!

5 Stars  SWAT Tactical Lanterns 
I bought 2 I Love them.our power went out friday morning from a storm.i turned them on & WOW they r so bright .1 thing they didnt come with the magnet they show on tv.was disappointed .thought they came with the magnet.Also bought 2 of the Swat Tactical Flashlights for Christmas.husband LOVES them.

5 Stars  Swat tactical lantern 
Its awesome supper brite .i love its compass .and th last longer it seems than a reagular flash light .i cant waite to go camping with it..thanks Brenda

5 Stars  Let there be lite 
Love, love, love this lantern. The brightness is fabulous. Every home needs this in any emergency or camping.

5 Stars  Lots of Light in little package 
I like this light.Those cob bulbs are really bright and provide ALOT of light Happy with purchase and price.

5 Stars  Great Product 
These are some of the best lanterns that I have ever used. Good Stuff.

5 Stars  Fantastic item 
This is a perfect item for someone in an electric wheelchair.

5 Stars  Great lantern 
Really bright light

5 Stars  small pack BIG light 
This is going to be just right for me to use camping, especially in the tent in the evening and a run to the bathroom!

4 Stars  Exactly as promised-great value 
It was exactly what I expected. I would only suggest that the shipper protect the unit better. Boxes were damaged, but product was OK. Only reason I rated 4 stars instead of 5.

5 Stars  Great lights. 
I ordered three because of the lower pricing. Replaced my older lights that are not as bright. Very satisfied with the performance of the new lights and the price was great. Two thumbs up.

5 Stars  Amazingly bright 
I bought this as backup to a power outage and was stunned at how bright but adjustable the light is.

5 Stars  Swat tactical collapsible lantern 
Great product all customers buy it you wont be disappointed and at a great price its worth it...

5 Stars  Great item 
I have two of these for myself and I am now in the process of gifting everyone I can think of with at least one of these. They have been well received and everyone has been pleased with their light. Where we live we are subject to occasional power outages due to storms and such, and these are the perfect go to lantern to grab during an outage.

5 Stars  Great Product 
My neighbor purchased this from a TV commercial and payed over twice as much. This one works better and the only difference is no magnetic bottom which I didnt need anyway.

5 Stars  Lantern 
I love this lantern. Two days after I got it in the mailbox, I lost power for 4 hours, and had to us it. This is not why I ordered it. I was thinking about a camping trip. Well, was I amazed at how well this performed in a dark house! I just wish it could have heated a meal. I was starving by the time I could use the microwave. Ha!

Quick delivery, seems to work well.

5 Stars  collapsible lantern 
a very good lantern-- excellent light !!

5 Stars  looks great 
quick service great product

4 Stars  Excellent product 
These lights are great. Very bright, compact, and everything they said they were. Although the compass on one is totally wrong. It points almost due South instead of North, but thats not really a big deal...

5 Stars  excellent product 
Very bright light, easy to operate. Exactly as advertised

5 Stars  SWAT Tactical Collapsible Lantern 
One of the best low cost lanterns I have seen. Its clever design allows for a dim light, or a very bright light. Actually, one of the brightest for its size. However, although the compass on the top of the lantern is a nice touch, it probably would be of no use if there was no light to shine on it.

5 Stars  Lantern 
This lantern is an excellent product and well worth the money.

5 Stars  Brightest Lantern Ive seen. 
Got these in case of power outage due to bad storms. They will do the trick in every situation I can think of.

3 Stars  Lamp?? 
I do not feel this lantern lives up to its advert as it does not light up a room as it supposed to do.

4 Stars  Nice Lights 
Nice lights and they work as advertised. I added four small earth mags to the bottom of each unit to enhance the functionality of the unitssome advertised models in fact come with the mags installed on them.

4 Stars  great light 
bought these lights to use at night fishing and was really surprised by the amount of light they give off and how easy they are to operate. I had purchased the LED Towers but you no longer carry them and these make a good replacement.

3 Stars  Good but not great 
Make sure you have fresh batteries. I was expecting a brighter light.

4 Stars  Collapsible Lantern 
I already reviewed this item but could not locate the 1 Star review I left. I guess they only post for so long ? I bought 3 before Christmas & when they arrived only 1 functioned properly. I left a 1 Star review because of the note sent with the product, stating that I had to pay for return shipping cost for the 2 bad ones & it was not worth it because of the return shipping cost. Evidently someone at Pulse monitors the reviews, because I received an email from Kim M., which I am assuming a Pulse Representative on 1/29/2017. She apologized for the inconvenience & said she would send out 2 tested ones to replace the 2 nonworking lanterns. To my surprise about 2 weeks later 2 tested working lantern arrived. Now That Is Great Customer Service !!!! Thank You Kim M. & Pulse. PS, By the way, the lantern are very bright !!

4 Stars  Piece broke off 
Great lantern and practical. When I tested it for durability I threw it about 20 ft a piece from the top broke off. Lamp still working good.

5 Stars  Lanterns come through 
A few days after we received the lanterns our electricity went out for 2 1/2 hours. The lamps put out so much light we played board games and read. They are amazing! We liked them so much we bought 3 more for our children to have in their homes. Plus our son-in-law and grandson are going to take them when they go camping.

5 Stars  Powerful Lantern!! 
This tiny lantern is very bright and easy to use. I love the collapsible feature. Have used it already for a project where I needed more light.

5 Stars  SWAT Tactical Collapsible Lantern 
Bought these for my RV and camping. Im impressed with the small size and how bright it is. Dont know about battery life yet. But I needed an easy to carry, bright light to play cards outside with.

5 Stars  Lanterns 
These lanterns are more than I thought they would be. They are bright enough to light up my living room and my camper is only 1/2 the size. Perfect for camping.

4 Stars  Bright Light 
In fact its too bright. You cannot look directly at it without hurting your eyes, You can minimize this by closing it down so only a small amount of light shines through. It may be fine in a campsite environment, but havent tried it there.

5 Stars  Light, bright & came with batteries installed! 
It is a great little lantern which easily illuminates a room. I was impressed with the installed batteries. All one has to do is to pull a plastic tab to activate them. I plan to order two more to keep in each vehicle!

4 Stars  Tactical Lantern 
I just want to say I am truly thankful for this wonderful Swat Tactical Collapsible Lantern. It is more than they say it will be. What a light. I turned it on and the light was so bright it was hard to look and. I bought two of them and Im sure when my power goes out or any other need comes along, this Tactical Lantern will be just what I need and more. Thank you so much. Great!

5 Stars  Great Lantern 
Great compact size and very strong, clear light. Easy to carry and keep close in threatening weather and power outages.

3 Stars  LED Lantern 
Purchased 4 lanterns, 1 did not work. Others functioned as advertised. Not overjoyed with a 25% failure rate.

4 Stars  Good light - Good deal 
Works as advertised.


5 Stars  These Are First Class Emergency Lights 
Obtained two of these and, as fate would have it, less than two weeks later we had an ice storm that caused several power disruptions. These lights were excellent performers during these events.

3 Stars  not happy 
not happy with the brightness.. there are only two bars... there is room for a third but it is missing. And it is a lot smaller than I thought.

These are perfect when you want some light in a closed in area. They are also great to light a large open area. All in all, a good product at a very reasonable price.

5 Stars  Great light 
Excellent light and is very sturdy .it is built very well

5 Stars  Great Product 
This replacement item is perfect and works like charm. I give the product 5-stars and the customer service Department 5-stars for making everything right.

5 Stars  Swat Tactical Collapsible Lantern 
This lantern is excellent in design and in practical use. I gifted it to my son who is a farmer and he finds many uses for it and I surprised my 13 year old grandson with it at Christmastime and he enjoys it as well.

5 Stars  SWAT Tactical Collapsible Lantern 
Very happy and it is very bright and also has a compass on the top. Great for camping and taking on outdoor trips.

5 Stars  Good quality products 
Items ordered were as described and were received in a reasonable amount of time.

5 Stars  Collapsible lantern 
Love the compactness and bright light.

4 Stars  SWAT collapsible lantern 
Easy to use and puts out a great spread of light.

5 Stars  Super Lantern 
This lantern is easy to use and really really bright. It is great to have in the house in case of a power outage. I have one for the family room and one for our bedroom.

5 Stars  It lit up my Life 
I was very impressed with the lamp. I purchase some for a Xmas Gifts. The receivers were very appreciative.

5 Stars  Bright emergency lights 
Very handy, compact, and placed both in our cars

5 Stars  Excellent buy! 
I bought several of these lanterns to use as a gift for Christmas. I had nothing but great comments in return. They are great for camping etc. I think I will be buying more.

5 Stars  Lantern 
Yes it worked just as described. My grandson loves it.

5 Stars  Collapsible lantern 
I love these. I would like to buy more.

5 Stars  emergency neccessity 
Very bright light and long lasting. Would be excellent item to have on hand for emergency.

4 Stars  Web-Shop-A-Holic 
This product is really bright. So dont let its size fool you. The old saying small things come in big packages this small thing shines B I G

5 Stars  I love my light! 
I have bought one in the past an it was much larger but it also took 8 large batteries. When I received it I was disappointed in the size. The day I received them my lights coincidentally went out. I came to appreciate its compact size...that was so smart... I love how bright it is. It lit up my entire attic...when I showed my mother she immediately bought two as well...also makes a great gift...

4 Stars  SWAT Tactical Collapsible Lantern 
I ordered 2 and gave away 1 - The one that I have kept, I like it!

5 Stars  Bright lights 
Good emergency lights.

3 Stars  one lantern wouldnt turn off 
received two lanterns only one worked properly, called customer service and they are to send a new lantern.

5 Stars  SWAT Tactical collapsible lantern 
Great produce. Only problem was the shipping to long to receive.

5 Stars  Big hit 
Very big hit on Christmas. No one could believe how bright this little lantern was.

5 Stars  Super Bright Lantern 
The SWAT Tactical Collapsible Lantern is super. Ultra light as well as Ultra Lite. Great value.

5 Stars  Bright as Day 
Fantastic!! Its as if the lights are still on. Im going to buy a few more.

5 Stars  Better than expected 
Great emergency light, very bright. Would like to see it with an emergency cord to plug it into car power receptacle. But I think it is great !!!

5 Stars  SWAT Tactical Collapsible Lantern 
Great little lantern, I was surprised how much light it put out. I tried it out and my Lady liked it to. Havent seen it since. I guess its a good thing I bought three.

5 Stars  Collapsible Lantern 
This unit is very bright. The lantern is robust and well made just pull it up and it lights. Perfect for use in the home during a power outage, back-yard events during the summer - its January just now or while camping.

5 Stars  swat tactical lantern 
As advertised excellent light


5 Stars  Collapsible lantern 
Works good, batteries may not last too long, 1 has already burned out.

5 Stars  Unbreakable lantern 
Seems to be of good quality.

5 Stars  Just like they said! 
A bit lighter weight than expected but delivers in every sense!

4 Stars  Great buy 
Bought four lanterns, arrived quickly. Opened all boxes to test, found one that the protective plastic for the batteries was missing. Of course the batts were dead. Dont know if this was a mix up at the factory or I was sent a returned item. Anyway, we used them recently when tornado warning was issued for our area. These things are great!Gives enough light and love the open/on closed/off feature.

5 Stars  Colllapsible lanterns 
They are great for power outages and would like to order more .Make wonderful gifts , too

5 Stars  Fickleshopper 
These are amazing lanterns. They work perfect. Sometimes you have to shake it to get the compass to work but thats okay. The amount of light that it gives off is Fantastic. Im very, very, very Happy with my purchase. I recommend this to anyone that worries about the power going out or for campers that want to brighten up an area. Thanks for a Great Product.

4 Stars  Tactical light 
Cheaply made. Hope it lasts awhile.

5 Stars  The Best 
I have purchased a few items from PulseTV, but this purchase was by far the best to date. Great Quality and they really do light up an entire room. Im almost looking forward to the next time the power goes out!

5 Stars  SWAT Tactical Collapsible latern 
the lanterns are bright and convenient

5 Stars  Very bright great value 
For what you get its a value very bright as advertised and small well built not cheap

5 Stars  Swat Tac lantern 
Just as advertised. Hope I never have an emergency where I have to use it. It will probably outlive me.

5 Stars  Great Lantern 
I bought two of these lanterns to use for power outages at our home and also for camping trips in our RV. I really like the brightness of these lights and the number one feature is that these lanterns can stand up by themselves and be used to light a rom when the power goes out. Thats Awesome.

5 Stars  VERY bright light!! 
Small in size but huge in brightness

5 Stars  Swat collapsible lantern 
Very bright,works well,nice lite for the price. Very satisfied

5 Stars  Great lights! 
These are incredibly bright! I would recommend them! They are lightweight and easy to carry

5 Stars  Swat lantern 
I have already used them and for the money you cant beet it. They give out great light.

5 Stars  Great Lantern 
Very bright, easy on and off, compact, takes up little space.

5 Stars  Collapsible Lantern 
This lamp was exactly what I expected it to be. The true test is yet to come. Power Outage But so far it has been great for our table on outside patio at night.

5 Stars  SWAT Tactical Collapsible Lantern - Brightness You Can See A Mile Away 
Purchased 2 to give as gifts for birthdays in January. Unable to evaluate product yet - but your site is easy to use and the lanterns arrived when promised

5 Stars  Tim 
Great prices, easy online ordering,

5 Stars  I love THIS! 
I wasnt sure what to expect. Its super simple, light weight, very bright, and sturdy. I was so pleased, I immediately ordered 3 more just to have around the house or to give as gifts. Perfect for the car, the house in case of a black-out and for camping.

5 Stars  Must Have 
These lanterns are really a must have for any house hold they give off more light than I though they would. Being collapsible they are also easy to store in the house or car

4 Stars  So far, so good 
The lantern was as advertised. I bought them for an emergency light source. I have not had to use it yet but the initial testing went great.

5 Stars  great bright lite 
this is the best light for camping at night with young scouts. never know when a good bright light will be needed.

5 Stars  taclight 
It is top-notch quality. Strangly enough we lost power the day after we received these and they worked very well. We had to use them for 3 hours and we dont know what we would have done without them.

5 Stars  Mr. 
Absolutely fantastic,lights up a whole room. A bargain at this price!

5 Stars  tactical collapsible lanterns 
I lost power twice this weekend and these lanterns made it easy to so when walking thru my house.

5 Stars  Compact Brightness 
This Baby lattern is very bright considering how small it is.Too bright to look at.

4 Stars  Small yet Bright lantern 
This item is nicely compact yet very bright. I bought three and one of them didnt shut off when collapsed. A friend of mine fixed the problem.

5 Stars  Nice little lantern 
I ordered this as a thank you gift for a neighbor who watches our house when were away. Compact and seems to work really well.

5 Stars  Bright 
It is very bright and works as advertised. I am pleased with the purchase.

5 Stars  Lifesaver 
power went out for 6 hours on the day my tac lights arrived. These bright lights lit up my room like daylight! Excellent price! Great buy!

5 Stars  Latern 
This latern is the best. It does what they say. Great brightness and compact.

5 Stars  Very Bright 
I am very impressed how bright this light is, especially for the price! This will come in very handy as we often lose power during the winter.

5 Stars  swat tatical collapsible lantern 
I love it. Its small, but delivers big illmiination. Well worth the low price.

5 Stars  Very Bright - Very Useful! 
I gave away 10 of these as Christmas gifts. All were impressed and pleased. Got a number of examples of their use. They were a hit!

5 Stars  Collapsible Lantern 
My husband and I love them. We are planning on purchasing more for us and for gifts. Boy, wish we had them when we went through Hurricane Andrew. We were without electricity and water for 57 days.

3 Stars  Utility Lamp 
A useful item but limited in its use. the unit is full on or off by the extension so it is maximum brightness/ voltage on opening. Their is no dimming control.

4 Stars  pretty bright 
These are decent lanterns. I mistakenly thought they were the same as the seen on tv models that you can run over with a truck and have them survive. But that was my error. Besides that they are ok. Since I would have to pay the shipping to send them back. I will keep them.

4 Stars  SWAT Lantern 
I was happily surprised that the lantern really throws such a bright and encompassing light.

5 Stars  Bright LED Collapsible Lantern 
This is a great little lantern. I bought it for myself for when our power goes out and for my grandson for reading in bed!

5 Stars  swat lanterns 
These are great and are very bright for the price

5 Stars  Love it 
Lantern gives off amazing light for its size! Lightweight and easy to store. Hope we never have to use it but very happy its there if we need it.

5 Stars  Swat Lantern 
I gave two of these as gifts and they loved them. I was told the units are very bright and very practical.

5 Stars  item 7658 
kids love it

5 Stars  home owner 
I thought the product was wonder full.The brightness was moor than I expected and it felt very solid. I recommend to get at least 2, they will lighten up a room very well.

5 Stars  Swat Tactical Collapsible Lantern 
I gave 2 as Christmas gifts. I like them so much, I want two for myself.

5 Stars  Lights 
so glad to have lanterns when the power goes out here in the mountains.

5 Stars  Really bright convenient 
This lantern is really bright, enough to be a real help in a variety of situations. Adding the convenience of opening and closing to turn it on and off means you dont have to fumble to find a switch or to control brightness. Very sturdy construction, good size, good buy.

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