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Clip on Safety Light and Reflector

Clip on Safety Light and Reflector

Clip on Safety Light and Reflector
Clip on Safety Light and Reflector
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Compare at: $5.99  (83% off)

Stay visible when walking at night with one of these clipable reflectors!

One of the Best Things to Wear When Walking in the Dark

This is the perfect safety tool for walking or biking. It's a round yellow or red plastic reflector that can be turned on to feature 3 red blinking light settings(flashing left to right, blinking, and solid) and has a handy clip that allow you to affix it to a backpack, purse, zipper pull, or whatever ever you need to be more visible to cars and others at night.

It comes with button cell batteries, already included, so all you need to do is pull the battery saver tab and it's ready to use.


- Stay Safe When Walking
- Highly Visible at Night
- Yellow or Red (No Color Choice)
- Reflector Good During Dawn or Dusk Hours with Fading Light
- 3 Lighting Modes: Flashing Left to Right, Blinking, and Solid
- Plastic Clip Secures to Bags or Zipper Pulls
- Reflector Comes in Yellow with Red Internal Lights
- Button Cell Batteries Included
- Dimensions: 3 in. x 2 .75 in.

I was surprised that the reflector/light worked so well - for $.99 and I would like to order more. I would like to order six of them but they would need to me all red ones. I clipped the one I got onto the post of my existing flag, half way up and makes it a perfect addition to my safety when I scoot to town. Can I get six more of them?

5 Stars  Easy to use for protection 
Just clip it on and be seen!

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