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Clean Drain Sticks (4 Packs Of 12 Assorted Scents)

Clean Drain Sticks (4 Packs Of 12 Assorted Scents)

Clean Drain Sticks (4 Packs Of 12 Assorted Scents)
Clean Drain Sticks (4 Packs Of 12 Assorted Scents)
Your Price: $8.99
Compare at: $14.99  (40% off)

Clean Drain Sticks clean, deodorize, and prevent clogs in all of your household drains. The powerful but safe non-toxic formula breaks down food, grease, hair, and more. No more clogs, backups, or spending hundreds of dollars on a plumber!

How To Clean a Clogged Or Stinky Drain

Using Drain Sticks to clean your drain couldn't be any easier! Just drop one down your drain and the stick starts working instantly. It slowly dissolves as it breaks up grime and grease, keeping your drains fresh and clean for a full month.

Where To Use Clean Drain Sticks

You can use Drain Sticks on just about any drains; kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs and showers, laundry tubs and floor drains, and much more. It's even safe and gentle enough to use on septic systems. Where ever you use Drain Sticks your drains will smell fresh and be much less likely to clog or back up.

Can I Still Use Broken Drain Sticks?

Broken Drain Sticks work just as well as full-length ones. Due to the U-bend in plumbing pipes, even small sections of the stick will sit in the bend working to keep your drains fresh.

Each order will receive Four Packs of 12 Drain Sticks There are four different scents; Lemon, Lavender, Orange, and Unscented.


- Eliminates Foul And Embarrassing Odors
- Safe And Easy To Use
- For Use In All Household Drains
- Breaks Up Grease And Prevents Clogs
- Non-Toxic Formula Is Gentle Enough For Septic Systems
- Each Stick Works For Up To One Month
- Saves Money With Less Plumbing Issues
- Includes 4 Packs of 12 (48 Sticks Total)
- Scents Available; Lemon, Lavender, Orange, And Unscented
- Drain Stick Full-Size Length Is 3.5 Inches

5 Stars  I Love These Sticks! 
I had an issue with a smelly kitchen sink. This totally fixed the bad smell. I also love that you get a bunch!

2 Stars  questionable ?? 
I dropped lemon scent into all my drains. I really dont know if it is cleaning my drain. But I do know there is no scent whatsoever which makes me doubt about all the claims it makes. I cant really say if this is a wise purchase.

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