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Churchill: The Life and Speeches DVD

Churchill: The Life and Speeches DVD

Churchill: The Life and Speeches DVD
Churchill: The Life and Speeches DVD
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This man who himself created history and will be remembered as long as history is read. - The London Times

One of the Greatest Men of the 20th Century

Sir Winston Churchill was one of the most influential leaders of all time. Perhaps more than any other, he alone represented Great Britain at its very finest hour.

Churchill was an aristocrat who possessed the common touch. He was a brilliant orator, a great writer and an inspiring leader whose unyielding courage helped shape the course of world history.

The voice of Churchill, one of the most famous and easily identifiable in history, still today evokes visions of determination for a free world. This film is a vivid portrait that takes you through his life and turbulent years, spoken by the great man himself.


- Runtime: 60 minutes
- Footage is in Black and White
- Region: All Region
- Initial Release: 2008

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