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Cheaper By The Dozen

Cheaper By The Dozen

These ankle-high socks provide therapeutic compression for puffy, swollen feet. Plus, they're discrete enough to wear as normal socks so you can keep your feet compressed all day!
66% Off
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These soft, comfortable, classically stylish men's dress socks are a treat for your feet.
68% Off

Dozen of Mens Socks - #8211
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This Ultra Bright LED Flashlight is compact, magnetic and flat but also surprisingly powerful producing 12 lumens with a distance of 30 yards. The flat design of this flashlight makes it simple to store in drawers or shelves because it won't roll or take up much space. It also makes it easier to hang the magnetic flashlight on the fridge, fuse box, garage door or other metal surface.
75% Off
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Top rated Solar Powered Ultrasonic Rodent & Pest Repeller. Gopher, Mole, Rodent Repellent + Pest Control.
75% Off

Batteries for every need!
53% Off

Battery Collection - #6534

Yes you can get a Pound of Pens for just $5! So what is a pound of pens? Well its between 40 to 50 random pens.
84% Off

Pack Of Pens - #7089A

From as early as the late 1800's, single bladed razors were the preferred way to get a smooth shave.
80% Off
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These crew-length socks provide therapeutic compression for tired, achy feet. The gentle compression fights swelling by promoting circulation which also relieves the symptoms of sore muscles and varicose veins. These are thicker socks made to keep your toes nice and warm.
66% Off

Remove dirt, grime, and bacteria with the Germ-X Antibacterial Hand Wipes. The gentle formula cleans dirty hands and messy faces. It's alcohol free and kills 99.99% of Germs!
60% Off

GermX 5-Pack - #8206A

The powerful drying crystals gradually pull moisture from the air and protects against dampness, rust, and musty odors. Each container comes equipped with a spill-resistant barrier under the lid makes this safe to use anywhere excess moisture accumulates
55% Off

Here's an assortment of alkaline batteries that will fill your every need.
85% Off
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The New and Improved 3 in 1 LED Rechargeable Bulb is an energy efficient alternative to standard light bulbs, using less than 5 watts to provide the same light as a 30 watt incandescent bulb.
76% Off
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Choose between a 12 pack of AAA or AA Alkaline Batteries by Camelion.

72% Off
   Buy 2 and Save! 

This 49-piece Swirl Around Carousel set by Handy Gourmet includes 24 containers, 24 locking lids, and a turning carousel. The heart of the system is the clever carousel stand that holds all the containers and lids and spins 360 degrees.
33% Off
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Pop Up Towels are compacted towels in various sizes that are compressed so small they are easy to pack and store just about anywhere.
79% Off
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Get a deal on 12 of these 3 x 5 ft. (standard size) USA flags. Made of weather resistant, polyester to prevent mildew and attach to any standard flag pole. Show your spirit, resolve and support and fly your U.S. flag today! (Pole not included.)
74% Off
   Discount when you buy 2! 

Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks similar to As Seen On TV Dr. Scholl's, Jobst or Tommie Copper Compression Socks but half the price!
76% Off

You probably love your IQ Massager but lets face it after so many uses the pads don't stick as well. There's no need to buy another kit... just get this 10 Pack of Refill Pads and you'll be set for a long, long time.
60% Off
   Special when you buy 2! 

Slip these on and you'll feel like you're walking on air... but it gets even better! These socks also are compression in two key zones: Achilles and arches.
48% Off

Best Selling Stylus Pens keeps your tablet or smartphone free of smudges and fingerprints.
90% Off
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