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Centurion Hose Nozzle 2pc Set with Comfort Grips

Centurion Hose Nozzle 2pc Set with Comfort Grips

Centurion Hose Nozzle 2pc Set with Comfort Grips
Centurion Hose Nozzle 2pc Set with Comfort Grips
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With this set, you get two multi-purpose spray nozzles loaded with features and will fit any standard garden hose.

What Kind Of Hose Spray Nozzle Should I Get?

There are many different types of nozzles on the market, but if you need a nozzle for everyday things like watering your plants, washing the car, or filling up the pool, this set is perfect for you. Both nozzles include water pressure control knobs, rubberized comfort grips, and are leak and rust-resistant. Plus with the Dial Spary and Twist Spray nozzles, no matter what kind of watering you need to do, you're covered.

What Are The Different Hose Nozzle Settings Used For?

Seven Pattern Dial Spray Nozzle Mist- Great for cooling off in the Summer, watering plants that need high humidity
Shower- Most natural rain-like setting. Perfect for watering most plants and flower beds.
Flat- When used horizontally, the narrow water band is great for plants in a row.
Center- Powerful larger stream of water. Use this for sturdy plants to soak areas quickly.
Soaker- For use close to the ground, will quickly saturate the area
Jet- Powerful and long-distance spray. Great for washing concrete, siding, and patio furniture.
Cone- Gives you a full circle of water. Evenly waters plants and works well for multiple

Twist Spray Nozzle This adjustable spray starts out very light and gradually gets stronger the more you open it up. The twistable nozzle makes setting the correct water pressure easy and precise and can be used for watering everything from small pants to large trees. Plus when fully opened, the high water pressure shoots far enough for cleaning siding and windows on the upper levels of your home.


- Includes Two Popular Hose Nozzle Styles
- Dial Spray Has Seven Different Unique Settings
- Twist Spray Nozzle Lets You Easily Control The Water Stream
- Both Nozzles Feature Non-Slip Comfort Grips
- Rear Water Locks For Automatic Water Spray
- Water Pressure Control Knobs
- Work With Any Standard Garden Hose
- Rust And Leak Resistant
- Ideal For Cleaning, Car Washing, Soaking The Soil
- Adjustable Spray Mean You Can Safely Water Plants Of All Sizes
- Dimensions: 10.70 x 9.45 x 2.60 Inches

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