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Case of 2500 Non-Medical Face Masks - 3-Layers FDA Registered

Case of 2500 Non-Medical Face Masks - 3-Layers FDA Registered

Case of 2500 Non-Medical Face Masks - 3-Layers FDA Registered
Case of 2500 Non-Medical Face Masks - 3-Layers FDA Registered
Your Price: $19.99
Compare at: $2,500.00  (99% off)
2500 Masks in this Case
THREE layers of protection:
- Inner Comfort Layer
- Intermediate Meltblown Filter Cloth
- Outer Non-Woven Fabric
Shipping Today from our Chicago Warehouse

Get an entire case of 2500 masks of these comfortable and disposable FDA Registered Masks.

Each mask features 3-layers of protection from droplets, dust, bacteria, germs, smoke, and more.

These masks are safe, breathable, and hypoallergenic. They have a high filtration capacity with 90% filtration of tiny microscopic particles.

Comfortable to wear with soft fabric, each mask features a metal nose bridge to fully seal your nose area for ultimate protection. The lightweight facemasks fastens to your head using elastic ear-loops with minimal pressure. These are the most comfortable masks around.

Unlike many other masks currently flooding the market, these are made in an FDA Registered facility and personally tested by us (watch video) to ensure quality and performance.

In addition these masks go thru stringent testing of PFE and BFE:
PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency):
(industry standard is 90%) These test at 90% or better.

BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency):
(industry standard is 99%) These 3-ply test at 99% or better.

Three layers of protection:
- Inner Comfort Layer
- Intermediate Meltblown Filter Cloth
- Outer Non-Woven Fabric

- Surgical Style 3-Layer Protection Masks
- FDA Registered
- Multi-Layer Folded Design Expands To Fit Different Sized Faces
- Filters Out 90% of Nanoparticles
- Adjustable Wire Nose Bridge For Secure Fit
- Safe, Breathable, and Hypoallergenic
- One Size Fits Most
- Comfortable Fit w/ Easy Breathing
- Elastic Ear Loops (no pressure to ears)
- Useful for Home Improvement, Lawn Mowing, Cleaning and More
- Mask Dims: 6.5in wide by 4in high (height expands to approx. 6.5in)
- You Get 2500 Masks

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this product no returns are allowed or accepted.

5 Stars  Mask 
Great fix,quality, and cost

5 Stars  3-layer-non-medical disposable face masks 
Excellent service and quick delivery,have ordered more items with the same results!

5 Stars  3 Layer blue masks 
We have been using these masks since the shutdown back in the spring. My wife is a teacher and needs a new one each day. They have been excellent, the only issue we have had is once in a while the ear string breaks. They do not seem to be attached as well as they could. It doesnt happen often, it is rare, and it may be our own fault if in a hurry, so I still gave them five stars. Thank you so much for offering these! I have purchased several boxes.

5 Stars  Great masks and an excellent source 
Pulse TV has all the right products to ensure an individuals safety. Ive ordered various products more than once and always satisfied!

5 Stars  Good product 
The masks I bought are good for the purpose they are meant for. Cant compare them to anything else since Ive never worn a mask. These are good quality and fit well. I would recommend them from Pulse TV to anyone looking for masks.

5 Stars  Facemask 
These mask are convenient and very easy to use.

5 Stars  great 
just great and fast delivery

5 Stars  Good fit 
Have recommended to others

5 Stars  great masks 
excellent service and product

4 Stars  Great product 
I like these masks. They are light, the 3 layers provide good protection while out shopping or traveling. They are easy to take on and off.

5 Stars  Great price and quality 
This style mask received a very high rating by the CDC and is a good price. This is my second order and they are comfortable and easy to keep handy in the car or purse.

5 Stars  Extremely satisfied customer 
Pulse TV is as good if not better than Amazon!!! I love them!!!!

5 Stars  Awesome! 
These are great face masks and would buy them again!

5 Stars  Face masks 
The masks are of very good quality. I would order them again.

2 Stars  Non-Medical Disposable Face Masks 
Cheaply made... not impressed!

5 Stars  Staying Safe 
This was my second order. The masks are great and make me feel I am doing something to help.

4 Stars  Face Mask 
3 layer mask, light weight. Easy to breathe through. Disposable

4 Stars  Feeling safe! 
i bought a box of these and was quite satisfied. Ordered another and the strings popped off. I was sent a replacement package which was a nice surprise. Strings are still popping

5 Stars  Masks 
I love them.

4 Stars  Comfort 
This feels stronger than most masks this style.

5 Stars  Very easy to use 
These are very comfortable and easy to use and the best is that the can be formed around your nose for a secure fit. Thank you fit offering this package.saves buying more often and makes sure we do use a new mask readily

5 Stars  Price and Convenience 
These masks meet the minimum requirements for facial masks. They are packed in packages of 10 each and make it convenient to keep in vehicles where a mask is mandatory and you forgot to bring your mask from home. And, the price is right for the 50 count amount and convenience.

4 Stars  Arrived quickly 
These face masks do the job they are intended to do. They arrived sooner than anticipated. Gave 4 stars due to a problem with the ear band coming loose on some of the masks.

4 Stars  Face mask 
A good price and a good mask. Comfortable to wear.

5 Stars  Good Quality 
Due to a lung condition and the COVID pandemic, our family is very conscience of the consequences of contracting the virus and all adhere to safety. These mask are several layers of protection.

4 Stars  Ease of retrieval one at a time 
Easy to get as needed and fits and feels comfortable while wearing.

5 Stars  5 Layer mask 
They are pretty good. Quality is good for the price. I will buy again.

5 Stars  Well made., 
These fit better on me than some others I have bought. So I would recommend them and will buy some more. Quick shipping which I really love about Pulse.

5 Stars  Masks for everyone 
Best masks i have found yet, & best price. Thanks Pulse TV

5 Stars  Face Masks 
Very good. Easy to wear. Very good price also.

5 Stars  Good product 
I bought these as we were running low on some others we had. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there is a difference between these and the ones I previously had. These appear to be of better quality. I would purchase again.

4 Stars  3 layer mask 
The mask has all the same appearance as other mask, easy to wear, and easy to remove. The metal brace in the top across the nose, helps to fit better and prevent fogging your glasses when you breath. Convenient ten pak, easy to unload and wear. Comfort fit! A very nice mask and economical too.

5 Stars  Face Mask 
Good product, fair price and quickly delivered. Nice work!

4 Stars  Excellent ! 
These are very good, comfortable too. My only con is that the bands are too long but I saw a video on how to correct that. Im very happy with my purchase and it arrived as promised !

5 Stars  These Masks are Great! 
I have purchased 2 boxes of these masks, and can keep them in the house as well as my car for when I am out and about. They are comfortable and easy to breathe through, yet thick and sturdy enough to be good protection. I will be buying all my masks here.

5 Stars  FACE MASKS 
These masks are the best I have worn during the pandemic. They are light and fit perfectly to my face. The price is the best I have been able to find to.

5 Stars  Masks 
As advertised and rapid delivery. Thanks

4 Stars  Disposable Face Masks 
The masks do the job. They are easy to use, minimally interfere with breathing and vision, occasionally/rarely have had the elastic bands come loose from the mask. I like the ability to shape the mask to fit more tightly around the nose and behind my glasses.

5 Stars  Great product 
These fit very nicely and are very comfortable.

5 Stars  Quality Masks 
A quality mask that I use daily when in public. The design and fit works well. Any limitations are clearly described in Pulse TV description. I now have my second order and will soon place another order. I dispose of the mask after each use. Great customer service.

5 Stars  3 layer masks 
The product was perfect for my family needs and if you Check my records I have ordered two sets of 50 Love dealing with pulse

5 Stars  Was hesitant but I made the right choice. 
Youve all seen them, they are everywhere and often way less expensive than here and if you have tried the others you likely got burned by cheap masks that fall apart or the elastics pull off or break. These may look the same, but trust me, they are not. I was very hesitant and I took a long time weighing my options and finally making my decision to purchase these. Well, I finally did and it turns out these are exactly the same as the ones my wifes employer provides to their employees at the Nursing Home. The problem is, they dont provide enough and she has to wear a single mask sometimes for several days so we needed to buy our own. These are excellent quality and she has not had a single one of them wear out or break. Dont hesitate to buy these masks. They are high quality masks. You will not regret your purchase.

5 Stars  Prompt Delivery of Item as Ordered 
Received face masks of quality advertised and delivered in plenty of time for needs.

5 Stars  Face Masks 50 count 
These will be used at our business

5 Stars  Good Value 
Good Value for the amount product I received.

5 Stars  Great product 
Mask fits well and is comfortable to wear for long periods. Provides the protection desired. Was delivered in timely manner.

5 Stars  Great masks 
These masks are comfortable and fit great. Price was great as well. Weve had no issues with them, like some other masks we had. The elastic broke off those, which made them unusable, but not with these. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  Great Quality 
These masks are very high quality and can be used multiple times. They are affordable and the delivery time is extremely quick. I highly recommend buying these masks from Pulsetv.com

5 Stars  Great for our needs 
I ordered these face masks for my family. They have been exactly what I needed. There is enough for us all to use for hospital visits and for grocery shopping.we even use them when taking the babies out for a walk.

4 Stars  Disposable face mask 
The masks are fine as expected! The management there at Pulse are very professional and understanding! I must say I had a problem in the shipment of the 1st set of masks and notified them of the situation and they honored my claim NP so I most definetly will be doing business with Pulse again ! Thank you Sandy and the Pulse organization!

2 Stars  Surgical face masks 
Poorly made, nose band does not adhere. Very uncomfortable.

5 Stars  Comfortable/does the job 
These masks satisfy the requirement to wear a mask or bandana while out in public. They are durable, comfortable and affordable.

4 Stars  Good product 
The disposible masks do the trick. My husband and I use them as they are cooler than cloth masks of which I also have several. My husbands main complaint was that the nose adjustment is not very good, but it will work for the needed purpose. This is a good investment for the virus crisis and can be worn as dust work shop or cleaning masks also. Happy I purchased them. Thanks

5 Stars  Face Masks 
Very good product. Comfortable. Great value.

3 Stars  Face Mask 
The main reason I bought these masks is both my husband and I wear glasses and these have a nose piece. Unfortunately, the nose piece is not strong enough and the glasses fog up.

2 Stars  Face Masks 
I was not happy with the masks. They often slip out of place and off my nose causing me to have to pull them back up.

5 Stars  50 mask 
Very efficient

4 Stars  I have only worn one of them so far, ever. 
My opinion is therefore based on the fact that I have only worn one of them. This one was a bit scratchy to me, however, I think this will pass. I am aware that we still need to wear masks at all times while we are outside and near people who we do not know are COVID-19 negative. The masks are a good deal for the price. That is my reason for the 4 star rating

5 Stars  Face Masks 
We have 8 photography studios that I supplied all the hand sanitizers and masks that I purchased from you and everyone was so glad that I was able to get these products on a timely basis!!

5 Stars  Good quality, fast delivery 
The masks actually arrived earlier than expedited and they very good quality. They fit perfectly.

4 Stars  Face Masks 
I was very satisified on my order from May.....masks and hand sanitizers. Lady was so friendly and helpful and got my purchase in good condition etc. I will consider you if I need anything further.

5 Stars  Face Masks 
Excellent product.

4 Stars  Face Masks 
The masks are comfortable to wear and stay in place. And very reasonable in price. My order was completed very quickly.

5 Stars  fast delivery 
Remarkable delivery time under the circumstances and the product is just as good as advertised.

5 Stars  Good mask 
Good mask good service happy

4 Stars  looks great 
you are providing a service to the public

5 Stars  Great Product 
I m very happy with my mask they fit great

4 Stars  price was right 
they work fine..

4 Stars  Not Too Shabby 
Theyre decent masks, but Ive purchased the 5 layer masks from PulseTv & theres a big difference. The 5 layer ones are just better. But these are comfortable & fit nicely over my nose covering my whole lower face/chin. Medical workers wear similar ones. I feel that wearing this w/other distancing measures is sufficient. Fast shipping.

4 Stars  Soft and Good Quality 
Good Quality. Soft material. Attached to the ear can be adjusted, by twisting the cord.

5 Stars  Great product 
I love these masks. They are so comfortable and you can breathe and my glasses didnt fog up. I tried other masks and even the cloth ones and they are hard to breathe with and they fogged up my glasses. I would recommend these to everyone. Also, the price is great and the delivery was fast less than a week. Thank you Gail

4 Stars  3 layer non medical masks 
They fit well, & good value, now I need to figure out a way to keep fogging my glasses

5 Stars  VERY HAPPY 
The disposable mask arrived on time, the outer box was not in good shape, but very happy with the mask.

5 Stars  Glad to have them! 
I ordered there from many different places and only got them from you guys. Thanks for actually delivering! These are comfortable. My whole family is using them.

3 Stars  Masks are adequate but not exceptional 
Since it seems like we will be masked for several more months I wanted to get sufficient to supply my family of 3 for the duration, at a reasonable price. PulseTVs offer of 50 for $50 or $1 each with some good advertising words seemed to fit the bill especially as it was intimated that they were made in US. When I opened the package the first thing that tumbled out was a paper with nothing but Chinese characters on it -- so much for Made in USA but maybe I shouldnt have been naive enough to think you could get a US-made mask for $1! The masks are one size fits all but they are a little tight on my average size face, but certainly usable. The ear loop elastic is attached to the main mask by a dab of glue. They should have used two dabs as the elastic on some of the masks separated from the mask upon extending over the ears on many of them, rendering them useless. So maybe the usable masks will average out at $2 a piece!

5 Stars  Worth the price. 
Pleased with the quality and cost.

5 Stars  Stop The Spread! 
Timely shipping, good packaging, price OK for box of 50. Product has the good quality that I was expecting. I thought they would be individually wrapped like my N95s I ordered, but they werent. Will be handing them out when at stores to people who do not have a mask on, should they want one.

5 Stars  Face masks 
As a dental hygienist, I wore masks for years. These are very comfortable and easy to wear.

5 Stars  Masks are good 
they work great and are comfortable

5 Stars  Face Masks 
Great deal and super fast delivery. Would definitely purchase from Pulse again.

5 Stars  Good quality product 
I am happy with the quality of the mask. Well made and comfortable to wear.

5 Stars  best mask i have had 
have used on the first day I received them and I am quite satisfied with their quality

5 Stars  disposal mask 
they are nice and do the trick. Easy to breath through also

5 Stars  The best I have used 
I have been visiting a patient in hospitals, subacute hospitals and nursing facilities almost daily for over 591 days before COVID-19, and this face mask is the better than any that have been given to me by those medical facilities. The fit and comfort are better.

5 Stars  Great face masks at an incredible price! 
I believe youll find this deal hard-to-beat! 3-Layers of protection and such a low low price for each. Im very happy with my purchase. Product is as described in video. Highly recommended.

3 Stars  Acceptable mask fit and quality issues 
Mask material is good. As others have noted, ear straps on a few have separated at the mask. Forming insert around bridge of nose not as compliant as I expected and not as good as similar products I have purchased. Also, price is a bit higher than similar products I have purchased from other vendors. Overall, provides adequate coverage and protection, but bring a spare in case ear strap separates.

5 Stars  Best Service 
Your masks arrive within several days of my order. I had ordered n95 masks from someone else in mid May and have not heard a word. I appreciate your attention to orders and your rapid response.

5 Stars  Great masks 
I had other masks, but they dont compare with the quality of these masks. They are made well and are very durable. They are a great buy.

5 Stars  Awesome Face Mask 
I gave one to my Sister and her husband, they both liked them. I also gave out your site to a friend of mine.

5 Stars  Face Masks 
We couldnt be more pleased! Our masks arrived when they said they would and didnt take weeks or months !! Very pleased with Pulse TV!

5 Stars  Excellenent masks 
These masks are very good. They hold up very good and dependable.

5 Stars  Medical Masks 
Durable medical masks that are well designed. Fits well.

5 Stars  Great masks and they are comfortable. 
Pulse TV made it easy to get masks. I originally ordered 50, and then I was so happy with them I ordered 50 more so I hope I am stocked up until the end of this virus.

5 Stars  Dispsable Face Masks 
Good quality, bargain priced , We hand these out to our retail customers who dont have any when shopping our store.

5 Stars  Light on the face and budget 
Early on, Masks to combat COVID19 were ridiculously priced. The folks at Pulse TV must have turned over a lot of rocks to be able to sell these masks at a reasonable price and they are exponentially more comfortable than both KN95 and home crafted. KUDOS to Pulse TV, thank you!

4 Stars  works like masks should 
masks serve as a mouth , nose covering.

5 Stars  A Great Item 
They fit good, good quality masks and I will definitely buy this item again.

5 Stars  The Real Deal 
This mask passes all the tests shown on the website. It is a nice protective mask.

5 Stars  as expected, work fine 
The masks work as advertised.

5 Stars  Good purchase 
These masks are not the most expensive but they do the job. For about a dollar apiece they will protect my wife, and I, and they are disposable. A pack of 50 will last us a long time since we dont go out very much but when we do, they help. We keep a pair in our vehicles so they are there when we need them.

5 Stars  Medical disposable face masks 
Fast delivery, good price, comfortable fit and easy to put on.

5 Stars  face mask 
they work well

5 Stars  3 layer non medical face masks 
havent used to many of these yet but very satisfied with ones I have used.

5 Stars  Approve 
Comfortable, good value. You as an individual are comfortable knowing that it is helping to keep others safer

5 Stars  3 Layer Face Masks 
Arrived quickly. Product as described. Would order again.

5 Stars  3-Layer Non-Medical Disposable Masks 50 Count 
Very pleased with these face masks - high quality and got them so fast! Thank you!

5 Stars  nice, well made masks 
glad to have got these comfortable masks, at a fair price.

4 Stars  Great masks 
These masks are just as I had hoped multi-layered and great price! I wish they had smaller denominations for purchase 30 vs. 50, but they are good quality. Would recommend for purchase...

5 Stars  Great Purchase Timely Delivery 
These masks came 8 days after I ordered them. I keep one pack of ten in the car just in case I forget to leave the house with a fresh mask. Im not going out often, but its good to know Im prepared.

4 Stars  3 layer masks 
Easy to put on. Loose fit around nose and cheek area makes me question effectiveness

5 Stars  Face Masks 
Excellent product , great delivery time .

5 Stars  Best deal in town 
With recent events a mask has been required but not obtainable to everyone. PulseTv has not only brought us masks but at a price only they can do. Even the lowest price elsewhere was more than 3x PulseTvs price. Packaged in separate sterile 10/pks it was easy to give them out to my family and keep some in the car just in case. Thank you PulseTv!

5 Stars  Face Masks 
Great product, using it daily.....Thank you so much.

1 Stars  ??? 
Mask was totally inadequate in size, too short to encompass the required coverage area.

5 Stars  Exactly as advertised, reasonable price, ontime delivery 
The headline says it

5 Stars  Masks 
Exactly what I was expecting & arrived quickly.

5 Stars  facemask 

5 Stars  Great Masks 
The masks were great. Unlike some other suppliers masks, these are authentic - no chemical smell or residue. They were shipped and arrived expeditiously. I recommended this company to several of my friends. I am very pleased with the purchase.

5 Stars  Great product 
An outstanding product!!

5 Stars  Great covering for nose and mouth! 
They provide an acceptable level of protection!

5 Stars  Good buy 
These mask serves its purpose well. Not too hot and breathable to me. A little pricy with shipping and handling

4 Stars  Good Product 
These disposable masks are a good value for the money. They are a little stiff, but they do the job.

5 Stars  Face masks 
Very happy with the quality and the price .

3 Stars  Good Mask 
But the nose piece does not bend and hold its form to fit tightly around your nose. It kind of straightens out a bit. Usually when you press the nose piece around your nose it will fit snuggly. It is hard to keep it snug against my nose.

5 Stars  Quality Product 
Top quality product that isnt over priced. Very quick shipping in spike of the pandemic.

5 Stars  Perfect fit 
These masks are well made and very comfortable. The elastic is soft and they fit well. The nose bridge piece makes them fit even better. They are easy to breathe through, but they arent thin and flimsy. I would buy these again.

4 Stars  50 face masks 
Satisfied with product

5 Stars  Very Pleased with My Order 
The disposable masks arrived earlier than estimated and were of good quality.

5 Stars  Great service 
Standard disposable masks priced as well as anywhere. Quick shipment. No complaints. I am sure I will use this site again.

4 Stars  Well-Made & Functional 
I was generally quite pleased with these 3-layer non-medical face masks. Firstly, they arrived much sooner than advertised.Secondly, they are well made and designed and easy and comfortable to wear. I would order these masks again should the need arise.

5 Stars  Exactly as pictured 
These are very nice masks. They fit nicely and dont pull your ears forward. They are hot to wear, like any mask. Good value.

5 Stars  Great product 
Great product and Great price

4 Stars  50 Count Mask 
Very good buy

4 Stars  Fit 
The fit is a bit loose, and tends to fog glasses when cool.

1 Stars  Breathability 
Never had to wear any mask before but I can hardly breathe through it. Probably typical of all of them.

5 Stars  Good Quality 
They hold up well compared to some others I had bought from someone else. Have only had 1 that broke but that may be due to my husbands large head. They are also more comfortable to wear in the ear area. Overall, I am pleased with these masks.

5 Stars  Medical Mask 
They arrived on time and were just how they were described. Great buy

5 Stars  Face masks 
They are very well made masks that work very well

5 Stars  Just what all of us need with this Covid-19 
have right by my door. If going out or guest coming in

5 Stars  3 layer non medical mask 
Price is competitive. Mask seems to work well. Will probably order more.

5 Stars  The perfect throw away mask 
Good quality and get for a grab and go mask.

5 Stars  Masks and more Masks 
My order was received in a very reasonable amount of time, my items were very well packaged and they fit just right.

5 Stars  Great face masks 
The masks are very comfortable to wear and fit tightly around the nose.

4 Stars  Good Mask, Weak Wire 
The mask is good quality and works fine, except the wire that is supposed to mould to your nose doesnt stay bent.

3 Stars  Face masks 
Basic mask stops droplets. Does not seal completely over nose. Allows glasses and sunglasses to fog. Not adjustable for head sizes. Better than nothing at all.

5 Stars  As advertised 
Ordered a packet of 50 masks. Arrived on time. Quality is exactly what we suspected. Reasonably priced. Its a good deal!

4 Stars  Nice and cool 
These Marks are ok!

4 Stars  Face covering 
The masks work well, except the strip that you pinch over your nose doesnt stay bent. If it was made of a thin metal, it would work better. Other than that, they cover well, and fit well.

4 Stars  Comfortable, but... 
I would have given 5 stars, but the mask does not fit tight around the nose. The plastic ? bar insert that you pinch to form around the nose does not work, leaving a big gap.

5 Stars  Just as advertised 
Order came quickly and they work very well. Priced right.

5 Stars  Wonderful Product 
I needed to buy some disposable face masks and your product fit the bill.

5 Stars  Medical Face Mask 
Another Excellent Product to keep you safe and your family. I recommend it to everyone.

4 Stars  Face Mask 
Very handy, I keep a stack of them in my car for anyone that needs one

4 Stars  Appears to be great for purpose! 
No problem with this item. Does a great job for its purpose.

5 Stars  Comfortable Quality Mask 
My family and I find this mask to be very comfortable fitting and easy to breath in. The quality and safety of the mask is reassuring. Great product at a fair price!

5 Stars  Terrific masks - just what is needed! 
These masks were exactly what was needed in these times of Covid-19. They fit easily. They cover the mouth and nose very well.

2 Stars  Not so good 
They are very hard to breathe with. Usable but not great.

5 Stars  Breathable 
Masks fit well, were easy to put on and take off, and were breathable!

I ordered the masks for our HOA in West Hollywood, California. Besides the excellent quality and safe and sanitized wrapping, the delivery was as speedy as one can imagine. Very happy consumer here and all of our owners referred the product to others.

4 Stars  Protection Mask 
Dont care for masks but this one is satisfactorty.

4 Stars  Current Need Best Mask 
The mask does the appropriate job to cover the mouth and nose. It fits well with everyone in our household and has no smell and the form fitting nose band is of decent quality.

5 Stars  masks 
Great masks.

4 Stars  could not find 
serves the purpose, when I got mine they were so hard to come by. thank you for having

5 Stars  Just in time as my supply had been depleated 
Prompt delivery and appear the same as ones that used to be on sale at the hardware store. My only problem is that the metalic strip to contour to your nose is too soft. It does not remain tight enough and it leaks air behind my glasses, steaming them up in the mornings.

3 Stars  OK 
not real comfortable for long use, as you get rather warm fairly quickly

5 Stars  great product 
great deal delivered as promised

5 Stars  3-Layer Non-Medical Disposable Face Masks 
They fit well and look like they are made good.

5 Stars  face masks 
thank you,everything good.I gave your website to my neighbour.

5 Stars  Does the job 
I like the idea that I can get another mask if I need one. Its the perfect fit too.

5 Stars  COVID -19 MASK 
Like the mask and great having them to replace once used, happy with the purchase

5 Stars  Good value durable 
We have enjoyed these masks. They are easy to use, and store, but durable. We use them for a week at a time, although not all day since we are staying at home most of the time.

5 Stars  Face Mask 
Arrived very well packaged and they are working very well.

4 Stars  So far so Good ! 
Happy to have NO problem, I get what i pay for and that is fine with me ! Thank you

5 Stars  A need has been met! 
This is exactly what I needed to insure compliance and safety in todays crazy world!

5 Stars  Great product love it and really needed it 
These mask are great fast shipping

5 Stars  Great Masks for the Price 
These masks are a great value..We keep a few in our cars so that they are readily available if need them for unplanned shopping. They are comfortable to wear and the elastic is not too tight around the ears. We ordered 50 to see if they would work well for us and were so pleased we ordered and additional 50.

5 Stars  absolute necessity now a days 
Good mask and great value, most other companies are charging twice as much if not more for the same product

5 Stars  Excellent item 
I use these mask almost daily, they are very comfortable and the price was very nice. Shipping was excellent, Thanks Pulse TV

5 Stars  Great Product 
Masks came fast. They are great just like the pictures. I wear the masks to the store and all the times that I am out in the public. Very easy to wear for hours.

4 Stars  A Good Buy 
Adequate protection at a reasonable price. At least equal to other masks being give out at my residense

5 Stars  Excellent 
Just what Ie xpected. Good quality disposable masks

5 Stars  Nice supply of masks 
I found these before all the cloth masks came out. Nice to have disposable

4 Stars  Excellent value 
The masks perform as expected I guess. Wife complained that they were a little uncomfortable compared to others hence the 4 star instead of 5

5 Stars  Masks 
Fast delivery and great product! Thank you

5 Stars  Masks 
I am completely pleased with masks & service from Pulse tv. I enjoy looking thru your ads in my e-mail. You seem like a great bunch of people

4 Stars  Does the job! 
Decent quality disposable face masks. Passed the flame test and comfortable fit. A 4 star rating was given because when putting them on, you must be careful not to pull the straps too hard to avoid snapping them apart from the mask.

4 Stars  3 layer disposable face masks 
We have used these masks for grocery shopping and are very pleased with the quality.

5 Stars  Protective face masks 
Masks were just as advertised and shipped faster than expected.

5 Stars  Great value 
They fit and are working very well

5 Stars  face masks 
good quality, fit well, fair price, timely, arrived quickly.

5 Stars  Quality masks! 
Quality masks at a great buy! What more could you ask for? They are in stock and were delivered within days! Thank you, Pulse! I even shared your website with friends Who also ordered them!

2 Stars  dont work as advertised 
The steel side does not conform well to the nose at all per the video you showed, making for frequent futile adjustments

5 Stars  Thanks 
Thank you again for the gift of sanitizer.

4 Stars  Safe 
Nice to have for the present situation, and all future virus outbreaks. Thanks, for your service.

4 Stars  Comfortable mask 
These masks are comfortable and very easy to put on. As far as I can tell they are doing a good job. No illnesses.

5 Stars  Quality and good price 
these face masks are easy to wear, and are quality products. I trust them to protect me and those around me.

5 Stars  Face masks 
Great value ! Use the mask every time I go in any place. Happy to have them and shared some with my son.

5 Stars  Best Face Masks 
Using these face masks has been so easy and cool. They stay put on the face and cover the mouth and nose area well. I keep a pack in the vehicle and one in my purse so I am ready at all times. Have not had any problems with the straps coming undone.

3 Stars  Mask OK, ear straps irritating 
So these masks are fine, but for me the ear straps are irritating around the ear. The elastic piece is round and a little too taunt and so it pulls a little too much. Im a guy with an average sized head so not in a 1% group I dont think. I think the flat elastic band might help, as would an adjustable aspect to the strap as an improvement.

5 Stars  3-Layer Non-Medical Mask 
I believe that multiple layers of fabric are better than only one. More layers means less chance that viral particles will be able to pass through. Also, as a general rule, thicker, denser fabrics will do a better job than thinner, and this mask encompasses 3 layers, making it that much more effective than a simple cotton bandana. There are better masks available but they are very expensive and only come in small quantities. This mask is just as effective as the expensive ones but you get a large quantity and for an outstanding price. This 3-layer mask fully covers your nose and mouth while grabbing onto the bottom of your chin like an anchor. It is easily adjustable to all face sizes and fits comfortably without interfering with breathing or fogging up ones spectacles. I would, therefore, recommend this non-medical mask to everyone for its price and its value.

5 Stars  Quality Face Masks 
Purchased the quality masks for a reasonable price.

5 Stars  What I Needed and Fast Delivery 
The masks are exactly as pictured and described. I needed masks as I take care of my 96 y/o Mom and I ordered these which arrived in 6 days. I was able to give my sister some for her, her husband, and daughter. I have used Pulse and they have always been good on what they advertise and great with customer service. Would definitely buy from Pulse again and will be reordering these masks.

5 Stars  Good service and good product 
These masks are comfortable as well as protective of self and others. They arrived in good time as promised. Also used the hint of lining the mask with a disposable coffee filter for yet another layer, and the suggestion is a good one. Happy with the product and with Pulsetv.com.

5 Stars  Disposable Face Masks 
These masks arrived by the designated time. They are First Quality and exactly as advertised. As always, we are quite satisfied with the products from Pulse TV. Tom Tomlin

5 Stars  3-Layer Non-Medical Disposable Face Masks 
Item as listed.....fast shipping.....A+ merchant

5 Stars  Good Price/Necessary Item 
Theyre masks. They work as described at a great price.

5 Stars  Good for present situation 
Having in mind the demand for the unfortunate situation we are facing, it was easy to get it, and arrive in good conditions. I bought other products from PulseTV, I trust this group of people, maybe is my imagination, but they look more as a team of family members that accompany. They offer good different products

4 Stars  Very good value 
Face mask is comfortable and easy on and off. Small problem, the elastic ear attachment pulls off the mask easily.

5 Stars  Great for intended use. 
Great for intended use.

4 Stars  Does the job 
Its required and these work

5 Stars  Good product 
As advertised, a good quality mask and reasonable in cost.

5 Stars  Best product at a great price 
Great quality in a non medical mask Ive found. Have found ads for the same product at three times the price. Would buy again, but hope that it wont be necessary.

I was searching quite extensively trying to find a place in the USA where I could purchase quality masks and not get caught in a scam. PulseTV provided that for me Very satisfied with my purchase.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Great Price as usual. Delivery time was fine.

4 Stars  masks 
works well

5 Stars  Fully satisfied with my order of face masks. 
The product came exactly what I expected in a very reasonable amount of time.

5 Stars  Masks 
Just what we need! Not certified for PPE, but perfect for us common folks venturing out for essential errands.

5 Stars  3 layer mask 
good quality mask, comfortable fit

5 Stars  Face Masks 
They are lightweight, adjustable and easy to use.

5 Stars  Good Masks for the Money 
These are good masks, however, the Ear Loops need Reinforcement where they attach to the mask.

5 Stars  Mask 
The mask fits well.

5 Stars  Quality Product 
These masks are first quality and very well made. They fit very well and provide a secure seal for your face. They are extremely comfortable to wear. The price is reasonable.

3 Stars  Straps Not Well Attached - but overall quality and comfort good 
As far as utility and overall construction, these are good masks. The point of contention is that the straps are poorly heat sealed to the mask body. The first two I took out of the package had one strap that was not attached to the mask body. The third one was OK but not sure about the rest in the package. I glued the loose straps back on so they will work.

5 Stars  exactly as advertized 
good product at a fair price. It fits well and is not hot like others I have tried. You also dont get the feeling of I cant breathe.

5 Stars  Disposable 3 Layer Face Masks 
These masks are lightweight, comfortable fitting, and quite satisfactory for usage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 Stars  Great Protection 
Very comfortable and easy fit. Glad I got these before they became too scarce.

5 Stars  Great price and quality 
Have seen the same mask for 2-3 times the price. Easy to use and comfortable.

5 Stars  Disposable Face Masks 
These non-medical face masks are well made and comfortable. Pricing was reasonable considering todays events. We keep several by our front door just in case. We allow no one inside unless they have a mask. We are in our 70s and can not afford to take any chances.

5 Stars  Great quality 
As always Pulsetv had what I need at a great price. I received my masks within a week. They are a good quality. Very pleased with my purchase.

5 Stars  good masks 
These masks work very good Thanks

5 Stars  Non-medical mask review 
We have found the masks to be very user friendly in that they are easy to put on, comfortable and we feel protected. Cant ask for much more of a mask that runs about $1 per mask.

5 Stars  Face masks 
Great, and the only place I could find them!!!

5 Stars  Great Price 
Sturdy face mask. Like the elastic for the ears, and moldable nose area. Truly is one size fits all. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  Made in the U.S.A. 
The quality seems better than other masks I have bought. I did the water test that your video shows, and the masks performed as advertised.

4 Stars  Adequate for the job 
The masks do the job as far as facial protection as required. They are lightweight and comfortable to use for extended periods.

5 Stars  Just what I needed 
These masks will help to keep me and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks.

4 Stars  Ok but 
Decent mask and a hair to small

5 Stars  They work 
Work fine, wear well, and can be worn multiple times.

3 Stars  Elastic pops 
Although they were a great value purchase I experienced that the elastic would pop off . I decided that they were well worth saving since the quality was good. I dab each point of connection with glue for better hold

5 Stars  Great Mask for Going Out and About 
Well made, and fits to help with protection from whatever might be floating around in the air. Plenty in the package for multiple visits to the grocery store or having to stand in line at the post office or Home Depot. It does get warm after wearing for a while, but that is the only issue.

5 Stars  Excellent mask for the times 
While not medically certified, these masks are about as close as you get. They are full sized, comfortable around the ears, and are filtering the air very nicely. The masks have decent but not great packaging. BTW, these are great for the allergy season.

Received the masks quickly. They are sturdy and appear to be of fine quality for their purpose. I gladly shared them with my family. Thank You !

5 Stars  On time and as advertised 
These are very nice masks. Somewhat gappy on the sides. As shown in photo and arrived quickly. I did pay for expedited shipping. However, they come from US location so probably dont need to do that unless needed urgently. I would recommend and order again.

5 Stars  great 
they are great come fast

5 Stars  Face masks 
I was happy to find a source for face masks, since I could not find any locally. The masks were shipped promptly & were exactly as described in the email. Thanks!!

5 Stars  masks 
These seem to be high quality and they do serve the purpose.

2 Stars  Disposable face masks 
First one I took out of the box both straps pulled off. Had to staple them on. Second mask worked fine. Very hot to wear. Guess I got what I paid for.

5 Stars  masks 
they are good & comfortable, affordable price

4 Stars  Good Quality Masks 
The masks were what I expected with quick shipping

5 Stars  Feeling safe! 
Bought this as another layer of protection during this terrible time. I find them to be comfortable and they do the job. Price was right.

5 Stars  Great masks. 
Comfortable to wear, fit well, fold up easily to take a few spares with you. Will re-order.

4 Stars  Convenient and handy 
Although the first one out of the pack allowed the strap to come loose. Have had no other issues with them. They are fine and do the job.

5 Stars  Non-medical Masks 
Good product, good performance with a great price. Arrived on time. I have reordered and will give to my family.

5 Stars  Excellent service 
Excellent service, as usual. Exactly what I wanted. Thank You.

5 Stars  Good Masks, Great Price! 
Bargain priced masks 50 count when others are charging four times the price. Good quality and a great bulk buy!

5 Stars  High-quality masks! 
These masks are very high-quality. I like the moldable nosepiece because it keeps me from fogging up my glasses! The price was definitely right-Ive seen other masks advertised at the same price but you only get 10 as opposed to 50.

5 Stars  Comfortable face masks 
Easy to make them fit my face and can unfold as much or as little as you wish.

4 Stars  good product, fair price 
price for 50 was good , had one ear bands broke , other tan that , ok

5 Stars  Disposable face masks 
Obviously use these everywhere I go. There comfortable to wear and I use them over again. Very good product.

5 Stars  Face Mask 
Good quality for the price.

4 Stars  Face masks 
The masks are fine but the elastic cord easily detaches from.the mask itself.

5 Stars  Fast delivery... 
Although I have enough masks for this round of Corona virus, I bought these masks for the next round that they predict for the Fall 2020. Hope we never have to use them for another round of this virus! But I just thought of another use for them...we frequent casinos a lot, will probably use them in the casinos to help filter out peoples smoke, and coughs and sneezes!

5 Stars  Face Masks / 50 count 
Great Value and Quality---FAST FAST DELIVERY

5 Stars  As advertised! 
I am so grateful for these masks. I visit my elderly mother once a week and do her shopping. Its a comfort to her to see me going out in public with one on, and I feel its the least I can do, along with frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer when theres no soap and water around. I tried the flame test with the inner layer and it dissolved as shown in the video. We gave a couple masks to two folks who were helping us clean out an historic barn and they were very appreciative. Lots of dust being blown around, but not entering the lungs!

5 Stars  3-Layer Non-Medical Face 

5 Stars  Stops Me From Being Scared Of The World 
Im scared of everything, bugs, snakes, murders, and now Covid-19. With these quality face masks, I can go to the store and not have to worry about those ugly little germs coming into my face and mouth. Thank you! Also they are very well made and feel just like the masks I took from my nurse cousin!

5 Stars  A Quality Face Mask and Fast Shipping 
These face masks are of high quality. I compared them to the medical masks that are issued to my son as an EMT and they are nearly identical. I am grateful to PulseTv for offering these excellent masks at a very reasonable price.

5 Stars  Most Dependable Source Right Now 
These are the same pleated masks that are used in most medical/dental offices. Surgical style, and well-made. These are made in China, per the box.

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