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Car Door Corner Protector Set (Four Doors)

Car Door Corner Protector Set (Four Doors)

Car Door Corner Protector Set (Four Doors)
Car Door Corner Protector Set (Four Doors)
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How To Protect Your Car Doors From Scratches

Protect your car and the ones around you with the Car Door Corner Protector Set. Each set comes with four protectors that will protect four vehicle doors. No more getting dings and scratches in crowded parking lots or on windy days when your door might get blown away from you.

How It Works: Each protector goes on the outside bottom corner of the automobile's door. This will make the protector the outermost point of contact when the door is opened. It not only will protect your paint and door from scratches and damage but it will also protect any vehicle or object your door hits too.

How To Install: Installation is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. First, you need to clean the corner of the door and dry it off with a clean cloth. Then remove the transparency film and press firmly to the vehicle's door.


  • Protect Car Doors From Impacts
  • Keeps Paint From Being Scratched
  • One Set Protects Four Doors
  • Easy To Install
  • Works For Most Vehicles
  • Clear Color Blends In With Car Paint
  • One Protector Is 2" X 2.2"

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