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Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype
Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype
Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype
Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype
Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype
Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype
Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype
Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype

Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype

Bluetooth Smart Watch by Hype

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The Bluetooth Smart Watch gives you the functionality and convenience of brand name Smart Watches without the brand name price tag. Hype is all about quality and ease of use, making their Smart Watch great for techies and those new to mobile accessories alike.

This Watch does it all. Connect it to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to scroll your contacts, make calls, track your steps, listen to music, set alarms and much more. Everything is accessible through the watch's brilliant LCD touch screen.

Additional functions are available for Android users through the Fundo Companion App. These stylish Watches feature silicone bands and come in Black, Red and Blue.

Features and Benefits:
- Bluetooth Smart Watch Connects to Your Smartphone or Tablet
- Set Alarms
- Make Phone Calls
- Access Your Contacts
- See Your Call History
- Check Your Calendar
- Track Your Steps with the Pedometer
- Play Music
- Anti-Loss Function
- Monitor Your Sleep
- Set Alerts that Remind You to Drink Water
- Analog and Digital Clock Settings
- Download the Optional Android App to Access Text Messages and Use Your Device's Camera (only for Android users)
- Easy to Use with Detailed Instructions
- Rechargeable
- Comes in Black, Red and Blue
Note: App Functions such as Text Message Viewing and Remote Camera Shutter are not compatible for Apple iOS users

Q: How do I know the Smart Watch is charging?
A: Once you have plugged in the Micro USB charging cord, the watch face will show a Battery Icon indicating that it is charging. The green bars inside the Battery Icon will be pulsing. After the Smart Watch is charged completely, the Bars inside the Battery Icon will be full and stagnant. You can check the battery status while it is charging by clicking the Power Button on the side.

Q: How do I make a call through the Watch?
A: Once you have paired your Smartphone or Tablet with the Smart Watch, swipe over to the 3rd page of application icons and click on the green "Dialer" icon. From here, you can dial on the Smart Watch as you would on any regular phone. The Smart Watch will also automatically access your Phonebook; the light blue "Phonebook" icon is also on the 3rd page. You can check your sent and received call history by swiping to the 4th page of application icons and clicking on the light blue "Calls" icon.

Q: What is/isn't available with iPhone vs. Android?
A: When using the Fundo Companion App, Android users can view sent and received text messages, receive alerts from other apps, and use the remote camera shutter on the Smart Watch. All other Smart Watch apps can be used with Apple and Android Devices.

Q: How do I change the look of my home screen (clock type)?
A: The included instructions are incorrect on how to do this - instead: go to Settings > Common Settings > Unlock Type. Select from a few traditional analog watch faces or digital.

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