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Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Readers to Protect Your Eyes from Device Eye Strain

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Readers to Protect Your Eyes from Device Eye Strain

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Readers to Protect Your Eyes from Device Eye Strain
Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Readers to Protect Your Eyes from Device Eye Strain
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These simple glasses will reduce eye-strain and related headaches commonly felt from looking at digital screens for so long. They can also help you sleep better!

All digital device screens with backlight emit powerful blue light that disrupts our body's production of melatonin, which tells the brain to start getting tired at night. Blue Light in the 400nm range of the spectrum mimics daylight - so if you're scrolling around on your phone before bed, your body won't know it's nighttime!

These glasses essentially block that section of visible light while staring at screens. Professional video game players use glasses like these, but anyone can use them in office settings where you're staring at a screen all day long!

Choose your prescription for readers in the most popular strengths OR go with no prescription at all. People with relatively good eyesight OR contact lens wearers can utilize these zero strength glasses to get the same benefit.

These are quality glasses: they each feature flexible spring hinges to fit your face better and more comfortably. The lenses themselves are nearly transparent: with little distortion and change in color. You will barely notice any difference reading, watching TV, or using your smartphone. But your brain will!

A super-soft microfiber cleaning cloth/case is also Included.

- Blue Light Blocking Glasses
- Reduce Eye Strain, Headaches
- Filters Out Blue and UV-Adjacent Hues
- Useful for Gamers and Office Workers who Stare at Screens All Day
- Sleep Better: Increases Nightly Melatonin Production
- Great for Reading at Night
- Use at Any Age
- Durable, Spring-Loaded Hinges
- Classic Unisex Design
- Choose Your Reader Strength
- Select No Prescription (+0.0) for Use with Contacts
- Includes Microfiber Cleaning Cloth/Case
- 1.6in Tall Glasses x 5.5in Wide

5 Stars  Very happy 
The glasses seem to do what they are supposed to do - ease the glare from my screen and reduce eyestrain. I am happy with the quality and price.

5 Stars  Helps Reduce Eye Strain 
My eyes are not as fatigued when I use these glasses.

5 Stars  Get several pairs 
I tried a pair to see if the blue light blocking was as good as I ve heard. I found that feature to be of great value. I soon ordered more. I keep a pair in each car, by my computer, in my office, and each room where I might read something or watch a screen. And I got a couple extra pair, just in case.

4 Stars  TV glasses 
Not sure about wearing these while driving. We both wear them in the evening to watch tv. We both think they help with the blue tv lights. Not sure about any of the other uses.

5 Stars  Night tablet glare reduced 
I often use my digital tablet at night between snoozes. The glare is blinding accompanied by unfocused vision. Blue light blocking glasses have solved the problems.

5 Stars  Works as it says. 
Can see better but not too sure it helps with the phone light.

5 Stars  Good Reading Glasses 
I use a computer, cell phone, & NOOK a lot of the day & I do think I notice a difference in how much less tired my eyes get when I am wearing these reading glasses compared to my plain ones. The other thing I notice is how much longer they hold up than my usual drugstore reading glasses. Have been wearing my first pair for about 6 months without them breaking, but decided to get 2 more pairs so that I could keep them in different places.

5 Stars  blue light filter 
These seem to work.

4 Stars  Cuts out the glare 
Good product. I bought too powerful of correction but they are working.

2 Stars  Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
Im sorry to be the scrooge, especially near Christmas, but the 4.0 glasses are nowhere near 4.0 strength. Im guessing they are about 2.0. However, the BLUE LIGHT TINT ON THE LENSES IS GREAT, with excellent blue light blocking. Mislabeled? They just arent strong enough for me to use, & I normally use a 3.0 lens.

5 Stars  would buy again 
They are very nice makes everything clearer

5 Stars  Reading Glasses 
Use them everyday

5 Stars  My Review of the Blue Light Blocking Glasses, 3.0 Strength 
These glasses are exactly what I expected them to be. Excellent buy, excellent price. They satisfy my need to see small print in a larger size.

5 Stars  They really work!! 
I sometimes forget to take them off before going out, knowing I may need my bifocals glasses.

5 Stars  Blue light blocking glasses 
Helps a lot when on computer for hours.

5 Stars  Great blockers even when I drive, love the flexable arms 
The fact that the blockers can be gotten in prescription strength is a valuable plus.

5 Stars  Glasses 

5 Stars  Helping 
Bought these for my wife as she reads on kindle , checks e-mail and other things on iPad , VERY helpful on her eyes .

5 Stars  Blue Blocker Readers 
Used for working on the computer and work just right for that job.

5 Stars  Helped My Eye Strain 
I love using my Blue Light Blocking Glasses. I am always on the computer, and it really helps with my eye strain.

4 Stars  Very Helpful! 
My eyes definitely feel relief when Ive been wearing my regular reading glasses while using my devices. My only complaint is they are a little heavy on my nose/face due to being a headache sufferer other than that they are great!

5 Stars  Relieves eye strain 
Amazing lenses, that make it much easier on my eyes when using my cell phone nd WiFi devices. Also seems to make it easier to fall asleep at bedtime.

4 Stars  quality product 
i really like these glasses. they are easy on the eyes and do block out some of the harsh light.

4 Stars  We really like these Blue blockers! 
I bought a pair for myself and my husband! They seem to help our eyes! We are on our tablets quite a bit and I have noticed a difference in how my eyes feel! More rested and not strained! Glad we have them!

4 Stars  they work good 
I havent used them but a few times

5 Stars  Great and Cheap! 
The Blue Light Blocking Glasses are absolutely great and very affordable to wear...

5 Stars  perfect fit and easy on the eyes 
These are great and perform as advertised. My eyes are not as tired as before but I would like a little more style in frame design-more sporty or wrap around.

4 Stars  Good quality 
Im buying more.

5 Stars  Great glasses 
Like a lot of people these days I m spending more time on line so I appreciate these glasses cutting down on headaches while giving me a clear few of the screens

5 Stars  Better than I thought 
Sturdy & well made! Very similar in style & look to my Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. So I ordered 2 more.

5 Stars  Blue light blocking glasses 
They really work great thank you pulsetv

4 Stars  Good and affordable 
I have purchased several pair of these amazing over the counter glasses. They are adorable and the blue blockers seem to keep my eyes from getting tired while working on my computer.

5 Stars  These really work! 
I bought 2 pair of these glasses......Husband says they are the best hes ever used. I love them too!

5 Stars  Blue light blocking glasses 
Seems to do the job.

5 Stars  My Review of the Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
I love these glasses as my eyes no longer get tired from looking at the computer screen for many hours. I am wearing these glasses right now as I type this positive review.

5 Stars  Well made 
I have been wearing Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses for many years and I was pleasantly surprised that the frames appear similar. The prescription strength was what I asked for and my cousin loaned me his blue light flashlight and it did block out the light!!!Very satisfied

5 Stars  Great Glasses 
These glasses work great. I got them without any magnification. Im on my devices 6 to 10 hours a day and was experiencing headaches and eye strain. Since wearing these glasses my headaches have gone and there is no eye strain.

5 Stars  Blue light blocking glasses 
I bought these for my son after using my glasses. We love them.

5 Stars  Great for kids 
I have 11 year old twins that stay on their devises too much, these were exactly what they needed. I got the readers and they are perfect.

5 Stars  It works very well 
very nice

5 Stars  Works well 
As described worth the price

5 Stars  I really glad I purchased 
I used them all the time great for the eyes, very clear, I want to order another pair soon

5 Stars  Work great! 
My sidekick at the computer. Helpful.

4 Stars  Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
Eyes are not as tired at end of day after wearing them while working on computer and watching TV.

5 Stars  Blue light filter 
These glasses are so great my eyes would feel tired. After watching TV and my phone all day and night.

5 Stars  Good extra set of reading glasses 
The lowest reading level is 2.0 but for an extra 2.pair of glasses with the blue light reducing affect and eye strain deduction very kind to your eyes.

5 Stars  Love em 
Can now stay on line as long as I want. No problems with headaches any more. One of the best products I ever found on your site. Keep up the good work!

5 Stars  Blue Light Blocking Glasses Readers to Protect Your Eyes from Device 
I use when on computer for long period of time. Still out on if they help my eyes or not. Seem to be fine,

5 Stars  These are so good for my eyes 
They are all I hoped they would be and more. Very comfortable and very practical.

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
My eyes feel relaxed. I liked them so much the 1st time, I purchased more & shared them as gifts. They are sturdy, not flimsy. I have not broken a pair yet.

5 Stars  gifts 
Every thing was bought for xmas. have not hear back on every thing yet, so far every thing is ok.

5 Stars  Favorite gift this year. 
Gave all my adult family members a pair. All have enjoyed using them. I am using my pair and have sensed that my eyes are not as tired. May take more time to really evaluate the improvement.

5 Stars  ,,,, 
You can really tell the difference. Good value for the money

5 Stars  Works Well 
Glasses work well and were effective immediately. The discoloration in my eyes was no longer there after my shift. They did a decent job on magnification too.

5 Stars  Great glasses 
Works great when working on my computer.

I purchased these glasses with the sole purpose of protecting my eyes from the damaging light emitted from my computer screen. After using this pair for over three weeks now, I feel a certain viewing comfort not realized before.

5 Stars  great for my eyes 
help me on my computer

5 Stars  Blue light blocking glasses 
I have used them for 3 weeks now , they seem sturdy and fit well.

5 Stars  Great glasses! 
Good sturdy pair of readers. Love them! Ive gone through a lot of readers and these are the best so far! Highly recommend.

4 Stars  Decent pair of glasses 
Product works well and as advertised.

5 Stars  relieves eye strain 
These glasses are just what I needed for the computer. Now my eyes are no longer burning after long use, also great for cell phone use. Thank you

5 Stars  Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
I love these and will get another one for myself

5 Stars  Well made and works 
Very comfortable and easy to use. Works well to relieve eye strain.

2 Stars  Didnt work like I thought they would 
I thought it would really help to wear these for screen time but they didnt make much difference. I even got the next strength up but that didnt help either. Maybe the strength is the issue but didnt work for me.

5 Stars  Blue light glasses 
Seems to work good

3 Stars  Sorts of helps-maybe ???? mixed both good and so so 
I wish I would have gone one level focus higher. Frankly, do not observe any less computer or TV eye stain. Would I buy them again--no. Product mfg. quality is quite good though. They are light weight but not flimsy. Wish they would be offered as clip on over glasses

5 Stars  Great 
We love these glasses. We have noticed a big difference. Less strain on our eyes. Thanks for a great, inexpensive buy.

5 Stars  I no longer have sleeping issues 
I just have to say that I love these glasses. I have purchased them a few times and have given them as gifts. The people I have given these glasses to just love them. They seem to rest your eyes, I have had no eye strain. So in two words, love them.

5 Stars  Blocked blue light 
I bought 2 pairs of these and keep a pair on each floor. Now I can use my devices without concern about the blue light.

5 Stars  blue light glasses 
I really like these glasses. They really do help with the blue light as I am playing my games on my tablet. They are also comfortable to wear. I would recommend anyone to get these.

5 Stars  Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
These glasses are definitely better when working on the computer for long periods of time. My eyes are not as tired and when I move from the computer, I can see more clearly than with ordinary reading glasses.

1 Stars  Makes me sad but these were useless and not effective 
I LOVE Pulse TV, and one bad experience will not change that, but these glasses were absolutely worthless. They made no difference and actually distorted things on the computer screen. I will not be able to use them for anything. It was a big disappointment. I have had so many good experiences with other items, and love your variety, so Im still a fan, and will be back. Sorry to have to share this negative review.

5 Stars  ok 
they help me with reading on my computer I do surveys for extra money.

5 Stars  Best Reading Glasses I have Ever Had! 
Well Built, Attractive and No Eyestrain! Can work all day from a phone with a small screen to a brighter and larger desk top screen without strain. Really softens the glare. Thank You Pulsetv.com !

5 Stars  Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
Work really well !

5 Stars  Readers to protect Eyes 
I bought the 2.0 Blue Light Blocking Glasses and since I am working from home and using the computer all day I decided I might need them. They have been great. I can read ever the tiniest of print and feel that they are protecting me from eye strain. I am really pleased with them.

1 Stars  not worth it 
Toooooooooo blury with looking at computer My regular readers are far better

5 Stars  Im wearing a pair now! 
These glasses DO seem to block some harmful rays, they definitely have put ease on my eyes as I sit in front of the computer

5 Stars  reading glasses 
The glasses are fine. I use it a lot for my computer as I am right now. My wife also uses them for reading. We both appreciate them and would recommend them for others.

5 Stars  nice glasses, good idea 
Im on the computer or phone all day and my eyes get tired. These seem to help. Great idea!

4 Stars  Blue light glasses 
They really help since I have found my eyes are not as tired or bleary after being on my tablet.

4 Stars  Very Useful 
Very useful to keep in car for close-up reading assistance such as menus and smart phone.

5 Stars  Great glasses for reducing eye strain 
I wish I had these years ago. I suffer from dry eye and spending much time on my tablet also made it worse. Love them!

5 Stars  Blue light blocking glasses 
Well made for the price seems effective in easing eye strain

2 Stars  Block out Blue light but magnification is not very good 
I noticed the immediate reduction in Blue Light from the computer screen, but the magnification was not very good and actually curved the images on the screen. I got a headache using them on my PC, but can use them at a distance. Cant use them as much as I hoped. I purchased the 2.5 readers, cant use them to read.

5 Stars  Like 
I like these so far.

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Video: Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Readers to Protect Your Eyes from Device Eye Strain

These simple glasses will reduce eye-strain and related headaches commonly felt from looking at digital screens for so long. They can also help you sleep better!
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