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Black USB Rechargeable LED Beanie: 200 Lumens

Black USB Rechargeable LED Beanie: 200 Lumens

Black USB Rechargeable LED Beanie: 200 Lumens
Black USB Rechargeable LED Beanie: 200 Lumens
Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $29.99  (66% off)
5 Stars - Love this hat
Hands free light to fetch firewood, shovel snow or take the garbage cans out to the road while keeping your head and ears warm. What could be better? - ROBERT, MI.

A Hat with Built-in Headlamp for Hands-Free Lighting

It's a bright idea that keeps you warm! This warm knitted beanie hat has been fitted with a removable USB rechargeable LED headlight. The integrated rechargeable headlight offers 4x high powered SMD LEDs that give off an impressive 200 lumens.

Get hands-free lighting for shoveling on cold winter nights, gathering bundles of firewood at the campsite, or taking the dog out for a walk. Utilize 3 different brightness settings for all kinds of activities ranging from night jogging to rummaging around in dimly-lit basements, attics, sheds and more!

The slim light can easily be removed from the hat and can be charged directly through a USB port. Use a power bank, computer, AC Wall adapter, or car adapters. Once plugged in, the light will glow red, then turn green when fully charged.

The knitted beanie is very comfortable and it's machine washable - just pop out the light.

It's great for runners, walkers, camping, trades-people, mechanics and so many other outdoor activities.


- Warm Knit Hat with Built-in Headlight
- 4x High Powered SMD LEDs for 200 Lumens
- 300MA Rechargeable Battery
- No Cord Required: Plug into Any USB Output
- One Button Operation
- 3 Different Brightness Settings
- Lasts up to 3 Hours on a Single Charge
- Comfortable One-Size-Fits-Most
- Machine Washable Hat (Remove Light before washing)
- Ideal for: Runners, Walkers, Camping, Plumbers, Electricians, Tradesman, Mechanics and Contract Engineers
- Available in Classic Black

5 Stars  Keeping warm and safe at the same time - Wonderful 
Wonderful hats with lights. Love the different brightness levels and the fact that its rechargeable. Great to sleep with on while camping keeping your head warm and a light handy right away when needed. So useful to have! Giving as gifts to my postal carrier, trash collector, etc. They will love them!

5 Stars  All Good, Very Good 
I have ordered, re-ordered, and then re-ordered this product. Very helpful product for those people who work outdoors.

5 Stars  All Good 
Very useful. Have ordered several times to give to friends.

5 Stars  Amazing 
This product does a great job lighting up an area in front of you. And it s rechargeable!

5 Stars  rechargeable LED beanie 
my son loves them. theyre very helpful for him at work and at him. im going to order him some more.

5 Stars  Grandkids at Play 
My grandsons just loved them now with this COVID they can go out into thier back yard after dark and play with plenty of light

5 Stars  Rechargeable Led Beanie 
This beanie with flashlight is one of the best, Ive ever owned. It has three light settings and is very bright. Takes little to no time to recharge. The price you pay for this beanie flashlight is well worth it hands down.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Great for work and for walking the puppers.

5 Stars  Love this hat 
Hands free light to fetch firewood, shovel snow or take the garbage cans out to the road while keeping your head and ears warm. What could be better?

4 Stars  Everything you said it was.... 
Bought this for my brother and he loves it. Its as bright or brighter than the flashlights he usually uses at work but has a difficult time holding while hes working. He uses it every day!! *****PLEASE NOTE******* I reserve 5 star ratings for purchases that are everything this one is, but that also last and continue to perform for a long time. I do believe this one will be 5 Star!!!!

5 Stars  Very nice for country dwellers 
I live in the country where theres NO light out at night or early morning hours. This hat makes walking to my car a lot safer and the fact I dont need batteries! Thats the best part ever. It saves a lot of money AND keeps less batteries from the landfill. I love the three light settings also. I definitely recommend!

5 Stars  Smart hat!! 
Very cool hat!! Its perfect for being in an attic or working in the garage. Need 2 hands? Now you can use both hands!! Its lightweight and very easy to use.

5 Stars  LED Light Knit Cap 
awesome product

4 Stars  Good buy 
Watch cap with light... works well, bright, removes easily & charges quickly. I like it! Thanks

5 Stars  Led beanie 
Great product very bright light for those late night return home trips where u forgot to turn on porch light. Also great for sitting around campfire and adding wood to fire

5 Stars  Great Hat 
Love this hat and use it daily for dog walking, chicken feeding, etc. I tend to get up before sunrise and it gives me the ability to have a bright, hands-free, light. Not having to replace the batteries is icing on the cake.

5 Stars  Led beanie 
I like it, very soft material, good for walking dogs at night.

4 Stars  Headlight 
It worked as well as expected if not better. I used it to do some fine electrical work.

5 Stars  Black USB rechargeable beanie 
I like it. The light helps me find my way in the dark.

5 Stars  Functional, bright, and great feel 
It seems there was a lot of thought put into this simple product. The light is very bright and recharging via a USB port is clever and convenient. The quality and comfort of the hat is great, too. Soft, warm, and comfortable - not a cheap feel. Great for running, pet walks, and much more.

4 Stars  Works well when walking the dogs at night!! 
So far so good with this item!!

5 Stars  Hands free 
Great hat! I use it every night when I take the dog out. Liked it so much I bought 3 more for friends.

5 Stars  LEd Beanie hat 
my son loves the idea of this lighted hat and I see him wearing it all the time

5 Stars  Id give it 10 stars 
What a smash hit these beanies are. I knew when I saw them that everyone had to have one so none would feel bad. I got 6 and everyone got one for Christmas. Its better then any of those elastic lights youve seen that slip and move or even fall off.Cant go wrong with them.. Thanks

5 Stars  These are great 
this the best thing Ive seen in a long time they keep your ears warm and light up exactly what you need to see!

5 Stars  Great beanie 
I go around our neighborhood at around 4 in the morning and pick up the newspaper and put it on their porch. The light on the beanie provides just the right amount of light and allows me use of both hands.

5 Stars  Great product!! 
Love the beanie very helpful bought 2 of them my friend loved it thank you I would definitely recommend this product and would definitely by more ..

5 Stars  Fun Clothing 
fantastic light and warm hat

5 Stars  Great for Camping 
Gave both beanies for Christmas gifts to my son and grandson. I thought and they thought that the beanies would work great for their Scouting camping trips. They could have used them when they camped in a cave earlier in the year.

5 Stars  Really bright 
I put this beanie on to go run the snowblower before dawn- it was great.

5 Stars  Does what it should 
The hat fits down over my ears, and stays there. The light is much brighter than I expected. Very easy to charge .I would give it 6 stars.

5 Stars  Hands free 
I love this hat! Great for walking my dog at night, especially when I have to pick up after him. I bought 3 more for friends. They are easy to charge also.

5 Stars  Live it! 
I gave 4 of them as gifts and every single person loved their hat! They work great! So bright!

5 Stars  lighted cap 
I love the lighted hat its bright ,rechargeable , warm and doesnt get in your way like other lights that fit on your head.

5 Stars  Everyone loves them 
I purchased 8 of these for my family and work buddies, I wear mine daily since its cold, and it came in handy AGAIN, as its dark outside at 5am, and I went to get the mail and turned on the lights to see inside my mailbox. Without it, Im sure I would have missed some mail. Also I just saw them on sale in a television shopping show for $30

3 Stars  Works ok, you get what you pay for 
The light works ok so far but the hat is a little thin and light, not a very good head warmer. You get what you pay for.

5 Stars  Good Lighting 
I golf early morning and this light works great and the price is very good I seen it for $45

4 Stars  Gives enough light to work on objects and also be seen 
Might buy more

3 Stars  Well, at least its bright 
I use this walking the dogs at night. It does a pretty good job illuminating their handiwork. But it also kind of makes you look like the village idiot. More importantly, its surprisingly uncomfortable. You push on the front of the light to turn it on and off. But you have to push kind of hard three times to turn it off, which makes the backside of the light which is plastic dig into your forehead. And reinforces the idiot thing.

5 Stars  LED Beanie 
I received this beanie 2 days ago. Charged it with the USB port. the very same night we lost power due to a freak wind storm.so I tried the beanie out and was able to move and see around our house just fine in total darkness.. Thank you Pulse TV.

5 Stars  great idea!!! 
love it

5 Stars  Fun product. Just what I need 
Makes feeding outdoor stray cats in the dark easier, freeing up my hands to hold plates of cat food securely and seeing anything I may trip over.

5 Stars  Perfect for fishing 
Bought this hat for my daughter for fishing at night. She loves it. Thanks.

5 Stars  Perfect 
Caps I got. I reason to buy was the light. It is much better than I expected. Used it out of the box for 4 nights now, moving between the chicken sheds and still going strong.

This was a great idea. I have a friend who does mechanic work and being able to get under cars and see what he is doing with hands free light projection is really helpful. I expect I will get good use out of mine when night fishing.

4 Stars  Worth the money 
Got two for camping and working in areas where light is poor and hands need to be free. It does the job AND that it is rechargeable is a big plus.

5 Stars  Warm and Bright 
Great For walking at night. I wear the beanie with the light on the back of my head, and the wife wears is the beanie with the light on the front. The material is nice and soft.

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
This LED beanie is of top quality and an excellent bargain. It exceeded my expectations.

5 Stars  LED Beanie 
Love this beanie as I do pest control and get into crawl spaces often and this gives me a hands free opportunity to carry equipment as I need. I had lighted caps but could not wash. This beanie can be washed.Got one for my employees too.

5 Stars  Black usb rechargeable led beanie 
Super bright,very nice,warm and thick hat.Used at dark evening while using snowblower.Worked out great !!! Thank You,C.C.

5 Stars  Very handy 
Bright handsfree lighting. Easy to recharge, no need to replace batteries. Perfect for getting the morning paper

5 Stars  Beanie 
Everyone loves the LED lighted beanies. They have friends asking where they can get them so of course I pass along your web page. I had one that didnt work and it was replaced right away free of charge. I love Pulsetv.com and the family that runs the company!

5 Stars  Great idea 
This beanie is a great idea. The removalable light with USB port for charging is so convenient.

5 Stars  Nice hat, handy light 
The hat is typically warm as a head covering, and the light insert is handy, easily removed and recharged in a USB port.

5 Stars  Very convenient 
I really like these hats. I think they are very convenient. I also think the way that they designed how to charge it is innovative.

5 Stars  GR8 Product 
Hands free and Warm in the cold outside

5 Stars  Light the way 
Works wonderfully for taking a walk in the dark

5 Stars  Walkers dream 
My wife uses this for walking the dogs. Hands free is great for holding the leashes.

5 Stars  LED Beanie 
I got this for my son he loves it, he did say the light falls out easy so I hope he lets me try to have it fixed. He is a mechanic and said it is perfect to see the dark areas in the machine.

5 Stars  lighted beanie 
my father-in-law and son just love that hat.now my husband wants 1.

5 Stars  I love this/these...I bought two 
I walk early in the morning, or late in the evening when its dark. When i walked with this light, it was very icy, and this light literally showed me the trouble spots. I love it.

4 Stars  Rechargeable beanie 
Good fit and great light.

5 Stars  Best Lighted Beanie 
The light actually lights up the area in front of you and its Rechargeable! I bought another brand before this one and it used batteries. It barely lit the area in front of me. I use this one on my night runs and it works great!!!

5 Stars  Bright 
I ordered these for my grandsons who like to walk outside and play in the evening they work great. Very nice item for the price

4 Stars  Great hat for the money! 
Seems to be functioning well within short time I have had it. Runs a little large so will try washing to shrink it somewhat.

5 Stars  Black USB Rechargeable LED Beanie 
works excellent and the beanie is well made and soft

4 Stars  Safety and Warm 
Power LED lights are good for going out in the dark. Beanie keeps you warm

2 Stars  Light Falls Out 
I bought 6 of these for gifts and all of them have the light fall out. My light has been lost. Will supplier give us a solution? Michael Tenore

5 Stars  Awesome hat! 
I bought this for my son in law who wears beanies all the time. He lives on property with 3 different families in 3 different homes so he is always taking a path to one of them at night. This hat was absolutely perfect and he loved it. Great invention!

5 Stars  Wonderful Hat 
Fits good and lights up whatever Im looking at nicely. Gave a few away for Christmas. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

4 Stars  Great concept 
I bought several for my family. The LED module is not as secure in the beanie as I would like. It dropped to the floor and cracked. The great people @ Pulse TV replaced it immediately. I am impressed with their customer-centric policy.

5 Stars  Black USB Rechargeable LED Beanie Item #7652 
Product arrived on time and use it to take the dog out after dark. Works great really lights up the area. Very simple to remove and recharge also.

5 Stars  Great Beanie 
I bought 3 of these. One for myself and 2 for Christmas presents. They were a big hit. My wife likes to wear it when she takes the dog out in the early morning. The only problem I had is one of the lights comes apart when I take it out to recharge it. It still works and recharges but I wish I didnt have to assemble it back together each time. I just worry that it wont stay together eventually. I guess I can try glueing it together. But other than the one the other two were fine.

5 Stars  LED Beanie 
This is a very cool item. Very bright led lite, keeps my bald head warm and frees up my hands so I can hold tools without having to hold a flash lite.

5 Stars  Plenty of light 
I am impressed at how bright the light is. Much brighter than the ball cap with light I purchased in the past.

5 Stars  Love this! 
I bought everyone in my family one last year as we live remote and need light to take the dog out or bring in firewood at night. I love it - always pointing where I am looking and so easy to slip on as I walk out the door. I gave all but one away last year and ordered 5 more this year so I can have one in my car, by each door and in the basement and maybe give another one away. Maybe... I really love it and the charge lasts a few days with the amount I use it.

4 Stars  great as gifts!!! 
Two 13 year old boys loved them!

5 Stars  Hat with light 
Great value at a very good price.

5 Stars  Love it 
5 stars excellent product will be buying more.

5 Stars  very handy and bright 
Warm too.

4 Stars  Great Hat 
I find the light on this hat very useful for walking at night and for projects that need a little light to see what your doing. The material on the hat could be a little thicker. I purchased 3 additional hats for Christmas presents.

4 Stars  Nice Beanie 
I am pleased with the purchase. The beanie fits snugly and the light throws out enough light to illuminate the area in front. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there was no blinking red light mode. I think having a blinking red light mode would help when walking at night.

5 Stars  Rechargeable LED winter cap A+++ 
Walk my dogs and other dogs and this hat is great. Allows me to see the area around the pups and makes me visable to everyone, people, dogs and most importantly vehicles. Was using one of the portable lights that strap to your head but this is so much easier. Also the rechargeable via USB use the wall plug with USB port I got here so dont have to keep buying batteries is another plus. Highly recommend!

5 Stars  very handy 
nice and warm plus a very bright lite.

5 Stars  Great product! 
Just a great product charges very easily worth the money. Very comfortable very bright. I was very amazed at the quality

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Black USB Rechargeable LED Beanie: 200 Lumens

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