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Black Fox: The Rise & Fall of Adolf Hitler DVD

Black Fox: The Rise & Fall of Adolf Hitler DVD

Black Fox: The Rise & Fall of Adolf Hitler DVD
Black Fox: The Rise & Fall of Adolf Hitler DVD
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Marlene Dietrich Tells the True Story of Adolf Hitler

Screen legend Marlene Deitrich who was German narrates this riveting film on the most feared and fanatical national leader in all history.

Marlene knew all too well about the evils of the Third Reich and the use of her to narrate is fascinating on many levels.

The Definitive DVD on Adolf Hitler

For the first time you can gain a inside look at the life of Adolf Hitler. It's all here, from his bitter boyhood in Austria and his frustrated ambition to be an artist to his four years of soldiering in World War I to his ruthless drive to power.

You'll even learn more details about his death by his own hand in an underground bunker in smoldering Berlin. It's all here in this one DVD

Includes Rarely Seen Color Footage

Using a combination of black and white and color you'll see footage rarely seen by the public. It is a revealing film story of Adolf Hitler's ambition, his passion, his demonic will, his million-fold murders.

Understanding pure evil. That's what you'll come away with by watching this engrossing film about the rise of Adolf Hitler. His thirst for power knew no bounds. The same can be said for his insidious "final solution."

To truly learn from his horrific reign is to learn about those who supported his rise to power. It's an in-depth look at Hitler's path to war that has rarely been seen.

An In-Depth Look At Hitler in WWII

The DVD is also a study in-depth of those tragic rivers of history which made Hitler's rise possible and which came to confluence in an apocalypse of 50 million dead and a large part of the world in anguish and ruin.

Academy Award Winner

This landmark film won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 1962.


- Narrated by Marlene Dietrich
- Footage in both Black and White and Color
- Run Time: 87 min.
- Original Release Date: August 2005
- Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature

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