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Big Battles of World War II 2 DVD Set
Big Battles of World War II 2 DVD Set
Big Battles of World War II 2 DVD Set

Big Battles of World War II 2 DVD Set

Big Battles of World War II 2 DVD Set

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With Germany assaulting its neighbors with frightening success and Japan acquiring colonial possessions in the Far East and escalating its war against China, World War II was just a moment away from being a reality. The Axis powers, overly confident from all their military success, start World War II when Germany invades the Soviet Union and Japan awakens the sleeping tiger and attacks the United States at Pearl Harbor. These two moves will ultimately prove to be fatal for both Germany and Japan in their quest for world domination.

This DVD collection captures the drama and riveting action through real wartime footage and includes the "Battle of France", the "Battle of Britain", the "Battle of the Atlantic" and many more. A 'must-have' collection for all history buffs and war collectors.

2 Disc Set. 12 hours total running time.

Battle of France: Blitzkrieg
Battle of France: Defeat
Battle of Britain
Battle of the Atlantic
Battle of the Pacific: The Rising Sun
Battle of the Desert
Battle Over Europe
Battle of Moscow
Battle of Stalingrad
Battle of Normandy
Battle of Italy
Battle of Germany

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