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Beach Towel Games
3 To Choose From

Beach Towel Games
3 To Choose From

Beach Towel Games
3 To Choose From
Beach Towel Games
3 To Choose From
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Fun in the sun just got a whole lot more fun with these Beach Towel Games!

A beach towel is an essential item to have when you are spending a day at the beach or by the pool. Now you increase your fun with this unique collection of beach towels that double as classic games.

These are fully functional beach towel, but each style gives you accessories to play classic and popular games. There are three to choose from.

Bullseye Summer Dart Game

This towel features a big bullseye at the top with targets ranging from 5 points to 100 for a bullseye. Included with your towel are six (3 red and 3 blue) Velcro dart balls for safe and fun action.

Summer Cornhole Game

Some call it bean bag toss but this classic game is perfect for the outdoors. It comes complete with 1 towel and 4 red and 4 blue bean bags. Just hit the round target on the towel to score!

Poker Table

Maybe the most versatile of the bunch you can even use this on a table indoors for a more authentic poker night. You get the 1 poker table towel, deck of cards and 40 multi-colored chips.

Best Beach Towel To Use

While the games are fun let's talk about why this is one of the best beach towels you can actually use for the pool or beach.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying a towel that is thick. Similar to a bath towel. Most quality beach towels are thinner for the following reasons:

1. Thick towels take up space. When going to the beach you want a towel that is compact when folded.
2. Thick towels take longer to dry.
3. A thinner towel doesn't trap sand as much and is easier to shake off.
4. Thicker beach towels tend to be smaller in size.

The Beach Towel Games towel is the perfect thickness for traveling and drying and it will still dry you off completely! Plus because of the game factor of it you'll be glad that sand doesn't stick to it and is easy to shake-off.

When it comes to size it is one of the largest on the market at 65 inches by 36 inches. That's over 5 feet long!

No more lugging around party games this all comes in a plastic zippered bag with handles that is easy to carry. Take a game or two with you when you camp, go to the park, an outdoor concert and obviously to the beach or pool. One thing is for certain everyone will want to join in the fun!


- 3 Towel Games to Choose From
- Comes in Reusable Plastic Storage Bag w/ Handles
- Easy to Transport
- Machine Washable
- Extra-Large 65 x 36 Towel
- All Game Accessories Included w/ Towel
- Made of Polyester For Quick Drying and Durability
- Great to use by the Pool, Beach, Concerts, Camping, Parks, Backyards, and more

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