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BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam
BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam
BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam
BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam
BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam
BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam

BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam

BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam

Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $19.99  (50% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $15.98 (60% off)
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Sold Out
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Eliminate Glare! Enhance Color! Protection from UV Rays!

Get crystal clear vision when it matters most, with the BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam.

Made with high-tech polarized lenses, BattleVision sunglasses eliminates glare, enhances color, and provides your eyes with UV protection.

The one-size-fits-all unisex design makes it perfect for all outdoor, everyday activities - driving, cycling, golfing, fishing, hunting, various seasonal sports, and much more. Each pair includes a zippered, hard-shell case.

To clean, rinse with warm water, apply and rub-in a small amount of gentle soap, rinse, and dry with a clean soft cloth.

Features & Benefits:
- Includes 1 package of Battle Vision HD polarized sunglasses
- Uses High Tech Polarized Lens
- Eliminates glare
- Enhances color
- Provides UV protection
- Designed to be worn in bright sunny conditions
- Frame made with Sharp Memory Polymer
- Clear, Crisp HD Vision
- Includes zippered hard-shell case
- One-size-fits-most unisex design
- See more clearly while comfortably protecting your eyes
- Perfect for everyday activities, sports, driving, and more
- DO NOT use in place of regular eyeglasses and ANSI or ASTM safety glasses
- DO NOT clean lenses or frames with abrasive or ammonia based chemicals

Please Note: Our findings on the frames is that they are not quite as battle tough as the commercial will lead you to believe. Though the lenses are!

Review this item!

5 Stars  Battle vision Sunglasses 
Great sunglasses with no glare!!!

5 Stars  These Shades Are Awesome! 
Best darn shades Ive Seen or Owned!!Can wear them in Fog, rain, Snow and at Night.Last pair I Just ordered was for a Friend Who plays softball!

5 Stars  Easy viewing 
Makes everything clear without the glare

1 Stars  HD polarized sunglasses 
pitiful..inexpensive, you get what you pay for

5 Stars  Battle Vision HD Sunglasses 
I was pleasantly surprised at the exceptional vision these sunglasses provide. Very lightweight and good looking!

3 Stars  Good if you have a small head 
These are very good sunglasses and a bargain for the money. However after about an hour they cause pain at the temples. I dont have an overly large melon but that is my experience just the same. If you have a small head, buy them. If not, opt out.

5 Stars  Love the feel and look 
My two boys and I love them. We fish a lot and they are perfect!

5 Stars  These glasses really cut the glare! 
These glasses make a BIG difference in the amount of strain on my eyes due to glare. They also wrap around so that light does not come in from the side. My head is small and I find it difficult to find glasses that do not slide down my nose. These are snug but not too tight, stay on well and are very comfortable.

5 Stars  Good buy 
Nice product made well and especially like the shel case. Lightweight, yet sturdy. Good sun eye protection with no distortion.

4 Stars  Works well 
Provides protection from the glare

5 Stars  Value 
They are of a good value and quility

5 Stars  Battle vision hd sunglasses 
Theyre great love them. Gave a pair to my 11 year old granddaughter who is a softball player and she too loved them, besides she looks adorable in them

2 Stars  not as advertised 
These subglasses are no different than any other pair of glasses, except for the annoying color. Thr enclosed card for checking glare works for any pair of sunglasses. I would not buy.

5 Stars  New shades 
These sunglasses are stylish, sturdy, and priced right. Thats why I bought 2 pairs.

5 Stars  Battle vision sunglasses 
Love the glasses, really like the rap around to protect my eyes.

5 Stars  Polarized Sunglasses 
We are VERY pleased with the sunglasses. Easy on the eyes and dont darken the view like other glasses. We got 2 pairs and liked them so well we got 2 more, 1 for our son and a spare in case something happened to one of ours.

4 Stars  Better than the originals 
Frames are better than the original glasses I purchased on line.

4 Stars  Sunglasses 
works very well day and night.

3 Stars  Good 
to dark

5 Stars  Great Sunglasses ! 
I am enjoying my sunglasses ... they provide a soft & clear look at a sun-drenched day. They take away the piercing glare I noticed in previous pairs of sunglasses. Now I am ready for the Summer !

4 Stars  Turned out to be just what I was looking into 
What can I say, I was looking into this type of sunglass, and there they were. Pulse had them at a great price and they came in in record time. Now I know that you want to know about the performance of the glasses.There great, they do just what they say theyll do. I live on Merritt Island, FL lots of sun and use them every day. Buy-em youll like-em.

4 Stars  a little too tight on the ears 
The set is a bit too tight on the ears and after a few minutes start hurting. other than that a great product.

5 Stars  Battlefield Sunglasses 
Perfect fit and love the sun protection. They do not make the daylight dark just protects my eyes!! See everything clearly without making it dark. No glare!! Love these glasses.

4 Stars  BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses 
My only disappointment with the sunglasses is that the rubber earpieces mess up my hair. I know theyre there for a reason - to keep them from slipping. But I wear them only when Im not going anywhere special.

5 Stars  BattleVision sun glasses 
I have two pair of the BattleVision glasses, one in the car and one in the truck. The glasses are wonderful and I wear them every sunny day. Sure beat the regular sunglasses I was using.Great buy! I heartily recommend them.

5 Stars  Wonderful 
These sunglasses work better than any I have ever owned!

5 Stars  These Glasses are great 
Real no glare protection for a low price. Perfect for while riding a motorcycle.

5 Stars  Wonderful sunglasses 
Great sunglasses. Looks good. Good on sunny days to cut glare but great on cloudy days to sharpen visibility

Over the years Ive had a lot of sunglasses...living in Scottsdale AZ where sunglasses are an absolute must if you dont want to go blind from the wicked bright sun light-so YES these do minimize the amount of light striking your eyeballs BUT in the process SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your clarity of vision making everything appear hazy and in my opinion the trade off is simply not worth it! DONT BUY THESE!

4 Stars  Great value 
Like most people, I try to keep a few pairs of sunglasses handy. Bought these more for sports than for recreation and havent had a chance to use them on the golf course but they do seem well made, the case they come in is very well made as well.

3 Stars  Not impressed 
Bought two pair for my motorcycle riding. Fit okay, although glass maybe a tad small for me. 62 and 250 lbs. Local flea market glasses are $5 for UV protection.

4 Stars  Atomic sunglasses 
They are great I used them as safety glasses when Im cutting the grass.

5 Stars  BattleVision Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam 
They are the best that I ever had. They make going out into the sun a pleasure.My eyes have always been super sensitive to the glare, not any more. I love them.

5 Stars  Great for blocking the bright sunlight without limiting needed light. 
For the price you cant go wrong with these Sunglasses. My only criticism of these glasses is, that if your wearing them in bright light and you go into a low-light environment then the light available to see details that may be necessary for whatever you are doing, may be difficult to see. All in All certainly worth the price.

4 Stars  Good Filtered Vision 
Great clarity, definition and contrast of images compared to other sunglasses.

4 Stars  Great Glasses 
These are the best sunglasses Ive ever worn. The only downside is the frames are flimsy. After about two weeks, my wifes broke. However, PulseTV quickly sent a replacement pair. If you unfold the ear pieces at the hinges, youll have no problems.

5 Stars  Polarizes glasses 
The glasses are geat. Two of my Grandsons wanted a pair so this is where they went. Both are very happy but my 3rd grandson is unhappy with me because he didnt get a set of your great glasses

3 Stars  HD Polarized Sunglasses 
Not as Strong as I thought. There was another Pair that I will be looking at

5 Stars  Great Sunglasses 
Just had cataract surgery on both eyes. Have been wearing glasses since I was 5 years old. My vision now is wonderful and was able to purchase non-prescription sunglasses for the first time in my life. These were the ones I ordered and I am really glad that I did. The polarization factor provides the best detail in the sun or shade. I simply love them. Also the wrap around of the lenses helps keep out other light. I highly recommend them for anyone!

5 Stars  Sunglasses 
I like them although they are a little tight on my head.

4 Stars  Atomic Beam sunglasses 
My husband did not really care for them so he let me have. I liked the day I wore because they wrapped close to my dilated eyes keeping the sun out helping me from the glare of the sun.

5 Stars  Good Socks Working Just Fine. 
I have used the day sunglasses most. They are a help in seeing better with glare. God Bless.

3 Stars  sun glasses 
I am not happy with the way these block the sun and would return them if it was not so costly and involved

5 Stars  Great glasses 
Have used them daily since arriving and they are great

5 Stars  Excellent Performance 
Absolutely recommend.

5 Stars  Bright View 
Brightens view and clarifies as advertised. Good purchase.

4 Stars  very good 
Lens are very close to skin and smudge. Unable to adjust. Clarity and color are excellent.

5 Stars  No Glare 
After I received my sunglasses I went hunting the next weekend. Because I was wearing these I was able to bag 4 deer and their offspring in less than 5 hours.

5 Stars  nice glasses 
nice sun glasses makes looking at the sunlit world a little different love them and are comfortable to wear

5 Stars  Polarized Sunglasses 
The sunglasses are really cool. They allow you to see everything much clearer. You wont go wrong with the price.

5 Stars  Outstanding 
I have spent 10 times the price and never had a better pair. Light , comfortable and fit perfect. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  Battlevision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam 
Purchased 2 pair Quick delivery Great sunglasses for the price

2 Stars  not sunglasses 
I was hoping that they would help the glaremfrom the sun more - Im still squinting during the bright days.

2 Stars  Glare streaks 
I tossed after one use.

5 Stars  Great 
Really like these great job!

1 Stars  Not for someone who wears eye glasses 
I purchased these to see if they would fit over my eye glasses but they dont. So, I wasted my money. Cant say anything about their quality as Im not able to waer them.

5 Stars  Excellent 
Will be buying more

5 Stars  Outstanding! 
I believe these are about the best sunglasses Ive ever had.

5 Stars  Love them 
Love them thay work just like they say. Glad I got them.

5 Stars  Great deal 
I was happy with my glasses, and they definitely cut down on glare from the Sun. Everything is sharper when I wear these glasses

5 Stars  Polarized Sunglasses 
Very effective. Very good product for the money.

5 Stars  Bright and clear 
the sunglasses are very clear and bright while offering eye protection at the same time

4 Stars  Sunglasses 
Nice glasses but you see two small red dots almost like taillights when it is sunny out and look at a vehicle in front if you. Reflection goes away if you turn your head.

5 Stars  Great product 
You can really see clear with these glasses.

5 Stars  Glasses 
He loved them.

5 Stars  My Wife Likes Them 
We have tried many, many pairs of sunglasses over the years. These are the best ones by far. They reduce the glare and wrap around for less glare from the sides.

4 Stars  Glasses 
Good but was expecting even better

3 Stars  1st pair 
Glasses are descent but the 1st pair cracked on the top of the lens part I will have to put some super glue on it to fix it. I have a normal sized head so I dont know why the cracked. Didnt drop them hit them or anything like that they just cracked with just wearing them.

5 Stars  Awesome Glasses 
These are out of this world

4 Stars  Nice Glasses But Have Some Glare 
These are good quality glasses that are comfortable to wear. Creates a crystal clear image in most lighting conditions, but occasionally a few red dots will appear from bright light reflecting off of something. I also do not like the bright red/yellow color of the lenses.

5 Stars  Battle Vision HD Polorized sunglasses 
Love them. Nice wrap around feel. Excellent clarity

3 Stars  Not quite what I expected 
If one listens to TV advertisements of similar glasses the examples shown describe a more pronounced level of glare reducing results. I dont know it the TV advertisements are exaggerated or if the glasses are truly different. In any event, These fit well, they do reduce glare some, but I would not have bought them had I seen the level of reduction that I have experienced.

3 Stars  Polarized Sunglasses 
I dont care at all for the fit. They are too small tight fitting at the temple of the head.

4 Stars  See what your missing 
Very good sunglasses. Was hoping theyd fit a little better. Nose rest needed pads.

4 Stars  Better Than I Expected 
Great for playing golf and being out in the bright sun.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I bought these for my son, who is a medically retired Sniper and Ranger, who served 2 tours in Afghanistan. He loves the glasses, wears them every day and says they are the best he has ever had.

5 Stars  Tough 
Well made and Durable

5 Stars  glasses 
love these sunglasses

5 Stars  Great sun glasses for the price 
I bought five of these since I am always losing my sunglasses. they work great and the price was right.

4 Stars  I can see for miles and miles . 
I found myself not sqinting. I have owned many pairs of sunglasses. None of which I could look in the line of the sun without squinting. These, no problem. Real quality for an insane price. Buy a few!!!!

5 Stars  Sunglasses 
Excellent Item, All satisfied . Thank you.

5 Stars  Great Product & Great Value 
Love these glasses. I had to order 2 additional pairs for people that admired them. Saw others with similar glasses that paid significantly more.

5 Stars  fantastic buy. 
These work as well or not better than the ones that cost $20 or more than a pair. These hug your head better that the old ones I had that cost me $20. I bought two of these for less.

4 Stars  BattleVision 
The glasses work great, but the pair I bought my wife, they broke above the lens . I guess a motorcycle trip was to rough for them. I would still recommend these glasses they are great. Thats the reason I gave them a rating of 4 stars is because my wifes broke.

4 Stars  Eye glasses 
Very good Like the color, clarity over all great buy

5 Stars  Blocks Bad Rays! 
The sunglasses work pretty well. I actually havent seen things through the glasses that I cant see without them in real life as opposed to the disappearing Statue of Liberty picture > All in all Im very satisfied with them, especially at the price

5 Stars  BattleVision HD Polarized Sunglasses by Atomic Beam 
These are the best sunglasses I have ever bought. I liked them so much I just ordered 3 more pair for my friends.

4 Stars  H D Polarized Sunglasses 
So far they seem to be ok. I only use them when Im driving.I just HOPE they hold up well. Im hard on sun glasses.

5 Stars  polarized glasses 
the results were just as advertised. reduced sun glsre when driving.

5 Stars  Great sunglasses 
The colors are so crisp.

5 Stars  Battle vision sunglasses 
My husband and grandson love them.

5 Stars  great 
I bought 2 of these, one for me and one for my husband. They really allow you to see clearly in bright, blinding light driving against afternoon sun or just helping keep from squinting during a normal day. We really like them and would recommend. They are also very durable.

5 Stars  Polarized Sunglasses are best 
These are great, cut down glare, are stylish and come in a protective case. Glad I bought several.

3 Stars  Polarized glasses 
Though the polarization works the vision is very poor. I washed the glasses w warm water but the vision did not improve. I need clear vision at work. But do think they are ok safety glasses.

3 Stars  Glare away 
Works fair during the daytime I havent tried it at night for the glare of oncoming headlights

3 Stars  Nothing special but they look cool 
These arent as amazing as the TV ad makes them out to be, but they look cool and at Pulse TVs low price, its worth having a pair.

5 Stars  Nice shades 
Work as advertised. Very good sun and UV protection put together well with 4 screws. True wrap around, with no sun getting in, which, as a golfer, is very nice. Would recommend. Look at your local Walmart though first, just saw them there yesterday at season-ending clearance for $5.00.

5 Stars  Great Sunglasses 
These are super sunglasses. Makes everything sharp and clear.

5 Stars  Great Sunglasses 
Very great sunglasses. They do what they say they do. I may buy more.

5 Stars  Very Nice For The Price 
Quality was better than I thought it would be. Great for working in the yard.

4 Stars  Good Polarization 
These are great at reducing glare, however they dont fit so good when you use them with Rx glasses.

Review this item!
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