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Baggy Opener

Baggy Opener

Baggy Opener
Baggy Opener
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The Hands-Free Baggy Opener/Holder is like an extra set of hands, letting you fill your food storage bags easily, without all the mess.

Fill food storage bags like Ziploc without any mess.

Holding a baggy open with one hand while spooning or pouring food in with the other is tricky, often leaving you with food all over your table or countertop. The Baggy Opener by Jokari holds the bag upright for you with two simple plastic clips, letting you fill the container quickly and cleanly.

Works especially well with liquidy items like salsa or purees.

Adjustable arms allow you to extend the Baggy Holder to accommodate quart and gallon bags as well as sandwich bags. And when you're done with your leftovers, rinse the baggy out and place it on the Baggy Opener to let it air dry. The arms even fold flat for easy storage.

Keep these on your countertop and you'll never be frustrated by filling baggies again.


  • The Baggy Opener holds food storage bags for you
  • It's like an extra set of hands
  • Pour leftovers right in the bag
  • Fill food storage bags easily, without any mess
  • Adjustable arms let you fill quart and gallon bags too
  • Great for leftovers and food prep
  • Use as a rack to dry your baggies after use
  • Arms fold flat for easy storage

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Baggy Opener

Fill food storage bags easily, without any mess!