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BBQ Grilling Mat 2pk
BBQ Grilling Mat 2pk
BBQ Grilling Mat 2pk
BBQ Grilling Mat 2pk
BBQ Grilling Mat 2pk
BBQ Grilling Mat 2pk
BBQ Grilling Mat 2pk

BBQ Grilling Mat 2pk

BBQ Grilling Mat 2pk

Your Price: $3.91
Compare at: $19.99  (80% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
Just wipe it off, pop it into the dishwasher and you are ready to go again.

Say good-bye to scrubbing and scraping that char off the grill!

It's time to get more use out of that grill with the BBQ Grill Mat. This handy mat rolls out across the metal grid inside your grill making a smooth cooking surface. This allows you to throw on things like veggies, chicken wings, shrimp, bacon, kabobs, and delicate fish fillets hassle free and without the mess!

Nothing tastes quite like it does right off the grill - why not add that special something to more foods? Plus, it's WAY healthier than frying.

Made of an innovative high heat resistant material that won't stick to the grill. Professional-quality nonstick surface means burnt cheese and barbecue sauce slides right off - even fish never sticks.

Clean up is a breeze; they are dishwasher safe and you don't have to worry about fishing out bits of food from the bottom of your grill.

We love these and so will you! We've slashed our price so low that you can buy a bunch and give them to friends. They make great gifts.

- 2 Grill Mats
- Dual-Sided
- 100% Non-Stick Surface
- PFOA-Free
- FDA approved
- Stop food from falling through the cracks
- Keeps grill clean
- Reduces flare ups
- Can be trimmed to any size for a custom fit
- Reusable
- High Heat Resistant
- For indirect cooking on gas, charcoal, or electric grills
- Easy to clean
- Dishwasher Safe
- Do not use above 480°
- 15.75 X 13 inches

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Nice addition to B-B-Q utensils 
One trick I use is to use it like aluminum foil to cover slow grilling vegetables to keep in heat while preventing drying out. The sheets cool quickly for easy handling and cleaning and I don’t waste a sheet of aluminum foil. These grilling mats have become a nice addition to my array of barbecue utensils.

5 Stars
(2) Grille covers 
Very good. I bought several

5 Stars
(3) Good Product 
Good buy for grilling!

5 Stars
(4) Works great for me 
I tried the copper mats , purchased from a dept store and they were horrible. I thought for the price of these Ill try them and Im glad I did. They work as described, clean up of the mats was a breeze and my grill is clean. Be sure to preheat the grill first, these mats also add the grill marks to the food.

5 Stars
(5) great 
used it in the oven for chicken. nothing stuck to it. easy clean up too

5 Stars
(6) It really does work 
Besides keeping my food from falling into the coals, it also keeps the grill clean and my food is protected from any grim left on the grill.

4 Stars
(7) works fine 
Fine grill matt. Good quality

5 Stars
(8) Safe and easy 
I just stopped using foil. Now I use the cooking sheets. Hamburgers hotdogs and sausages cook real good on the sheets with no flair ups.

5 Stars
(9) BBQ Grilling Mat 
Excellent grill cover for cooking without leaving a mess. The only question I have is when it says reusable, Im not sure how to clean it so that it is reusable. The food does not stick to the mat at all. A nice feature of the mat. If you have a suggestion as to how I can clean all that grease off.....I would appreciate it and definitely order more mats. Really nice item. Ron
Hi Ronald! I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the Grilling Mat. Clean up is super easy...they are dishwasher safe. If you don't have a dishwasher then warm soap and water.
5/16/2019 - Paula

5 Stars
(10) Great Product 
They work as well as they are advertised to work.

4 Stars
(11) Grill mats 
Good product

5 Stars
(12) BBQ mats 

5 Stars
(13) Works as advertised 
I used one to cook some brats on my gas grill. Cooked them evenly with no flare ups. Even left grill marks on the meat. Clean up was easy although there was quite a bit of fat left on the mat. It came off easily with a paper towel after cooling off and then warm soapy water cleaned the mat perfectly. I let it air dry and it is ready to use again. It kept the fat out of my grill which I had just cleaned.

5 Stars
(14) GIFT FOR A FRIEND .... I mean a meal ! 
Great gift for those grilling friends of yours. Give em a mat, get an invite to a meal. Works every time!! ENJOY !

4 Stars
(15) BBQ grilling mats 
Excellent product!

5 Stars
(16) Great Burgers & Steaks ! 
This cooking mat is perfect for my grill ... Have used it for both Burgers and Steaks, and it works just fine... Also it is easy to clean. It certainly lives up to expectations ... !

5 Stars
(17) WOW! This is a great idea. 
I have been using Reynolds non-stick aluminum foil on my grill for years and thought is was a good idea. These grill mats beat the foil hands down. No stick. Easy clean up. Meats and veggies have a nice browning and no burning. Love them.

5 Stars
Easy to use and clean

5 Stars
(19) Outstanding 
Every one shoud have one

5 Stars
(20) It is good.!!! 
Much better than expected.

4 Stars
(21) Works well 
I had two of these before and they worked well but I misplaced them and had to buy two new ones. Nothing sticks, easy to clean up. Great for chicken tenders, shrimp, scallops, and veggies. Anything you want to grill but might fall through the grates. Good price too.

5 Stars
(22) Works Great 
Works great on the grill.

4 Stars
(23) Grilling mat easy to use, works great 
Only used this mat once. It was hard to clean all black marks from grilling over charcoal, but looks like it can be used at least 2 or 3 more times, maybe more. Mat held up to soap water & brilló pad cleaning.

5 Stars
(24) Great Product 
It works great on the grill. Your food comes out tasting good and in one piece. Glad I got it!

5 Stars
(25) Great grilling! 
The mat maked grilling clean up easy. Just put your food on the mat and grill to you preference. Then, just remove the grill mat and clean it. Its quick and easy. Best part, it keeps your grill clean. No more wire brushes to scrape off debris from the grill.

2 Stars
(26) poor 
Not pleased. No where near as good as the solid grill mats you have had in the past.

5 Stars
(27) copper grill mat 
This works great! I love it! So does my family....makes a great gift item for anyone, even a hostess gift!

5 Stars
(28) Copper BBQ Grilling Mat 
From what I have been told, this mat is fabulous.

5 Stars
(29) Grill Mat 
Have not used the mat yet. Look me up at some future date.

5 Stars
(30) Great grilling surface 
Surprisingly worked as advertise. Easy clean up with soap and water.

5 Stars
(31) Grilling mat 
Nice product. Works as it should. Nothing sticks to it.

5 Stars
love it.

5 Stars
love it.

5 Stars
love it.

4 Stars
(35) Copper BBQ Grilling Mat 
The mat worked well. Held all the food I was barbecuing. I was a little concerned with the clean up in that some of the stains from the olive oil and other sauces did not come out completely. The mat is still usable.

4 Stars
(36) Great For BBQing 
In the past after BBQing I would have to clench and scrap grill. With this after it cools just wipe off and ready for next time.

3 Stars
(37) Copper BBQ Grilling Mat 
Not as good as later model of same item. Too light weight.

4 Stars
(38) Copper BBQ Grilling Mat 
The Grilling Mat works great

5 Stars
(39) grill mats 
they work just fine

4 Stars
(40) Copper cooking bbq mat 
Bought 2 and have only used 1 so far and it is doing as advertised and easy to clean up.

4 Stars
(41) Lined the bottom of my oven with it.. 
Easy to clean when you have spills..

3 Stars
(42) Not too impressed 
This is a very flimsy mat. It feels like a piece of paper. I have used it once for burgers. The meat cooked fine but the mat is stained and will not come clean. It must be stored flat and I do not have room to lay it out.

Review this item!
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