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Virtual Reality Goggles for iPhone and Android Phones

Virtual Reality Goggles for iPhone and Android Phones

Virtual Reality Goggles for iPhone and Android Phones
Virtual Reality Goggles for iPhone and Android Phones
Compare at: $39.99  (92% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer on par with expensive headsets costing over $300.

What can you do with a headset like this? There are a TON of free games, apps, and videos to download for both iPhone and Android phones. Immerse yourself on a roller coaster in space, or sit down and watch a 3D video in a realistic movie theater. A good place to start is by downloading the Google Cardboard App to see what your phone is capable of!

The Youtube App on your phone is great for searching for immersive music videos, nature or historical tours and more.

Simply place your phone into the adjustable tray and put the comfortable padded headset onto your head. Adjustable head straps allow for a perfect fit, and adjustable lenses ensure proper focus.

Features and Benefits:
- VR Goggles for iPhones and Android Phones
- Turns your Smartphone into a Virtual Reality System
- Side Slots for Headphones
- Compatible with 3.5 to 6.0 inch Phones
- Play Interactive Games, Immersive 3D or 360 videos
- Adjustable Head Straps for Hands-Free Viewing
- Secure Phone Tray Slider
- Comfortable Padding
- 2 Direction Adjustable Lenses for Focusing
- Includes Lens Cleaning Cloth

3 Stars  I got my $4 worth. 
This VR headset is a joke if you want to game or watch Netflix VR or anything like that. You can download YouTube VR videos or apps like a lazy river and just hit play and watch, but there is no way to control your phone while it is in the headset. If thats all you want it for, its worth the money. If you need a controller with your VR headset, look elsewhere!

5 Stars  Still learning 
Havent figured out how to work it yet.

4 Stars  OK 
The Kids say they work

3 Stars  OK, but....... 
For the price these are very well made, but for those of us who wear glasses they dont work,as your glasses do not fit in them.

5 Stars  Not able to Rate 
This is a gift that has not been tried yet. Gave a 5 star because I have never been disappointed in anything from Pulse, so far.

5 Stars  Better than Described 
IF you are looking for VR Goggles, You will like this. Better than described, High Quality, Well Made, Clear Optics, Smooth Adjustments. Totally Satisfied. A Great Value. 5 Stars is not enough.

5 Stars  GREAT FUN 
I bought a bunch of these as gifts, Great reviews-I am now the man. I love Pulse TV items, they are always unusual and useful. And when there are sales, Wow! Feel free to use this review, with my name, in any way you choose.

5 Stars  Polaroid 52 pc Art Set 
Very cute and interesting unit loved by my nieces and nephews.

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Virtual Reality Goggles for iPhone and Android Phones