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As Seen On TV Quick Card Wallet With RFID Protection

As Seen On TV Quick Card Wallet With RFID Protection

As Seen On TV Quick Card Wallet With RFID Protection
As Seen On TV Quick Card Wallet With RFID Protection
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Warranties purchased at the time of product sale take effect on day 31 after purchase.

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  • Covers standard malfunctions & accidental damage.

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What's An Affordable Minimalist Wallet

Protect your sensitive information and payment options with one easy to use wallet that stores all of your cards in two slim organized compartments.

Throw your old, worn out, bulky wallet away because this is the last one you'll ever need! The Quick Card Wallet creates a cascade of cards for quick and easy visibility and access. It works simply by popping your cards up so you can easily remove the one you need. The secret is a spring-loaded lever that allows for easy visibility and access.

Made from virtually indestructible aluminum alloy with a black leather cover that snaps closed. Using RFID blocking technology - Quick Card Wallet will protect your credit cards, debit cards, and IDs from electronic pickpocketing, identity theft, and fraud.


  • Fits 12 Cards
  • Made of Aluminum Alloy
  • No More Bulky Unorganized Wallet
  • Creates Easily Accessible Cascade of Cards
  • RFID Blocking Technology Prevents Electronic Theft
  • Fits Perfectly into any Pocket, Purse, Clutch, and More
  • For Men and Women
  • Dimensions: 2.5"W x 4"H x 1" Thick

5 Stars  Multi-card wallet 
Excellent product for easily retrieving credit and other cards.

3 Stars  Ok 
Like the credit card slots. Just like the advertisement. Don t care for where you put your cash or lack of area for cash

4 Stars  Convenient 
Haven t loaded them yet. But If they don t work, will surely let you know.

5 Stars  Handy wallet 
Works well cards easy to access.

4 Stars  quick card wallet 
I love the wallet for credit cards but it needs more space for cash

5 Stars  Quick Card wallet - RIFD 
I love this wallet. It fits in any size purse, plus even men love the idea they can keep it in their front pocket. You don t have to worry about anyone being able to hack your credit cards.

4 Stars  Fair 
The place for the money was horrible. The money would not stay in and would only hold a few bills until it would be too thick and would not snap.I suggest that cut down on a few credit cards to provide for more space for bills.

5 Stars  Quick Card is great. 
Exactly what I had hoped for. Easy, convenient, good price.

5 Stars  great size 
this holds everything and fits in pocket so nice. Like the protection it gives.

2 Stars  Wallet Malfunction 
I bought 2 wallets the last time they were sold on this site. Both wallets lost the tension in the card holders and cards fell out. Very dangerous.

5 Stars  GREAT 
love it!! great product!!!!

5 Stars  Great Wallet 
Easy to find credit cards and cash. Small enough to fit into my small purses. Credit Cards are protected my being stolen.

2 Stars  Too bulky for my needs. 
I always need something to hold my Id and cards. I thought it would be perfect. I only have so much room in my bag, therefore it didn t work.

4 Stars  Quick card wallet 
Okay but a little cumberson to use

5 Stars  Quick Card Wallet 
I purchased this item for my wife who is constantly changing purses and leaving various cards in each purse. She now conveniently carries all cards, including driver Lic. and ID in one neat, compact case. The cascading effect does not shoot out the cards, but pushes them out far enough to easily select the card she needs.

4 Stars  Really Handy Wallet 
Love this wallet! It would have been 5 stars if there were a place to put currency and coins but when you fully load it up with plastic/metal cards, it wont hold more and still close. All the pouches are open so coins cannot be secured.

5 Stars  It really works. 
I was pleasantly surprised, it really works,iIt makes a compact wallet. I like lt!

5 Stars  Quick Card Wallet 
I must say that I really like my Quick Card Wallet from the ease of use to the sleek design. this is one product I wont be sending back.

2 Stars  Quick Card Wallet 
Not a sturdy product and not comfortable in the back pocket. Not enough space for bills and any other pieces of notes.

4 Stars  wallet card holder 
somewhat large to carry in pocket-- possibly ok in a purse. i keep it in glove compartment of car and take out when needed. great item.

5 Stars  Quick Card Wallet 
Husband would like a better place for money . Says he can not use it .

4 Stars  Compact, efficient card holder 
Convenient, easy way to dispense and return cards without falling out. Dont know how faux leather cover will hold up over time. Wont hold money bills.

4 Stars  Quick Wallet 
The idea is great. One thing that should be mentioned when advertising it is to inform them not to be forceful when pulling on those tabs. They are not meant to be rough handled. Otherwise its a nice small compact wallet.

5 Stars  great wallet 
Love the flip feature to display credit cards

4 Stars  works 
solid and works

5 Stars  Quick Card Wallet 
Very cool item, especially if it keeps the hackers from skimming your credit card information. Very easy to use, convenient and no more fumbling through your cards to find which one you want to use.

5 Stars  Great 
Neatest and handiest portable wallet.

1 Stars  Dont buy 
its a cool idea but the card ejecting thingy SUCKS! it pops them ALL up at once.

3 Stars  credit card wallet 
The card holder does raise up the credit cards when the lever is opened but unlike what is seen in the picture, they do not raise up in a fanned fashion. The cards all pop up together at the same level which means you have to move them to see the cards behind the first one.

4 Stars  Very good as long as loaded correctly 
I have been using this since I received it. The only issue I have is that the cards must be securely seeded so they dont fall out. May have been operator error, but one card fell out and luckily a friend saw it before it was lost.

5 Stars  I really glad I purchased 
I have several cards and this wallet makes it much easier to get to them

4 Stars  Quick care wallet 
I find it very convenient and easy to use

4 Stars  Everything a wallet is suppose to be! 
Have been using it for several weeks. Cards are easily accessible. Room for paper money. I do not use my wallet for coins and this one doesnt seem to have space for them anyway. The material seems a little on the cheaper side but the cost is definitely good. For and effective and handy everyday wallet, I recommend it.

5 Stars  Great deal! 
I am very satisficed with this Quick Card Wallet! It makes it easy to find a card fast rather than have to fumble through the plastic pockets in my regular wallet.

1 Stars  Do not purchased this item not very good. 
This wallet is ok minimum but I suggest other wallets. There is no room to really hold your cash unless its one or two bills.

3 Stars  Works well! 
A bit to small for my storage of other documents I need to carry. Also not enough room for bills. Still all in all a good way to carry Credit and bank cards, plus ID cards.

5 Stars  Most compact wallet ever 
All my credit cards in a small carrier with the ability to access any one of them at the flick of a lever. Perfect!

5 Stars  Quick card wallet 
its a nice wallet very compact the only problem I have is that if you have a Lot of money the wallet wont close so I have to take a lot of the money out of the wallet to close it unless Im putting the bills in the wrong way but I dont think so.

5 Stars  great !! 
works just like it said it would

5 Stars  Very practical and useful 
This card holder works great. Way better then my last one. Very sturdy and compact. The ease of getting my cards is fantastic. Privacy and protection is a nice benefit.

5 Stars  great compact wallet 
I like the way it has two sides and holds 16 cards with no problems, the snap side gives you room to carry cash too, nice wallet for the price, would highly recommend

3 Stars  Too Bulky 
Nice idea, but too bulky. Its like a deck of cards in your pocket.

4 Stars  compact and works fairly well 
The only problem I had was that the cards dont pop up far enough and one may have needed tweezers to pull out.

I like it because I was always fumbling trying to get the card i wanted this shows them all perfectly.

1 Stars  Quick card wallet 
Didnt think it would be so uncomfortable in pocket, hard to get cards out.

5 Stars  RIGHT ON!!! 
Works as advertised...LOVE IT!!

2 Stars  not enough room 
with more than one bill the wallet will not close. do not recommend

5 Stars  Absolutely love the Quick Card Wallet 
This wallet holds all the Credit/Debit cards I use including my passport card, Drivers License, Insurance Id card etc. It fits easily in my pocket and the mechanism works smoothly to show the cards and identify them for easy access. Worth 3 times the cost.

3 Stars  card wallet 
a little too thick to fit in pockets but otherwise, holds many cards

1 Stars  Stuck 
The wallet does not push the cards out as easy you all portray it to be. The cards dont slide up with ease!!!

2 Stars  Card wallet 
This wallet works like advertise however It is too bulky it will not contour to body when in your Back pocket too stiff

4 Stars  Works 
This wallet is not the best looking, but I do like how it holds the credit cards, and how easy it is to pull them out and put them back.The inside is awful plastic,but Ill probably never use, but I will continue to use it to hold all my credit cards. I couldnt give it 5 stars because of the thin plastic inside. Thank you

5 Stars  Great Wallet 
I love my Quick Card Wallet. I have all my credit cards and store discount cards in one place. It is very easy to use and I can easily pop out a card to put in a clutch if I am going out. I has made my wallet lighter and I can all put a pick of extra cash in it.

1 Stars  CHEAP 
Ok if you only use credit cards. If you use cash no room.

1 Stars  Very Poor Product!! 
I was very disappointed in this product, and after my credit cards fell out again and again, I stopped using it!!

3 Stars  Good idea--Too clumsy 
Much easier to flip open my old aluminum card case.

4 Stars  quick card wallet 
I really like this wallet. easy to get cards and license out when needed. Just a little bulky, but still a very nice item.

3 Stars  better if handy place for currency 
not convenient for money

4 Stars  Works so far 
I Purchased this wallet because of the credit card number thefts Ive had in the past. So far its working but it is a little difficult at times to grab the exact card you want to use.

5 Stars  Love it 
So easy to use and compact

5 Stars  Love this new version 
I enjoyed my metal-outside non-hack wallet until I got this one. It is more comfortable in my pocket, in my hand, everywhere. Men, do yourselves a favor and get this wallet!

4 Stars  It is pretty good 
It is very easy to use I like what it does and this is one product that stand behind all advertisement I am so happy

3 Stars  Could work better 
My cards dont spread like video. 2 and 3 cards hard to get. They come up almost the same height as 1st card.

4 Stars  Works As Advertised 
It really works just as advertised. Was skeptical when ordering, didnt think it would work so well. I carry a minimum number of cards and ID and this wallet fit the bill. The cards pop up and are easy to remove and replace back in same spot easily. Just wished they used real leather.

5 Stars  Were enjoying it 
Hated trying to pull out a card or license from my wallet. A few times used wrong card for a purchase. Its easier now and my wife likes hers also.

4 Stars  bulky 
At first, I was very happy with this but I came to find it too rigid and bulky in my pants pocket, I carry it in a front pocket, not a rear one.

5 Stars  Card Wallet 
Works great and lets me get my cards promptly

4 Stars  works well 
some times all cards dont come out but happy that its very compact

5 Stars  Quick Card Wallet 
I loaded 12 cards into the wallet. Closed the wallet. Then I proceeded to test it by pulling one of the 2 tabs and the cards lined up with the first the highest and the rest slightly lower than the first. Absolutely easy to store and extract. Among the best products I have purchased from Pulse tv.

5 Stars  Greatly for credit cards and auto cards. 
Very good way to keep your important credit cards and driving license and any kind of identification items. My wife and myself love them.

5 Stars  Fantastic Wallet 
Not only does this wallet keep your cards totally safe but it is very easy to remove them for use and extremely compact! I love it

5 Stars  Great deal! 
I like the protection and compact size!

5 Stars  Quick Card Wallet 
I love the wallet It is well made and durable. It has easy access to your cards which is manageable to get to when making purchases and stores my insurance card and dollars very well. Thanks

5 Stars  well satisfied 
bought 2 of them ,she loves hers to many thanks

Love how I am able to retrieve my IDs/bank cards with struggling

5 Stars  Quick card wallet 
After a recent purchase of a secure hinged wallet, it fell apart after a few uses! When I saw this product, I immediately knew this was for me. I have used it many times already and have found it very sturdy and easy to use. I highly recommend this wallet!!

5 Stars  A Better Mousetrap 
Works great, I love the popup! Holds 12 cards in popup, I put soft cards like SS card, insurance in inside pocket.

1 Stars  Big Bulky,and doesnt work for me. 
Very big and uncomfortable when in pocket. I can not recommend this Wallet.

4 Stars  Great Wallet 
Moved everything over to this wallet as soon as I got it. Cards come out great, size is nice and small, I like the added security. Only ding is I cant find a good place to keep cash in it, no easy slot to put folding money in. But overall, looks nice and works well.

1 Stars  Not worth buying 
This wallet is not made well and your credit cards keep falling out, not good at all. The area to keep money in is very flimsy, and theres nothing that a good old fashioned rubber band can fix. Good idea but not made well at all.

5 Stars  Very Nice And Useful Wallet 
I Like The Design And Its Very Useful And Safe!

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As Seen On TV Quick Card Wallet With RFID Protection

Protect your sensitive information and payment options with one easy to use wallet that stores all of your cards in two slim organized compartments.