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Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Car Charger
Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Car Charger
Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Car Charger
Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Car Charger
Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Car Charger
Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Car Charger

Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Car Charger

Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Car Charger

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The Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter is the convenient all-in-one solution for cars that don't have Bluetooth capabilities.

You can connect your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth or via Bluetooth or through the 1A USB port.. Whichever way you choose, a powerful onboard FM transmitter streams your music, podcasts, or audiobooks to your car's speakers in Hi-Fi Stereo. It works just like a radio station. Simply set the desired station frequency displayed on the LCD screen with the "track skip" buttons, then turn your car's radio to the same station. You can also hook up a USB device or Flash Drive with music files by plugging it into the 1A port.

This transmitter features dual USB ports with a total output of 3.1 Amps so that you can charge two devices at once. The 2.1 Amp port allows for rapid charging and is even powerful enough to charge a tablet.

The onboard buttons give you control over various phone functions. The "phone" button works as a play/pause function, while the track skip buttons search through your music library. These buttons also work as volume control by holding them down.

The built-in microphone picks up your voice in clear digital sound for convenient and safe hands-free calling.

Since you plug this device into your car's DC socket, you never have to worry about your battery life. It's the perfect companion on a long road trip or in a rental car. If you have a data plan on your phone you can even stream sites or services like Pandora while you drive.

Features and Benefits
- FM Transmitter with Built-In Microphone
- Offers Convenient Hands-Free Calls
- Wirelessly Stream Audio From a Bluetooth-Enabled Device
- Charge 2 Devices At Once(3.1A Total Output)
- Includes A 3.5mm Audio Output And Cable
- Stream Phone Calls, Music, Podcast, Audio Books And More
- Hi-Fi Stereo Sound
- LCD Display Screen
- Bluetooth 4.2 Smart Technology Enabled
- USB Port Compatible With Flash Drives
- Compatible With Smartphones, iPhones, And Androids
- Easy Setup

Review this item!

3 Stars
(1) I can connect my phone to it 
Installed on my truck and have to put volume real high and have some static

1 Stars
(2) did not work continuosly 
intermittent power at best

2 Stars
(3) Bluetooth FM Transmitter 
The charger works great, but the bluetooth has a lot of static on it, and has to be turned up loud. It may be because I cant find a good non-station with white noise but havent been able to find that station. So not as happy with it as all of the other products Ive gotten from PulseTV!

4 Stars
(4) Easy install 
Worked out of the box. Not many clear frequencies on car radio FM so a bit of a hiss occasionally. And not a very strong signal. Just acceptable.

1 Stars
(5) Sound volume in my speaker stays low 
When it connects to Bluetooth I can’t raise the sound it doesn’t go high I check the sound on my device and it’s on loud but the sound is still low

1 Stars
(6) Bluetooth Transmitter 
Radio has to be turned up to maximum to get any sound. Sound quality is average, about half the volume of a normal FM station. I think Ill try the cassette adapter next.

5 Stars
(7) Why did I wait 
The transmitter works great, did not have Bluetooth in my vehicle so I decided to give this a try. I am not disappointed received the transmitter put in car followed the directions and in 5 minutes I have Bluetooth. If you need Bluetooth in your car I highly recommend.

5 Stars
Cant drive without it !

5 Stars
(9) So easy to program and use 
I have recommended this gadget to all of my friends.

5 Stars
(10) These are great ! 
My daughter hooked hers up right away. It was fast and easy and I can hear her quite clearly !

5 Stars

5 Stars
(12) FM transmitter 
Work grait but limited on volume

5 Stars
(13) Armor All Bluetooth 
I bought this really not expecting too much so I only bought one since my car doesnt have bluetooth, I was impressed it really works! so im buying one for my wifes car too.

5 Stars
(14) Great product for the price ArmourAll Bluetooth Transmitter 
VERY happy with the Bluetooth to FM transmitter ! Instructions were clear and concise , and worked . Now I can listen to my own music selections from my personal library via tablet to ArmourAll transmitter to car stereo . Wonderful ! There is a slight background hiss , but at road speeds it will be lost in background noise .

5 Stars
(15) Works as expected! 
I use mine to access my 400 songs that I have on my Kindle. It works great. I only had difficulty finding an open FM station that didnt have static. Now I dont listen to my radio. The bluetooth is perfect for a connection!

5 Stars
(16) Great product 
I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler that has great speakers, but a cassette tape was newest playing capability. This works beautifully allowing me to use an old iPod loaded with music. It also can charge iPod when needed. Can use with phone of course too.

4 Stars
(17) Hands free adapter 
This product works excellent. Would recommend it to anyone for hands-free service while driving.

5 Stars
(18) Works great but.... 
Every feature works great. Only issue was the unit was a loose fit in the cig lighter socket. So, I applied two narrow strips of duct tape to each side of the FM transmitter unit and now, the FM transmitter fits nice and snug in the cig lighter socket. Now I can listen to internet radio and use my cellphone hands free in my 20 year old Pontiac.

5 Stars
(19) Better than I expected 
I drive a 2003 Truck that does not have bluetooth or hands free capability. This little device gives me both. It was easy to install and works awesomely.

4 Stars
(20) Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter/Car charger 
Seems to work well.

3 Stars
(21) So So 
The charger works well and does fast charge. The reception through the radio for blue tooth does work, but it is weak and has too much background noise.

5 Stars
(22) Once set up it works perfectly 
It took this non-techy old guy a bit of time to set up, but once I had it, it worked beautifully. I never listen to my radio, so its plugged in and ready all the time. Voice clarity is exceptional on both ends. I also like being able to charge two devices at once, like smart phone and GPS. A winner.

4 Stars
(23) Good Older Car Bluetooth Option 
I like the procduct for my older car that does not have Bluetooth. Works fine except the sound on the speakers in the car has a hiss when playing my music from the FM station. Maybe if try out different channels, it would improve.

2 Stars
(24) Choppy at best 
Wish I never got it cause it has very poor Bluetooth reception. I always revert back to my iPhone so Ivan hear people and they can hear me. There is no interference on the fm channel either. Don’t buy one

3 Stars
(25) confusing 
takes much too long to implement

3 Stars
(26) Works - - but 
The unit works as promised but has so much RF splatter or radio interference that it blocks whole segments of the FM band! While it is turned on, to allow you to listen to other channels nearby, you must unplug the unit to clear the air wave interference!

1 Stars
(27) Not impressed 
We could not get it to play music loud enough through the speakers it was real low sound. There was a lot of static too.

5 Stars
(28) works good 
works good easy to set up nice having my phone come through it

5 Stars
(29) Armor all Bluetooth FM Transmitter 
Excelent for old cars.

3 Stars
(30) Armor All Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Car Charger 
Not easy to program to your car stereo if you have a older vehicle.

5 Stars
(31) Bluetooth transmitter 
Product arrived in a timely manner as always. Easy to install and use. I am very pleased with the product and the service.

5 Stars
(32) Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Charger 
Excellent product at a great price.

Review this item!