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Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light
Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light
Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light
Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light
Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light
Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light
Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light

Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light

Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light

Compare at: $24.99  (68% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Reduce strain on your back, knees, legs and feet while walking or hiking with the Telescopic Walking Stick. It provides better balance, traction and posture; designed for all different types of walks.

This NEW and IMPROVED model features a pivoting COB Flashlight built-into the handle that is brighter and more energy efficient than the LED light from the original model at the same low price. Sure to always light your path!

The Telescopic Walking Stick is constructed of extra-light yet strong aluminum alloy. Increase hill climbing power and endurance.

Features a built-in antishock mechanism that reduces strain on your hands and wrists when descending on hard and rocky terrain. It also comes with a durable handy wrist strap.

- Built-In Antishock Mechanism
- COB light with 90 degree inclination (powered by 4 x AG13 Button Cell INCLUDED)
- 3-Section adjustable telescopic pole
- 120 Lumens
- Easy Twist lock system
- Made of lightweight aluminum metal, STRONG and LIGHT to use
- Ergonomic grip handle, comfortable feel
- Wrist strap provides support for your arm
- Adjustable length from approximately 21" to 44"
- Removable trekking (mud/snow) basket to prevent tip from sinking into soft dirt or sand
- Can be easily carried in a backpack when retracted
- Suitable for people of all sizes

Review this item!

5 Stars  Just right 
Good weight. Works well. Great price!

5 Stars  Great Walking Stick 
I prefer the walking stick position. It is nice to know that I can also use it as a cane.

5 Stars  Telescopic Cane 
The best feature on this cane is shock absorber, it makes walking so much more comfortable.

4 Stars  Adjustable Cane does the job. 
This is a comfortable light-weight adjustable cane. The built-in flashlight is handy. I wouldnt trust it on the trail though, it isnt built for rough use. Ive been warned that the TSA wont let you carry it on a plane, because of the sharp tip.

4 Stars  Butch 
Will really help in winter on snow and ice

3 Stars  Rubber tips dont have a steel washer at the bottom. 
The rubber tips dont have a steel washer at the bottom to prevent the steel tip from poking through the bottom of the rubber tip. I found the rubber tips on the Internet that have the steel washers and replaced the rubber tips thus preventing the rubber tips from being ruined. The manufacturer of the walking stick should be informed to use rubber tips with a steel washer on the bottom of the rubber tips rather than using only rubber. This is a design flaw in the manufacturing of the walking stick and this needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Otherwise, this is a very good walking stick thats comfortable to use.

5 Stars  Great cane 
Love it

3 Stars  Not bad 
Its ok not bad. Its designed weird but works ok. Flashlight is in a weird spot and handle is uncomfortable but ok

5 Stars  Great product 
This exceeded my expectation which was great. It did exactly what the said itd do & the light was really nice & bright. It compacted small enough to carry around easily until you were ready to use it.

5 Stars  nice walking stick 
good price for the stick and very convenient.

3 Stars  Flimsy 
For me, an 66 250lb male, its rather flimsy. I have to have it fully extended and its still not quite long enough for me. At that length there is not much stability at all.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Love it. Lots of Flexibility.. Best Value and Well Made.

5 Stars  Best Ever 
Could not ask for anything better than this cane....its tops

5 Stars  Walking Stick - Great Buy 
This is essentially the same walking stick being sold for up to four times more at sporting good stores. Solid, compacts down and highly recommended for hiking, long walks, etc.

5 Stars  Walking stick 
Great buy, my Husband loves it!

3 Stars  Walking Stick 
Does not hold position well. although tightened as much as possible it tends to slip while waslking

5 Stars  Walking Stick 
Excellent for walking...I bought one for each hand

1 Stars  Pure junk! 
Poorly made, very chincy, nothing worth a dime!

1 Stars  Not So Stable, But The Light Works 
This cane is NOT easy to set and trust it so you can use it. I find this cane to NOT be stable enough for me to rely on, but THE LIGHT WORKS WELL! Thats right, a good headlight, but I wanted a pair of STABLE canes. They turned out to be very difficult to set the height and trust. Flimsy, light-weight, as well! I rate this cane as NOT STABLE ENOUGH! NOT A GOOD BUY!

5 Stars  Wonderful for my confidence in walking. 
This walking stick is very helpful for my confidence in walking.

5 Stars  Very Handy walking stick 
Light weight, comfortable handle, quite rigid when extended this walking stick is another of the many items bought from PulseTV that I am very happy with

3 Stars  Only OK, not great! 
A bit more flimsy than I anticipated. Would have liked the actual cane portion to be stronger metal.

5 Stars  Walking Stick 
Excellent ! Works well !

1 Stars  Absolute Trash 
I am not joking. I was foolish enough to buy two of these, and they are going directly into the trash. I could see the thinnest bottom segment bend as soon as I leaned on the walking stick. Trying to walk with this flimsy thing would put my well-being at risk.

3 Stars  Needs Improvement 
The handle is not as comfortable as my other cane. It could be improved by eliminating the compass - which is virtually worthless anyway. I like the spring loaded shaft but it has an annoying squeak. I tried oil but, so far, the squeak persists.

5 Stars  Great Walking Stick 
This is the third one I have had. The first two broke easily. This one is much stronger and excellent to use and work with on rough ground. The light is very useful for walking the dog at night, or any walking, very bright.

5 Stars  Love it! 
Came right on time. My husband loves it! We do a lot of camping and it will be perfect. Thank you, Terry Rebando

4 Stars  Nice for the price. 
Handy little cane. I keep it in my car. Easy to maneuver around with.

5 Stars  light your way to safety 
light, shock resistant, the flashlight is fabulous, allows you to walk safely when needed. Just bought another one for my Mom. Thank you Pulse

4 Stars  She loves it! 
Great item! Got my girlfriend one for her birthday! She only uses that cane all the time! Wish the light had a switch instead of just tightening the bulb, but it is still a good product at a great price!

5 Stars  Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light 
They are good. I have great difficulty walking due to traumatic injuries, surgeries and painful medical issues. I had been using a cumbersome assortment of canes and crutches. The walking sticks are very lightweight and easy to use. Actually, the ones I just bought are not for me. They are for the girl who cuts my hair because she saw mine and wanted to take them away.

4 Stars  Good 
Good quality

5 Stars  thank you very much 
some things just come in so timly and handy

3 Stars  Walking Stick 
This is perfect for people under 6 ft tall. I am 6 feet and the extension of the walking stick isnt enough. I like to find out if they have a larger version.
Hi Phil! The Walking Stick has and extension of 21 inches - 44 inches. We don't currently have a Walking Stick with a longer extension. However continue to check out our website as we are getting new products on a weekly basis.
3/12/2019 - Paula

1 Stars  Not good quality 
The walking sticks were difficult to adjust and slipped very easily. Not recommended
We have made a special video on how to tighten the Walking Stick. Check out our FAQ's tab on this page to view the video and get other helpful hints.
3/5/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  Quality product 
Great walking stick. Telescopic, handy when going up stairs. Just purchased my second one.

3 Stars  Flimsy 
The walking sticks are inexpensive, compared to others like them but they are hard to adjust and they do not stay adjusted. Mine is constantly being pushed lower as I use it and I cannot tighten it enough to make it stay where I want it.

5 Stars  Very sturdy yet very lite weight 
Great product at a great price. I bought the walking sticks for my husband who had a heart attack. 1 is kept and used everyday at our house and the other we keep in the car. Easy to adjust the height and the anti-shock feature is a real plus. Could not be more satisfied.

4 Stars  Good walking aid 
It helps your balance when walking or hiking. Well made and adjustable.

5 Stars  Walking Stick/Cane 
Works great could have had some instructions would have taken a couple of minutes to adjust instead of 10 minutes.

5 Stars  Great Deal 
I ordered two. Great looking and seem sturdy. For the price they cant be beat time will tell how they hold up. Im happy with my purchase.

5 Stars  Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick 
I have to say I was a little suprised at this walking stick because I have had back surgery. This telescopic walking stick let me adjust the height exactly the way I wanted it. It also has a anti-shock,which takes the pressure off of my back when I walk. The last thing I have say is that it definitely makes for a good conversation piece about all the little bells and whistles such as the light, the tip, and the compass. Most of all it is very sturdy, this was my main concern, but It is a very good Walking Stick.

5 Stars  walking canes 
good buy

5 Stars  great for the price 
Handy to store reliable to use. Im getting mom a second one!

5 Stars  So small 
Stores easy collapses to almost nothing the spring makes for comfortable use

3 Stars  Walking stick 
Once you learn how to lock and operate it, its good. Also the batteries were dead.

3 Stars  dont buy 
Light is great but the cane will not stay adjusted
Hello Earl, To extend the walking stick and lock it into place you would hold the top part of the stick in place and twist the bottom potion until it is tightened.
2/8/2019 -

5 Stars  Great for Hiking! 
I use this all the time wandering around the backcountry. Love it!

4 Stars  Anti-Shock Telescopic Walking Stick with Light 
I bought two, since I live in a 2 story Townhouse. I take the one from downstairs to the car, back and forth as needed. The Light is sensitive, so it must be turned way off, or it flashes when the stick hits the ground. Otherwise...Good results.

5 Stars  Walking sticks 
I have given 4 away so far and all have stopped using their old canes and are using these.

1 Stars  NO! 
Very hard to get to stay extended, slips back down when any weight is put on the walking stick. I would not recommend this product

5 Stars  Excellent Productively I 
Great features. Excellent quality.poP l

2 Stars  Not exactly a sturdy stick. 
I got a couple of these to have around when its icy outside and I liked the idea that they could be collapsed. Unfortunately, they collapse while you are using them if you put any downward pressure on them! And the light has no on/off.

3 Stars  Does not support 
The height adjustments do not lock in place properly. I was in a sitting position, and grabbed them to help me to stand up, they just started to release holding height, sliding shorter. Had I been hiking, I would have fell down. Some of the joints did hold sometimes, but I wouldnt trust them. I am not all that tall at 52. These have springs to give a bit of give, but it is important to hold position under pressure.

4 Stars  Good 
Good walking sticks

5 Stars  Wonderful 
I absolutely love my walking sticks. This is the second set Ive ordered. Love the idea of having a light at night so I dont have to turn lights on. I use them as a cane in the house and as walking sticks outside. Couldnt be happier. Thank you !

2 Stars  Not recommended 
Collapsed well. Light works.. once you figure it out. Other than that this was very flimsy. Questionable as to how much weight it would support. Handle is uncomfortable. Provides no support.

2 Stars  Walking stick 
Not sure thought it folded to be easier to take. It doesnt tighten easy,which makes me causing in using it

1 Stars  It looked good but failed 
I bought this for my Dad and it would not stay extended
Hi John - I'm sorry to hear your dad had a problem getting the Walking Stick to extend. To extend the walking stick and lock it into place you would hold the top part of the stick in place and twist the bottom potion until it is tightened.
2/5/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  Why I love this Walking Stick 
This device can really come in handy when you need some assistance when walking and or hiking. Plus, it also has a flashlight so it could also help in the dark and it can easily be taken apart for easy storage. WHATS NOT TO LOVE!!!

5 Stars  Best cane ever 
I use mine all day long, when I climb stairs I shorten it to make it easier. Try it youll love it,

5 Stars  Popular gift 
I ordered the first as a gift. It was such a hit I ordered 2 more for gifts. The spring is the most popular thing about them. Everyone who has one is very pleased thus far.

3 Stars  Just ok 
Seems to be sturdy. Suggest that instructions be included with product.

5 Stars  Steady As He Goes 
Impressed with the product and Price ! I really like cushion effect as I walk !! on dark paths.. Keeps me steady on stairs as well.. Thank You..

3 Stars  Cane 
The first one had the light broken off. I called and a second cane was delivered. It arrived in good shape. The locking system on this difficult to use. I put pressure on it and the cane compressed by about 2 inches. Not good

3 Stars  The shock absorber is nice, but... 
The quality is reflected in the price. People with small hands should be pleased with their purchase. The rest of us may have to keep searching, but the shock absorber is a real plus. Would not by this as a gift, as I dont know of any children in need of a cane. If I did, this would be a wonderful item.

3 Stars  Okay 
Not as useful as hoped it would be.

4 Stars  A decent stick 
I have used it on two occasions. It supports my weight, 245lbs. I wouldnt use it as a cane, but its just fine as a walking stick. Light works great.

2 Stars  not good 
I bought it for my husband .He was not able to use it ,because part of the cane was loose, kept push itself down when he tried to fixed it for his height which is 5.8 inches . it was good for my height 5.1 very disappointment .The only good thing in it is the light good and helpful in dark .

5 Stars  Yep, its a great walking stick. 
Well, the light fell off but a small sheet metal screw fixed that. The stick comes with NO instructions but its simple to figure out. Two things you might want to know about 1. Theres a small card board disc that has to be removed for the light to work. Unscrew the lens to the light to get to the batteries and remove the disc. 2. The telescoping part that has the spring shock absorber will lock up if inadvertantly if turned to the left. To get the spring action back, rotate the tube to the right 1/8th of a turn.

2 Stars  walking stick 
I bought 2 of these to use as a cane. If you ever tried one that way, youd find the handle is poorly designed. It hurts the palm of your hand. Trying to learn to walk again after back surgery is bad enough. Your product doesnt help at all.

4 Stars  walking stick 
Well i havent tested it on a hike yet, but it seems to be all the ad said it was. Once adjusted and tightened it seems very sturdy and secure. I am looking forward to spring thaw so i can get out and use it.

5 Stars  Great 
This is just what i needed very happy.

4 Stars  Walking Cane is Winter Security! 
Last year, I bought several of these and gave some to my siblings, keeping two for myself. I dont require canes to walk, but my home sits 100 yards off the highway, at a rural location. Mail is delivered to me at a mailbox that sits on that road. Walking to get the mail has always been a hazardous winter task for me, and now that I am getting up in years, I am quite wary of falling down on hard packed snow and ice. These canes give me the stability and confidence to make the trip without incident. My only criticism is that the batteries used in the flashlight portion are button batteries, which are harder to find, and costlier to use. I would have been far more satisfied if they used one AAA battery instead! Also, the flashlight head twists to turn on/off, so you have to be careful not to turn the head by mistake, when you put the canes away, and inadvertently turn on the light draining your batteries so the light doesnt work when you need it.

4 Stars  Great Product! 
I love this cane! The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because it came with no instructions and I had to go online to watch the video to learn how to operate it. On the video Zach demonstrates it well, but one thing that is not readily apparent is that in order to make the flashlight work, you first have to unscrew the light and remove the round piece of paper that has been inserted to prevent a connection to the battery. Adjusting the cane for your height is a little tricky, but easy once you get the hang of it stop at the line you want and then twist that section in one direction until it tightens if it doesnt tighten - turn in the other direction. I purchased this cane to use when I get a knee replacement and am expecting it to hold up well.

Review this item!
Q: How do I extend and lock the walking stick?
A: Pull the two segment bars apart to the desired length. Follow the Open/Close Directions on the top segment. Turn the bar (not the black rubber part) to lock and unlock. Video

Q: What if one of the bars is not locking?
A: Make sure you are twisting the correct direction and just keep twisting. The bar will catch on a thread and lock. Video

Q: How far can I extend each bar?
A: You can pull each bar out until the STOP mark is seen. Do not pull out farther than that. The bar may come all the way out and is not always easy to put back in. Video