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Amos & Andy Platinum 9-Disc Collection
Amos & Andy Platinum 9-Disc Collection
Amos & Andy Platinum 9-Disc Collection
Amos & Andy Platinum 9-Disc Collection

Amos & Andy Platinum 9-Disc Collection

Amos & Andy Platinum 9-Disc Collection

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It's NEVER been more affordable to own a piece of radio and television history!

For the first-time ever we are able to offer the classic TV series for under $50.

You Will Not See Amos and Andy on Cable or Television

Amos and Andy began on the radio in 1928. Two white actors wrote and performed their roles as black farmers who move to Chicago. The radio success led to a feature film, with the white radio stars donning black face.

The series has been no stranger to controversy! In 1930, 675,000 signatures were collected in a petition to get it off the air. But the show was more popular with black audiences than white audiences which extended to its eventual television debut and success.

Fans of the show from Jesse Jackson to Redd Foxx have crossed swords with Bill Cosby, who reportedly led the charge to get Amos and Andy removed from television. The fact that Amos abnd Andy is still popular although it has not been on television since 1966 is a testament to its popularity and comedic genius.

You can only experience Amos and Andy unedited and as it aired through this historic collection.

Starring: Alvin Childress, Spencer Williams Jr., Tim Moore, Ernestine Wode, Amando Randolph, Johnny Lee and. Horace Stewar, and much more.

This 9 Disc Collection Includes:
- 44 uncut episodes
- Cast introduction

As we watch the timeless antics of the Kingfish. Andy, Sapphire, Momma, Amos, Algonquin J calhoun, and Lightning, we see a full measure of ourselves and laugh heartily. You are cordially invited to enter this very special world of comedy and message as only this cast could create it.

Approximate Running Time: 44 Show's each 30 minutes a total of 1320 minutes.
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