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Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk
Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk
Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk
Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk
Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk
Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk

Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk

Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk

Compare at: $39.99  (37% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Whether you're at work, laying in bed, or sitting on the couch or floor, the Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk will keep you comfy and productive for hours on end. It's fully adjustable so there's no more neck or back strain and you won't struggle to find a comfortable work position.

Every part of this desk is adjustable. In fact, you can use it as a stand-up desk. You'll be burning a ton more calories versus sitting down all day, not to mention the back pain relief from letting your muscles stretch. Even if you're big and tall; you won't be restricted with this desk. The metal legs extend a total of 22" making this perfect for people of all sizes. It even folds completely flat for portability and storage.

A built-in cooling fan under the tray and is specially designed to pull heat away from your computer. You don't need to find a power outlet either because the fan takes its power via an included USB cord right from your laptop. No more hot laps.

Included is a removable side tray that is perfect for a mouse or external speaker, taking notes, or keeping your phone close at hand. The tray can be mounted on the left or right side and angled in almost any position.

This handy little desk has everything but it's not limited to just holding a laptop. Use it as a drawing table, writing desk, or a great place to do homework. It makes a convenient place to have a snack, read a book, or have dinner in front of the TV on the couch. And since it's lightweight and portable with a price that won't break the bank, it's perfect for students of all ages; especially ones without a lot of room to spare.

Features and Benefits
- Fully Adjustable To Fit Every Need
- Works As Stand-Up Desk
- Great For On The Couch Or Floor, And In The Car, And More
- Use As TV Tray, Writing Desk, Book Tray, And More
- Folds Flat For Storage And Travel
- Built-In Heat Removal Cooling Fan
- Sturdy Foam Covered Tray
- Built-In Holes For Air Flow
- Two Security Clips Keeps Laptop Safe
- Includes Removable Side Tray
- Great For Students Of All Ages
- Perfect in Dorms And Apartments
- Legs Extend To 17" For The Big And Tall
- Dimensions: Main Tray 18" X 10.75 X 0.5"
- Side Tray: 6.5" X 6.5" X 0.25
- Maximum Height: 22"

Review this item!

4 Stars
Nice device stand 
The stand is adjustable and decently stable for tablets and most book, magazines reading. Would be nice to have a “no fan” model option. Larger laptop users might seem wobbly. The smaller phone stand could use better attachment point and adjustment capability. Solid 4 stars nice price.

5 Stars
I love this. Easy to assemble.

5 Stars
AirSpace Adjustible 
Love my airspace. Ordering another for my work from home daughter.

5 Stars
Laptop desk 
Very sturdy and very handy for the laptop.

5 Stars
Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk 
I am extremely pleased with my Air Space Laptop Desk. It can also be used in many ways while sitting in your comfortable recliner, etc. If you dont want to hold a book any more, just lay it on the desk and all you have to do is turn the pages. I use it every day. Would recommend it to anyone. If you get one, enjoy.

5 Stars
Love it 
As described

5 Stars
Incredible Item at a Low Price! 
Great item that I am using everyday. It is 7.50 more at Walmart. Great when watching TV or working at my desk.

5 Stars
great desk 
this desk works great for anyone who has to sit for long periods at work, can be adjusted to stand when you need a break or just want to move around alittle

5 Stars
Very easy to use and not too wide making it easy to use anywhere 
It is very lightweight. I put it in my suitcase and it didn’t take up too much space or weigh it down.

3 Stars
Not as good as I thought 
Does not have a good balance when computer is on it. Does not fit to good when I am on the couch.

4 Stars
Air Space Adjustable Laptop desk 
I like the fact that I can use this as a standing desk. I wish it was a little more sturdy. It is kind of shaky. I had to work with it a bit to keep it from flipping over.

5 Stars
$$$ Well Spent 
I hesitated to get this because I didnt think it would work. Im so glad I changed my mind. It is NOT super sturdy. You cant lean on it while youre working. But its much better than I expected for its price. The finish is very nice. Setup was easy. It adjusts into any position you need. The mouse tray accessory is great. You have to pull the legs out for the mouse tray to attach, but then you can adjust other parts to make up for the height. It does bounce a little when you type, but nothing I cant get used to and maybe Ill stop typing so hard. The fan is very quiet. I think this will increase my productivity and certainly my comfort level when Im working from home. This is one of the best purchases Ive made in a while and a fantastic value.

3 Stars
OK Product 
For use in bed, I would give it three stars. It just doesnt balance well. Also the legs have to be pulled out pretty high in order to be able to use the mouse holder. Using pillows to keep it from tipping over makes it usable. I would imagine it would work very well on a table.

5 Stars
great buy 
Im 77 yrs. old and it was easy to put into working position. Been looking for a product like this desk for years! Love it!!!!!! Worth every penny.

5 Stars
Adjustable laptop desk 
Very sturdy and useful while sitting in chair or sitting up in bed. Took a few minutes to figure things out but once we got it things are smooth as can be. If youre on the fence, go ahead and jump on the buy side. Its worth it.

5 Stars
Very handy 
Got one of these for my husband. His only complaint is that he wishes it had two feet on each side. Otherwise, works great!

5 Stars
Great Product 
This product is outstanding. It really relieves my back pain after working a long time in front of my computer.

3 Stars
Air space adjustable laptop Desk 
The product is good ,not too steady, but light weight, is good for the money i paid

5 Stars
Great Laptop Desk 
Its great to use in a comfortable chair, couch or when sick in bed.

5 Stars
works well 
handy little gadget for my wife to read recipes and rest magazines on lap.

4 Stars
Great for reading too! 
I use this table to set my books on when reading, dont really use the fan but it is pretty weak anyway. My daughter uses for laptop and says its great too.

5 Stars
Air Space Adjustable Laptop Table 
I love this table and sent one to my sister as well. It is very comfortable and convenient. It fits all of my needs.

5 Stars
Air Space Desk Top 
I just love my air space desk top. I can use it anywhere. Ya gotta get one!

5 Stars
Awesome...Love It 
This was a great purchase. The table is well made and looks great. Being visual impaired I use it to hold my iPad when speaking in front of hundreds of people. Looks very professional and I love how it is able to adjust to different podiums.

5 Stars
Very Nice 
Very sturdy with many options for adjustments to make it work for holding my large laptop. Fan is quiet. Excellent price.

4 Stars
Adjustable Laptop Desk 
Very useful, could be a bit more stable but love the cooling fan that runs off the laptop via USB port. Overall very usable.

5 Stars
Very useful 
In addition to laptop use, it works well as a small table top podium

2 Stars
Disappointed in the quality 
This product is flimsy at best. The desk wobbles and is not grounded. I had to purchase Velcro Tape two sided and attach it to the bottom legs. This was the only way I could get it to work.

4 Stars
Air Space Adjustable Laptop Desk 
Very useful for multiple tasks. Light. Easy setup and closure. Portable. Tilting stand. Included accessory is not useful.

5 Stars
Good quality and reasonable price. 
It took a few minutes to figure out how to make all the adjustments. The Video helped in that regard. The unit is well made and works well. I only use it as a lap desk for my tablet, but it would work equally well with a laptop PC. Good quality and reasonable price.

1 Stars
Great idea, but NO! 
I *loved* the conceptualization of this gadget! In theory, a brilliant design; very convenient. But in actuality, it’s far too unsteady to be functional. I suppose if all one is doing is clicking on things here & there, it’s fine. But when/if you actually try to TYPE, it’s FAR TOO WOBBLY! I set it up as shown in the video and instructions, but immediately discovered that typing on a laptop quickly becomes a challenge…like trying to hit a moving target! MAYBE if the legs were made out of thick aluminum instead of flexible plastic it would work? Anyway, I ordered two of these. They are both going back, sad to say.

5 Stars
Outstanding, versatile laptop/standing desk. 
We both have one and we both love it....so many ways to use it...in bed, standing at the counter, in a lounge chair. Very sturdy and completely adjustable.

5 Stars
Super easy and Works Great! 
This Laptop Desk is awesome and easy to setup right out of the box. Great for teleworking whether standing, or lying in bed!

5 Stars
Great Diversity of Uses 
In addition to all it’s listed uses, it is also great as a music book stand on a piano for large music books! Well made and sturdy!

5 Stars
air space desk 
i absolutly love this desk

4 Stars
Need better instructions 
Being of fairly sound mind I figured it out but son had to figure out how to put the mouse pad on and I think it should have its own section to put it on the desk. I am using it and have not moved it yet, it will be cool to be able to stand when necessary. Never thought I would be able to afford one, however, PulseTV made it possible. I am grateful.

5 Stars
Adjustable Laptop Desk 
I was a little skeptical at first but this desk is perfect for me while sitting in the bed or working on the sofa. Sometimes I like standing to stretch my legs and its the perfect height. I bought two and gave one to my son! He loves it!

Review this item!