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Adjustable Lid Organizer - Double The Space Of Your Cabinets!

Adjustable Lid Organizer - Double The Space Of Your Cabinets!

Adjustable Lid Organizer - Double The Space Of Your Cabinets!
Adjustable Lid Organizer - Double The Space Of Your Cabinets!
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Stop that jumble of pot and pan lids in your cabinet! It's never been easier to keep your cookware tidy with these Cookware Lid Holders.

Declutter and Optimize Your Cabinets

By using the unused space on the cabinet door you can declutter the cabinets and make it easy to find and get to the correct lid you need.

It's like doubling your cabinet space. Store lids vertically and stack pots and pans on the shelf.

The Best Lid Organizer

Flexibility is what these are all about. Unlike other lid organizers on the market, these are adjustable allowing you to fit ANY size lids that YOU want. That's because of the patented U-shaped bracket design that is adjustable and can hold any size pot covers, securely.

No more buying lid holders that you can only use one or two because the sizes just aren't right!

Each pack includes two sets of holders.

Protect Your Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans are expensive. How you store your cookware determines its longevity. Avoid damaging your cookware's surface by keeping the various sized lids away from it when storing.

Tool Free Installation

Installation is a breeze, no tools required! The adhesive backing on each bracket secures your pot lids organizer to any flat vertical surface. Place your lid organizers inside cabinet doors or on kitchen walls. No complicated tools are needed to tailor your space to your needs.

Easy to Install:
First clean the area that you want to install Lid holders.
Peel off the plastic film of the bracket and stick it on the cleaned wall or cabinet.

Multi Purpose Use: You can use it for storing other items like cutting boards and serving dishes. Use it on a wall, cabinet or closet door!


  • You Get Two Sets of Lid Organizers
  • Peel & Stick Backing on Each Bracket
  • Double Your Cabinet Space
  • Protect Your Pots & Pans
  • Tool Free Installation
  • Adjustable Spacing Fits Any Size Lid
  • Helps To Declutter Cabinets

3 Stars  Not sticky enough 
These lid holders only hold small, lighter weight lids. The adhesive on these cannot support big, heavy lids.

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