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Adhesive Phone Wallet

Adhesive Phone Wallet

Adhesive Phone Wallet
Adhesive Phone Wallet
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Attach this silicone storage pocket to your smartphone, tablet, or other electronic devices. You'll find a super easy peel and stick 3M adhesive to attach it to smooth surfaces. It's not a permanent stick: you can reuse it a few times, and it won't leave any sticky residue!

Keep credit cards, cash, ID and more with you and only carry your phone instead of a bulky wallet or bag.

You can even stick this to other organization bins, envelopes, binders, and more for a handy business card holder. It comes in orange, yellow or green, and while there's no color choice it will add a nice spot of color in your life!

Note: the silicone material may have picked up a little bit of warehouse dust on the way to get shipped out. It cleans easily with soap and water or hand sanitizer to look sparkling clean again.


- Easy Stick-On Silicone Phone Pouch
- Adheres to Back of Mobile Device or Smooth Cases
- 3M Sticky Backing
- Cleans Easily with Soap and Water or Sanitizer
- Will Not Leave Sticky Residue on Your Device
- Dimensions: 3.5 in x 2.5 in
- Convenient Storage Pocket for Business Cards, Cash, Credit Cards and IDs
- Comes in Orange, Yellow, Green (No color choice)

5 Stars  So handy for storage 
Great product. Very handy to store my soft tip stylus because I always have trouble using my fingers to text. Its always there with some paper to take notes. It fits on the back of my phone surround protector also that has a built in stand. I did have to trim it so that it does not block the camera lens but that was easy enough modification for a custom fit. Ill likely buy another one as a spare.

5 Stars  Adhesive phone wallet is great 
I thought it would probably pop off after a week or so of shoving my phone in and out of my back pocket, but no, its holding strong after four weeks. If I have something important to remember at a certain time, I write it on a little card and put it in the wallet on my phone. I set my alarm, and when it goes off, I look at that card to remind me of what Im supposed to do. Genius!

4 Stars  Stays on just fine 
Attaches to phone and holds cards no problems as of yet with them

5 Stars  A nice size wallet with space galore. 
A wallet that is not oversized yet has so much space for credit cards etc.

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