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9pc Bamboo Sushi Making Kit

9pc Bamboo Sushi Making Kit

9pc Bamboo Sushi Making Kit
9pc Bamboo Sushi Making Kit
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A Great Gift for Sushi Lovers: Bamboo Sushi Making Set

Get a traditional set of sushi making tools which is everything you'd need to make one of the world's most beloved foods right at home! Each piece is made from sustainable, real bamboo wood. Included you'll get:

8in Bamboo Rice Paddle: used for stirring and transferring sticky rice. The bamboo utensil also won't scratch non-stick rice cookers.

7in Bamboo Spreader: used for spreading rice over the seaweed paper (nori) or mixing ingredients.

9.5in Bamboo Rolling Mat (x2): used to to tightly wrap sushi rolls (maki). Tip: cover your sushi rolling mats with plastic wrap to minimize sticking and cleanup - the pros do this too! You'll get 2 rolling mats with this kit.

5 Sets of Chopsticks: each set of beautiful 9in chopsticks are adorned with different traditional Japanese art. The tips are textured making it easier to grip your rice or noodles with. These are definitely a step up in quality from the break apart sets that you get with takeout!

That's practically everything you need besides the food! This makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for any fan of sushi. Make it a point to make your own homemade, customized sushi with friends and family! Hand wash all the pieces to prolong their use.


  • 9pc Sushi Making Kit
  • Includes 5 Chopstick Sets, 2 Rolling Mats, Spreader, Rice Paddle
  • All Pieces Made from Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Bamboo
  • A Great Gift for Foodies, Chefs, Sushi-Lovers
  • BPA-Free: All Natural Bamboo Wood
  • Make Homemade Sushi: Save Money from Takeout
  • Beautiful Japanese Art on Chopsticks
  • Hand-Washing Recommended