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6-PK of Reusable Coffee Pods by Handy Gourmet

6-PK of Reusable Coffee Pods by Handy Gourmet

6-PK of Reusable Coffee Pods by Handy Gourmet
6-PK of Reusable Coffee Pods by Handy Gourmet
Compare at: $17.99  (63% off)
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Fill With Your Favorite Coffee or Tea!

The Handy Gourmet Reusable Coffee Pods are the handy, inexpensive, and eco-friendly way to enjoy the coffee, espresso, tea or hot cocoa you love!

These convenient reusable pods allow you to enjoy your favorite beverages while reducing the waste and expense of using disposable single serve coffee pods.

Includes: 6 Reusable Pods and Bonus - 2 FREE SCOOPS!

This exclusive 2-PACK features 6 reusable pods along with a bonus: 2 FREE SCOOPS! The scoop is the perfect size to easily fill each pod with tasty goodness.

So quick and easy to use: Open the lids and fill with your favorite flavor grounds of coffee, tea, etc. (Do NOT exceed the maximum fill line), close the lid securely, place pod in single serve coffee maker, begin brewing, and enjoy!

Each Coffee Pod feature built-in stainless steel micro mesh that is easy to clean - plus it's dishwasher safe!


  • Money Saving Alternative to Disposable K-Cups
  • 2-PACK SET Includes: 6 Reusable Pods and 2 BONUS Scoops
  • Reusable and Eco-Friendly
  • Use for Coffee, Espresso, Tea or Hot Cocoa
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Fits Most Regular Keurig K-CUP Brewing Machines
  • BPA-Free, Foodsafe Materials
  • Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe (Top-Rack)
  • Made with Built-In Stainless Steel Micro Mesh

1 Stars  I hate to write a bad review but, 
I bought a set of these filters and found that I had to manually hold the top to the coffee maker down in order to brew a cup of coffee. It defeats the purpose of the instant coffee maker if you have to stand there and hold it while it brews. I have a Keurig machine. I would not recommend these cups. Sorry.

4 Stars  Great, but not for fine ground. 
I love these cups! Saves money and the regular ground coffee brews just fine. However, when I ground fresh whole beans the cups clog up. It appears that if the grounds are too fine, the water doesnt have enough pressure to penetrate. I ended up with about 1/3 of the size cup I wanted. You can run it through again but the coffee wont be as hot. It definitely takes its time. With the price of the K-cups this problem is something I can definitely over-look.

5 Stars  Works GREAT and allows u to use your favorite brand of coffee! 
Here is a TIP, that will make the fill process FASTER with less chance if spillage. Place your K cup in the bottom of a container. I use a small empty oatmeal contained. Place a funnel over the top and dump a tablespoon of you favorite coffee brand. Close the lid, DONE. BUY 2 PACKAGES OF 3 CUPS and your good to go for the week! I use strong coffee extra caffeine and there are not Kcup on the market for this yet?

5 Stars  Use every day at work 
Everyone else uses the individual Keurig coffees but there are still pounds left over from a large coffee machine and I like the flavor. These reusable coffee filters work perfectly every time.

3 Stars  not great for coffee 
I was intrigued not having to pay 50 cents a cup for the packaged coffee. However, these filters dont brew or pressure the hot water with enough pressure to make flavorful coffee. You can put in more scoops and make strong coffee it just doesnt have the rich flavor. That said , it works great for loose tea.

4 Stars  Single Brewing Coffee Filters For Keurig K-Cup Machines 
I bought 2 sets of these and love them. One set for home, one for work. One of them had part of the screen missing so more grounds than usual get into the cup but its still usable. Much cheaper than buying K-cups and you can use your favorite coffee. Im purchasing another 2 sets so I can make them up ahead of time and have enough for the day or day off.

5 Stars  Single Brew coffee filters 
This is a great product. Easy to use and you will save a ton of money over the cost of the regular K-Cups!!! I am buying more as gifts for my friends that have a Keurig so they can start saving also. Highly recommend

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