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5pk of Reusable Face Brackets - For Comfortable Breathing

5pk of Reusable Face Brackets - For Comfortable Breathing

5pk of Reusable Face Brackets - For Comfortable Breathing
5pk of Reusable Face Brackets - For Comfortable Breathing
Your Price: $3.99
Compare at: $12.99  (69% off)
- Reduces irritation for teenage acne
- Makes it easier to breathe
- Reduces fog on eyeglasses
- Save you money by extending life of mask

Ever have trouble breathing with a mask on? How often does the face mask collapses into your mouth with each time you inhale? For you ladies, has wearing a mask messed up your make up? Also, if you wear glasses, how often do your glasses fog up with each breath?

Now with this face bracket, these problems are solved. This easily and comfortably fits on your face and puts a barrier between you and whatever mask you are wearing. This makes it easier to breathe and reduces friction on your face that sometimes causes rashes. All of these are washable with soap and water or can be wiped down with disinfectant wipes. They are also dishwasher safe.

We rejected several versions to find this mask insert that is comfortable plus extends the life of whichever mask you are wearing. Here is a tip: While these fit on most people wearing PulseTV cloth masks, loosely fitted masks may require double sided tape to affix to the mask. Some masks accommodate the face bracket in a pouch as well.


- Reduces irritation for teenage acne
- Makes it easier to breathe
- Reduces fog on eyeglasses
- Makes it cooler and less sweat on face
- Extra hygiene as these can be washed with soap and water
- Dishwasher safe
- Save you money by extending life of mask
- Allows you to keep lipstick and make up from smearing
- Suitable for cloth, homemade fabric or disposable masks

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this product no returns are allowed or accepted.

4 Stars  Its ok 
I dont like to hook it on my mask because I dont like it to show. I just put it under my mask but it moves around so I have to adjust it. I have asthma and it does help me to breathe easier.

5 Stars  Give Your Lips The Rest The Deserve! 
These reusable face brackets fit inside the face masks with the compartment for placing the small barrier masks, and they fit over your lips/mouth and they keep the mask from touching your mouth while breathing or talking. When you get ready to wash your mask you can take these brackets out and wash them also. I like to wipe mine off with an antibacterial hand wipe and after my mask has been washed and dried I replace into the mask along with the smaller protective guards the PM2.5 insert in between the bracket and the mask and then I am protected and I can actually talk without the mask going into my mouth!

5 Stars  Face brackets are GOOD 
These really help with breathing. Keeps the fabric of mask from being up against your noise so it makes breathing easier when worn for a longer time.

5 Stars  Helps with breathing 
At first, I thought there was a mistake because you can not attach the face bracket to the mask. However, they actually work! I just place the bracket in my mask, make sure the narrow part of the mask is facing up so it sits on your nose, hook the loops on my ears and adjust the bracket. Masks with wire work better because you will not fog up your glasses. Just press the wire to fit your nose. Breathing is better with the bracket. Can not wait until masks are no longer needed!!

5 Stars  Facemask brackets 
The brackets are comfortable & convenient. Breathing is so much easier with them supporting the mask off my face.

4 Stars  Works 
This definitely worked and was comfortable but it seemed hot after some time.

3 Stars  DID not work for me try them and no good 
Did not work for me did not fit my face nor the face mask

4 Stars  I dont know what you want me to put here 
It helped a little to keep my glasses from fogging up

Really helps with breathing issues, and does not over extend the mask open

2 Stars  Face Backets 
Too small

3 Stars  This is not comfortable 
This is a fairly hard piece of plastic that does not feel good touching your face. I am REALLY sorry I bought them, and I should give them a one-star, but apparently they fit some peoples faces, so Ill stick with a three-star review.

5 Stars  Comfy 
I do have others but these are a bit lighter and more flexible and I like that. They are well worth using since it keeps your mask away from your lips so it is easier to speak and breathe without the mask touching your lips. And, ladies.....it lets you wear lipstick!!

4 Stars  helps breathing 
Makes it much easier to breathe. especially when wearing a mask for several hours,

5 Stars  Reusable Face Braces 
Great! No fogging eye glasses & can breath easier!!!!

5 Stars  Makes breathing easier 
I have asthma so mask wearing could be difficult at times. These plastic inserts have certainly made life easier for me especially at the gym.

1 Stars  Very awkward!! 
I couldn t figure out how to put in the mask on with the insert and had to call customer service. It was uncomfortable and when I put glasses on ... still had fog. Maybe it will work for someone else but it s in the can.

1 Stars  dont stay on 
these things are supposed to fit in the paper disposable masks. they do fit but dont STAY put on the mask.

2 Stars  Must be for children ! 
These are much too small for even a medium size man.

3 Stars  Not sure about this 
Personally, I dont like it. It works just fine, but if you have to take your mask on and off a lot, its kind of a hassle. With that said, the bracket works and does what its intended to.

4 Stars  Nice idea 
Nice idea and it does help with steaming up of glasses. It is a bit tricky to get it to stay in position under a cloth mask. The little tabs that are supposed to secure it to a disposable mask dont really help at all.

4 Stars  face bracket 
it does keep glasses from fogging up----and breathing in mast on cold days--gives room to vent breath

5 Stars  Great purchase 
This makes it more comfortable to wear a mask with your glasses. My glasses didnt fog up, and I could breath better which cut down on me sweating and feeling like I could pass out.

3 Stars  Too small for adults 
These work great for the grandkids. They are way too small for me and my wife.

2 Stars  Not that comfortable 
We were hoping that these would help with the comfort of wearing the mask unfortunately it did not help. We also hoped that it would help with glasses fogging but once again no luck,

4 Stars  Makes it so much easier to go shopping. 
I have breathing problems and I shop the smaller stores that dont have the motorized carts. I am now able to shop longer and more comfortably.

3 Stars  Falls out 
Like the concept however they keep falling out regardless of what kind of mask I use. Lost 3 already that fell under car etc. I must be missing something.

1 Stars  Facemask Brackets 
My husband could not get the things to fit. When I wore one, it made my face sweat. I do not recommend them at all.

1 Stars  It doesnt work 
I bought these hoping to keep my glasses from fogging when wearing a mask. My glasses still fogged up. The bracket did not stay in place. Everytime I took my mask off the bracket fell out, sometimes even on the floor, very unsanitary. I do not recommend

5 Stars  Breathing without suffocating 
Recently on an extended plane ride, the face brackets gave us the room to breathe without the confinement of the mask on your face

5 Stars  Fantastic product 
This keeps my glasses from fogging, is comfortable and lasts a long time. I have reordered so that I can give them to my friends and family. Sad to say, wearing a mask may just be the new normal! This product turns an ok mask into something fantastic.

5 Stars  Second time I bought these! 
These turtles are great for keeping the mask from sticking to your nose! I have a cannula for oxygen and with out the turtle it is hard to breathe and talk! It is a necessity for me! It was a second purchase so I could give them to others who have the same problem!

5 Stars  Must have 
This is so great to use with the mask, it helps me breathe so much easier, when talking, singing, walking, running. It prevents the mask from suffocating me, and it prevents my lipstick from smearing, when I wear lipstick.

5 Stars  I Love these 
These are great. I feel like it is easier to breathe, people seem to understand me better and they are comfortable. Just a suggestion from my experience---I actually place them under my mask below my nose. It is not uncomfortable to me, and i feel like it stays in place better. Either way, these are worth the money!

5 Stars  Lightweight and comfortable 
I am trying out a mustache and beard. One issue I have is that masks slide down. A friend gave me a big ole face bracket and man, it was heavy and didn t have anything to comfortably slide the mask strings to my ears. This one is perfect.

3 Stars  Foggy glasses 
Unfortunately, I ordered extras of these, hoping they would work and I could then give to family and friends. They have not helped much with the regular foggy eyeglasses problem. They do help as far as allowing one to have a space between the mask and mouth so you can breathe easier. Still, I should do more reviews on the many items I ve enjoyed from Pulsetv, rather than focus on this more negative review.

4 Stars  Okay Item 
It still doesnt stop my eyeglasses from fogging up. Lightweight and fits under both paper and fabric masks.

5 Stars  These are a HUGE help! 
These face brackets are small but mighty in helping keep my face and lips from feeling rough and dehydrated from having to wear a mask all the time. They keep the mask away from your mouth so you arent sucking it next to your lips and it feels much easier to breathe normally. Since they come in a set of four, Ive actually just kept two and given two away to friends who were also very impressed and grateful! These are great and affordable, so Im very happy with my purchase.

5 Stars  If you have to wear a mask it helps 
I got two sets of these one for my daughter and her family and one for mine. They really help especially if you feel claustrophobic or you have problems breathing give it a try.

2 Stars  Too small 
Too small to fit an adult.

2 Stars  face bracket 
Not good! Glasses still fog, uncomfortable and when you take your mask off and you forget you have it in there it will fall to the ground. The only thing it does is keeps the material away from your mouth.

5 Stars  Face bracket 
Great price, quick shipping, great product. Totally recommend it

5 Stars  Easy breathing 
These are cool because when you take a breath the mask dose not stick to your face.

1 Stars  face brackets 
Not so good !! No way to keep them in place so face bracket move around !!

5 Stars  Great Product 
I have to wear an oxygen cannula and with a mask by itself it is hard to breathe. This little turtle keeps the mask off of my mouth making it easier to breathe! Gave 2 to my caregiver and her children abscounded with them! Need to give her another one!

5 Stars  Helps my breathing 
I put this inside the filter lining area and it keeps the mask from pushing on my mouth. Makes breathing a lot easier. Doesnt prevent the glasses from fogging up, but thats ok.

3 Stars  Not as good as they look 
Ive tried using these face brackets but I have a hard time getting them to stay attached to the face masks as shown so often in the sales pitch. If and when they stay in place, they seem to work okay.

4 Stars  face brackets 
so far so good, I havent been out too much to really tell.

5 Stars  Must have 
If you have any sort of problem breathing, buy this. If you dont have any sort of problem, buy this. I have asthma and feel like I cant breath wearing a mask. This solves the problem. It keeps the mask away from your face giving you room to breath. My husband has no problems, but finds using this device makes his mask much more comfy

5 Stars  Cant Live Without It! 
Must easier to breath with the face bracket. Came in a package of 5 so I gave one to close family members who love it also!

5 Stars  Face Brackets for Mask 
Saw this on TV, the Brackets go behind your face mask, light and work well , keeps the mask from getting into your mouth when you breath out. you get five they work well and was a good price.

5 Stars  comfy mask breather 
I no longer feel dizzy or ill now when using a mask when out and about. Solved a big problem for me.

3 Stars  Okay product 
It does what it s supposed to do but it s not very comfortable.

5 Stars  Thank y all so much 
These really help and make a big difference

3 Stars  Reusable Face Brackets 
Nice to keep mask off face, better when not directly on skin

4 Stars  Product 
Are helpful to breathing.

5 Stars  Makes wearing face mask much more pleasant 
Instructions would have been helpful but once I experimented with the brackets and got them just right they work quite well. They do make it easier to breath and prevent some tickling of the mask against the skin.

4 Stars  Face Brackets 
These are great if your job requires you to wear your mask all day. You can breath much better. I had to keep lifting my mask up for a few seconds several times a day before I put one of the Brackets under my mask.

5 Stars  Love them! 
I have COPD and mask wearing is a challenge. These have helped me more than I can say. Bought more for family.

5 Stars  Face Brackets for mask 
These brackets are great to use while wearing your mask, it allows for a more comfortable fit and easy to breath thru, great idea.

5 Stars  Face Brackets 
I like this item it makes you breath better without feeling like you are smothering

4 Stars  A very handy product. 
These Face Brackets work very nice to keep the cloth face masks away from your mouth and nose. Usually when breathing in the mask presses against ones lips,not so with these brackets. I really like them,I would have given a 5 star,but they still fog up ones glasses. As far as Pulse Tv.goes the price is really great!! Ive seen them advertised on the internet for $19.99 for the same count and product.Pulse Tv,,You are a great way to buy products at a very reasonable price. Thank You, Mr.C.C.

4 Stars  Face brackets harder material than expected 
I had the impression these would be made of a softer, more flexible silicone. But I do appreciate the greater ease of breathing and having more space inside my masks. No more sucking in fabric with each breath. Seem to be priced better than similar items I ve seen.

4 Stars  Make wearing a mask mask asier 
These help keep the mask away from your nose and mouth, making breathing easier.

5 Stars  I can breath 
I love these. I even gave one to a server at a restaurant for a tip

4 Stars  5 pk of Reusable Face Brackets - For Comfortable Breathing 
My husband and I both like the plastic gadget that is used inside your face mask to help air flow and better breathing. For short time use and if you take your mask on & off a lot, it can fall away from your mask unless you secure it somehow. For longer use it is awesome. I got several extra packs for our daughter and adult grandkids.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I could not ask for better service from this company.

4 Stars  Works! 
Keeps the mask off your face so you can breathe air and not fabric. Still adjusting to it but feel it is worth using when wearing a mask.

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Ever have trouble breathing with a mask on? This easily and comfortably fits on your face and puts a barrier between you and whatever mask you are wearing.
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