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5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight with Power Bank

5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight with Power Bank

5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight with Power Bank
5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight with Power Bank
Your Price: $24.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $39.98 (80% off)
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This is the biggest and brightest flashlight we've got! The Farpoint Platinum Series flashlight has a verified 5,000 lumens of bright white light that can be seen a mile away. Whether you're hunkered down during a power outage, or taking it outside: it turns night into day!

A Powerful Flashlight that Doesn't Rely on Batteries

The built-in rechargeable 6000mAh battery means you never have to look around for spare batteries: just charge it up and it can run continuously for 2hrs on the maximum setting. NEW: This model has been upgraded with a USB-C charging input for faster charging - and yes, the cord is included!

You can also use the USB output to charge your electronics - any smartphone, iPhone, speaker, headphones, or even an iPad.

The Brightest Flashlight on a Budget

Additional features include 3 beam settings: max power, low power, and strobe mode. Swap between these modes with a light press on the rubberized button. Twist the tactical head to focus from a wide beam into a spotlight.

Designed for law enforcement, military, and search and rescue, but great for any profession or everyday use because it lights up such a vast area. Great for emergencies, camping, hunting, professional work, tactical purposes, survivalists, preppers or anyone who wants to have a show-stoppingly powerful flashlight.


  • Farpoint Platinum Series
  • 5000 Lumens (VERIFIED): This is Spotlight Bright!
  • Three Modes: Max (5000 lumens), Low (1000 Lumens), and Strobe
  • Twist to Focus from Spot to Floodlight
  • IPX4 Weatherproof Rating
  • Tactical Beveled Head, Knurled Textured Grip
  • Built Strong... Weighs Almost 1.5 Pounds
  • Rechargeable: No Batteries to Change
  • 6000mAh Power Bank with USB Output
  • Charge up Phones, Tablets, Accessories, and More
  • Includes 31.5in USB-C Charge Cord for Faster Charging
  • Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • Dimensions: 12in long x 2.2in Wide Head

PLEASE NOTE: This is a special discounted deal due to an error on the packaging that states you can store the USB Cord in the handle of the flashlight.

2 Stars  Bright but charge lasts 2 days 
Sad it s a nice light too.

3 Stars  Lousy 
Flashlight bright, good. Charging cord is dedicated to that flashlight so you have to keep that cord. No other cord will fit in the receptacle for charging. Not your phone charging or any other. Pulse should not sell things do not have a common cord.

2 Stars  Doesn t hold charge long 
I bought two of these. Fully charged both & tried them out. Very bright & seemed to be a good purchase. Put them in a drawer til needed. Two months later pulled them out for a storm & they were dead as door nails. Not sure when they died, but less than 8 weeks. Guess I ll have to keep them on charge all the time to be ready for storms!
Any rechargeable item should be checked periodically.
6/5/2023 - Sandy

This 5000 lumen flashlight, the 5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight with Power Bank Item #8826, is the BRIGHTEST flashlight that I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I bought one for my wife and I charged it...AND its RECHARGEABLE!!! WE WERE BOTH AMAZED!!! INSTANT DAYLIGHT!!! Then, I bought myself TWO OF EM!!! We both LOVE these 5000 lumen flashlights!!! THANK YOU, PULSE TV!!!

4 Stars  Flashlight 
I really like this flashlight and all that it does

2 Stars  Garbage 
Doesn t hold a charge. Can t adjust the beam enough, not narrow enough.

5 Stars  Great Flashlight! 
Really lights up a room! Seems to hold charge well. Would buy again.

1 Stars  chargeable flashlight 
Easy to charge, bright when it works but... it will not hold a charge! I bought 8 of these for when the power goes out. I charged all of them but the charge didnt last a month. They were never used after charging then when I actually needed them, they were ALL dead. Dont understand why the charge didnt last longer they were all FULLY charged when I set them on a shelve to use when needed.

4 Stars  Brightest Flashlight I have ever seen 
This flashlight is excellent. Very bright, 3 different settings. Starting charge takes some time, but after that, stays charged for a very long time. Phone charger works very well. Light weight. Perfect for personal use, or a gift for someone.

5 Stars  This is great 
I love this because it is bright, easy to charge and use.

5 Stars  Very bright 
I love the 5000 lumen flashlight, it is very bright and lights up whole driveway and the path I walk in the morning when still dark out.

5 Stars  Ultra Bright Light! 
Bright is an understatement when you refer to this light! I couldnt believe how bright this light is. We had a late Winter ice storm last week and our power was out for a few hours. I was so glad I had this light. It lit up the the whole open area of our house so bright that a neighbor called me and asked how is it that we still had power and the whole area was dark! The light remained strong the whole time until the lights came back on. Its also really lightweight compared to a D cell Maglight type flashlight of the same size and no expensive batteries to buy! I am totally impressed!

5 Stars  WOW! 
I know you said this was bright, but I never couldve imagined it was this bright. I am an electrician and this has helped so much when I go into attics. I LOVE IT

5 Stars  Love it! 
I walk my dog in an outdoor dark parking lot. This flashlight is a real help in illuminating our excursions. I like that I can focus it which allows me to increase the area being lighted. Also, the fact that it is rechargeable means I dont have to endure it getting less light every time we walk.

4 Stars  Nice Light 
Works well and is very bright. I have several Farpoint lights and at least 2 have problems with the switches going bad, so I hesitated on buying this light. So far no problem with this one. The bodies are now made with plastic instead of metal. I hate cycling through all the modes to turn the light off.

5 Stars  New and Improved 
I bought two of these flashlights when they had a metal case and a micro-USB charging port. I recently bought two of the latest versions that have a USB-C charging port and a plastic case. I do prefer the new version because it is lighter and easier to handle. Both give off FABULOUS light! Ive often used them to find small parts on the floor and to walk my dog at night.

5 Stars  Rechargable flashlight 

5 Stars  5000 lumens flashlight 
great light and easy to use, very easy to charge.

5 Stars  Flashlight 
Both the flash lights are as shown in the ad. They work perfect. Just what I wanted

5 Stars  5000 Lumens Rechargeable Flashlight 
Works well so far. Very bright. I purchased 2 of these because I also have a 2500 lumens flashlight from the same manufacturer that works well. I will recommend this flashlight.

4 Stars  Bright 
Nice flashlight. Charge doesnt last as long as I expected. When the battery dies without warning, its done as a flashlight until its recharged. It does light up my whole 15,000 sq foot back yard. I use it to spot wild critters when my pets are out. Saw a bobcat last week.

5 Stars  Incredible! 
Bought 2. I have a 900 lumen flashlight and thought it was great! 5000 lumens? Incredibly bright. Have 1 at the front and back of house. It can also be used as a weapon in case something happens while dogwalking. Must own.

5 Stars  Just Awesome 
I dont know what to say about this but WOW... it is super bright. Dont even think of looking at it, it will blind you. this is the brightest thing Ive ever seen.

5 Stars  Let There Be Light! 
Ive bought multiple flashlights and ended up in a box. I have pups that I take out at night and though I have lights on the corner of my house I still can not see multiple areas. I can NOT lose track of my nine pups. I now can light up the entire backyard, awesome! Thank YOU!!

2 Stars  5000 lumen flashlight 
Unit will not focus tight enough to give the range you would expect for 5000 lumens. Packaging indicates that there is a storage area in end cap for charging cord or emergency items. It doesnt exist

1 Stars  Didnt Last A Week Before It Quit Working 
When it arrived, I was super impressed with the quality and the sturdiness of this amazing flashlight. One would think paying $50 for a flashlight would mean it would last longer than a week, but mine just quit working after a few days. I never dropped it, never banged it on anything, and never had it on longer than a minute or two. One minute it was on and I turned it off. I went to turn it on again and it wouldnt light up. It is fully charged and it will not turn on.

5 Stars  5000 lumen flashlight 
Satisfied with everything about this flashlight I bought it to look around my back yard when I let the dogs out to scare off wildlife I.e. coyotes,skunks,etc. the beam could go narrower but even on the 1000 lumen setting it puts out a lot more light than my 3c cell mag lite, really happy with this flashlight I bought two.

5 Stars  Great flashlight 
Powerful light, also like the fact that it is rechargeable and can charge other items from it. Liked it so much I bought another one

5 Stars  Like turning night into day 
Very bright and very tough. Love the fact that it is rechargeable and can even be used as a power supply.

5 Stars  Let there be light! 
I love this flashlight! It really brightens the area I am searching. Had to reset a circuit breaker in the dark, gloomy basement, and it was so bright the entire basement was illuminated!

5 Stars  Turns night into day 
I have purchased several high lumen flashlights looking for the perfect one to help me see my dock in the dark after night fishing. This is the best I have found and costs less than the other similar flashlights. Its also the only one with a USB port to recharge other devices. But dont ever point it at your or someone elses eyes.

4 Stars  Brighter than daylight 
This light is the brightest Ive ever seen let alone owned. Its also heavy enough to be a self defense weapon. Its bright even in its lowest setting. I tried charging my Motorola cell phone using the light but the results were not very good.

5 Stars  BRIGHT 
The brightest flashlight Ive ever owned! So nice that it is chargeable and no batteries needed! Highly recommend this flashlight!

5 Stars  nothing better 
I have never seen a brighter flashlight. Well worth the price.

5 Stars  outstanding 
nice and bright looks good too

5 Stars  Flashlight 
Very nice high power light. Well worth the money.

5 Stars  Awesome flashlight! 
Got two of these at the special price, and keeping the one in its unopened packaging as a backup. They arrived right around Christmas and I pleasantly surprised husband with them. We need bright flashlights for when we take our little dogs out to potty as we live in the Idaho foothills where predators--particularly owls--are common. We can totally illuminate a pine tree in our side yard where they like to perch to look over the open space below us for rodents, as well as the open space itself for coyotes, etc. This flashlight has been a godsend! Havent used it yet to charge other electronics, but thats a cool extra feature.

5 Stars  The best flashlight ive ever seen 
I bought this knowing it would be bright, but never imagined the brightness it puts out. it is just amazing. Be warned DO NOT look at the light, it is blinding bright.

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5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight with Power Bank

This is the biggest and brightest flashlight we've got! The Farpoint Platinum Series flashlight has a verified 4,000 lumens of bright white light that can be seen a mile away.