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5 Port Charge Tower with Rapid Charge
5 Port Charge Tower with Rapid Charge
5 Port Charge Tower with Rapid Charge
5 Port Charge Tower with Rapid Charge
5 Port Charge Tower with Rapid Charge
5 Port Charge Tower with Rapid Charge

5 Port Charge Tower with Rapid Charge

5 Port Charge Tower with Rapid Charge

Your Price: $14.99
Compare at: $24.99  (40% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $25.98 (48% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
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Get one for $14.99
Save $4.00 more and get two for $25.98
Save $6.00 more and get three for $38.97
Save $8.00 more and get four for $51.96
Save $10.00 more and get five for $64.95

Is everyone in your family constantly fighting over outlets? This 5-Port USB Charge Tower is the answer!

It will charge up to 5 devices at once and is compatible with any device that uses a USB cable.

Use it on a counter, on a desktop, in the family room... anywhere that is convenient for you to charge up your iPhone, Smartphone, iPad, iPod, tablet and more!

Best of all it charges your devices FAAAAAAST because of the Rapid Charge feature.

Sleek and Compact:
Despite its powerhouse charging ability it is a mere 4.5 inches high and has a 2 inch base. This makes it perfect for traveli Plus no student should be without one!

Free up your electrical outlets! This plugs into one remember it charges FIVE devices at once.

Features and Benefits
- Create space for all of your devices to be charged at once
- Charges up to 5 devices at once
- Works with iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Tablets, cameras, MP3 players, Bluetooth devices and more...
- 25W / 5A Total Output
- Built-In Smart IC for Optimum Charge
- Rapid Charging... Charge your power hungry devices at full speed
- Faster than the average charger by 30%
- Extra long 4 foot cord
- Frees up electrical outlets
- Sleek and Compact
- Great for families, offices, students and more
- Perfect for travel
- Size: 4.5" high x 2" wide base

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Good Product, Great Price 
Product was as advertised, works well and was received when promised.

5 Stars
(2) Small But Effective 
This guy takes up so little space, but charges up to 5 devices at once. Love it, great price

5 Stars
(3) Useful and works great 
Use it for my phone,vape batteries etc.

5 Stars
(4) 5 Outlet Port 
Excellent product, thank you.

5 Stars
(5) 5 Port Charge Tower 
Gifted to my grandson attending an out of town university. Two other students share the apartment & they all loved it.

5 Stars
(6) 5 Port Charge Tower 
Excellent device for consolidating the USB devices that I have to constantly charge.

4 Stars
(7) Nice item 
Makes charging multiple devices convenient.

1 Stars
(8) Not rapid charging 
I charged both my Android and iPhone and neither charged fast. In fact, my Android charged much slower than usual. I would not recommend this item.

5 Stars
(9) 5 port USB charger 
This is the best way to charge multiple USB devices. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars
(10) As promised 

5 Stars
(11) Love it 
It perfect for all my gadget

5 Stars
(12) What? 
I gave this as a gift because it was something I would have liked to receive.

2 Stars
(13) Specs not as advertised 
Advertised with a fast charger. But, it is not in any of the ports.

4 Stars
(14) SLOW 
While it does charge your items, it is not High Speed Actually rather slow but it will charge your items if you wait long enough.

5 Stars
(15) works great 
I got two, one for my son and one for me- I love it you dont have to go room to room seeing if your phone, etc is done it is all at one place- much easier. Thank you

5 Stars
(16) Nice 
Great to put charging in one area and charges quickly. Compact and slender.

5 Stars
(17) Very good 

5 Stars
(18) GREAT space saver 
This is a Great space saver , Nice to have it closer to you because it has a long cord to plug in and unplug

5 Stars
(19) Ends clutter 
Its great. One unit verses numerous power supplies at the wall plug, which is limited to 2.

5 Stars
(20) Great 
This is so helpful great product

5 Stars
(21) Great 
Just What We Needed.. Wish I Would Have Bought More Of Them....

5 Stars
(22) Works for all your USB connected applications 
Plugged both my phones and tablet, works great, charges fast.

5 Stars
(23) Charger Tower 
I really like this charger, I can charge my stuff in one place. I even bought my sister one. It’s small and doesn’t take up much room.

5 Stars
(24) Great Device 
This device is very useful or concentrating all of your devices that use USB plugs. It is very fast at charging my Samsung Galaxy 7,

5 Stars
(25) 5 Port Charge Tower 
This is a great item. Saves lots of space.

1 Stars
(26) Not what I expected 
It charges ok but doesnt seem to be fast charging. Also, it definitely is not non-skid as advertised! It slides if I bump into it.

5 Stars
(27) Great Product 
Love this charger. Space saver. Charges quickly

5 Stars
(28) 5 port hub 
It expands the number of ports - I didnt think I needed them all - but within a day all the ports were being used. I think I may need another one :

5 Stars
(29) Charge Tower 
This is great can plug my stuff all in one place. Will be getting another one and one for my sister.

5 Stars
(30) Multi Usb Tower 
This item is really very compact but its super convenient in saving space for multiple devices. Its so nice and fast charging that my grandson claimed it as his. Even thou it was meant for every1 Thank you

5 Stars
(31) 5 Port Charge Tower 
Great buy!!!! Excellent product. Thank you.

5 Stars
(32) this is a good idea 
Just be careful with the back plug--if you dont stand it upright, the plug could fall out. Otherwise this is a great idea for multiple USB plug-ins. Works great.

5 Stars
(33) Great charger 
Love this device, glad I made the purchase.

5 Stars
(34) 5 port charger 
This item came in handy for my cruise. So many ppl are wanting one

4 Stars
On first use it was obvious that the fit between the power cord and the unit was not tight. The result was that the charger was intermittent and quit charging. I was able to cinch the contacts for a tighter fit and the unit seems to be working ok now. Good looking with room for 6 devices - nice!

5 Stars
(36) Charger 
Love it. Great small gadget

5 Stars
(37) Dont understand what this means 
Good product.

5 Stars
(38) Nice charging tower 
this is great if you have more than one item to charge Charges well. I bought two for gifts also

5 Stars
(39) happy 
It works great. still have to check out the cords. Some of them will not work.

5 Stars
(40) Great tower, great deal 
After searching all the electronic websites, trying to find a 5-6 port charger for under $20, I was happy to see this offer on Pulse. As a frequent customer of Pulse, I’ve come to trust their products, & continue to do so after this purchase.

5 Stars
(41) Fabulous charge tower 
Its nice to charge 2 phones and 2 iPads all from the same unit. It is faster than normal also. Great device!

5 Stars
(42) 5 port charge tower 
This product does exactly what it is advertised to do.

5 Stars
(43) Great Product 
Compact size allows this unit to sit on any desktop. Recharging function is typical of other chargers. Having A multiple port charging station allows you to organize your toys in one location making a check of the charge status very convenient. Without reservation I would recommend this product for others to purchase.

5 Stars
(44) Love it...using it daily 
Very handy and useful

5 Stars
(45) Saves outlets on my power strip! 
Instead of having 5 seperate power cords taking up space on my power strip I only need one to power the same Iphone, galaxy etc. Works Great!

5 Stars
(46) Charge Tower 
Awesome charger when I have visitors as central point to recharge!!

5 Stars
(47) Excellent Value 
This 5 port charge tower works as advertised, and cleared clutter from my desk top. one cord to the power supply - five items plugged in as needed. A very handy item that I recommend.

5 Stars

5 Stars
(49) Tower 
This is great! Everything is in one place.

5 Stars
(50) Nice slim charger 
This charger is compact and great for the need of multiple devices.

5 Stars
(51) 5 Port Charger Tower 
This little tower does a great job charging our devices all at once. The Rapid Charge works great !

2 Stars
(52) Rapid charge........NOT!! 
Advertisement clearly states RAPID CHARGE, but its just the total opposite. This charger charges like a turtle in a worm race. The ONLY reason I like this product is because it saves lots of electrical outlet spaces

5 Stars
(53) Great product! 
Since I have purchased this product I have got great service outstanding product.

5 Stars
(54) Great product 
Bought this for my daughter and family as they have so many electronics and it is working out great.

5 Stars
(55) 5 port charge tower with rapid charge 
I love the 5 port charger it is the one that I have been needing because it charges very fast . Thanks

5 Stars
(56) Good Product 
It is an excellent product

5 Stars
(57) 5 port charger 
Works perfectly. I have 5 items to charge including 2 cellphones, ipad, 2 kindles. This can charge them all. Looks nice, has blue light at base. This is perfect for all my chargeable items. Recd quickly and price excellent. Absolutely no complaints with it.

5 Stars
(58) Work Great 
Ordered 2 and they work great

5 Stars
(59) Tower Power 
I have only used it so far to charge my phone. It has been working great. I am going to try charging multiple electronic items to test out the product under more stress. I am confident that it will perform as advertised.

4 Stars
(60) Good product 
Does save space and does its job

5 Stars
(61) Rapid charger 
This five tier charger is invaluable it’s great at a great price from pulse to.com

5 Stars
(62) 5 Port charging station 
This charging station works just as it said it would. Would recommend to anyone to buy.

5 Stars
(63) Unbelievable Indeed! 
The title says it all! I was skeptical but as I have several eCigs to charge and only 2 USB ports on henreietta, I tried the tower and it worked! I ran outside and looked at my electric Smart metre afterwards and the usage was microsopic! This gadget actually saves me money!

5 Stars
(64) Exactly As Promised - Smaller than Expected 
I love this new charging tower. With my grandtwins constantly borrowing tablets for Sponge Bob videos, it is a constant challenge to keep things charged. Moreover, the clutter of cables everywhere, which make for a tripping hazard, proved to me that a better solution was necessary. Then I saw the ad, and the video for this product. Imagine...1 device handling the charging needs of 5 devices...at once. I had to buy it...but as usual, I took advantage of the buy 2 and save program. Well...that wasn’t even necessary. One is still in the box...that’s how well this 5 port charge tower has done. I’ve been able to use short, stubby micro-USB cables, eliminating both cable clutter AND tripping hazard, and this device charges so well that one device is already recharged when the video binging has depleted the first tablet. I plan to give away the second tower as a gift to my son, since my grandtwins spend as much time at home as they do with me. What I’d lrecommend as a bonus deal is a 5 Pack of short 6-8 inch mini-USB cables to add value to the mini tower. These tower is so small that I leave it on the end of the table, and stack the devices right next to it for charging. Adding the stubby cables as a bonus pack for an upcharge, of course would save hunting the house for the tiny cables that originally shipped with our devices. Kudos to Pulse TV for another clear winner!

5 Stars
(65) Fast Charger 
6 amps is great for multiple charging but good, also, for fast charging of a single device

5 Stars
(66) works well, fair price 
Needed a central device charging station for the work area off the kitchen. This works well.

5 Stars
(67) Great idea 
This comes in very handy when you have multiple devices to charge.

3 Stars
(68) Not what was described 
This was supposed to be a 5 port, 25 amp tower with rapid charge. Instead, I received a 6 port tower with wimpy charge. The total output capacity is 6 amps divided between 6 ports so it is a very slow charger. Definitely a disappointment.

5 Stars
(69) Good product 
Highly recommend it!

4 Stars
(70) NOT so quick charger 
This is a handy item to have if you need more than one or two things to charge, but dont expect a QUICK charge to happen. It charges at regular speed, but charges more than four items at once, so its worth the money. Small and compact.

5 Stars
(71) 5 Port Tower Rapid Charger 
I love this device it is convenient for home and travel. Will probably order again.

5 Stars
(72) 5 Port Charger 
Used on vacation where outlets can be limited. Charger worked awesome! Definitely appeared to charge very quick and helped keep me organized. Love it!

5 Stars
(73) Great Charger 
Its a perfect charger tower for all my devices. I would recommend this project to people with multiple devices.

5 Stars
(74) 5 Port Charge Tower ithrapid Charge Item. 
Excellent. On my desk, very convenient.

5 Stars
(75) 5 Port Charge Tower With Rapid Charge 

5 Stars
(76) charging tower 
Great! Now I can charge all my devices at once. Havent used it yet, but Im still excited about using it.

5 Stars
(77) Fantastic Charger! 
I have so many gagits in my house. The five port charge tower was just what I was looking for. It does what the ad says. It rapidly charges five devices at a time! A time saver indeed.

4 Stars
(78) Great tool 
This is one of my best buys. With so many items to charge, each with a discrete charging cable, this simplifies things greatly. The only improvement would be a heavier base. This tends to tip over.

Review this item!