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5 Layered Activated Carbon PM2.5 Filters for Face Masks (10-Pack)

5 Layered Activated Carbon PM2.5 Filters for Face Masks (10-Pack)

5 Layered Activated Carbon PM2.5 Filters for Face Masks (10-Pack)
5 Layered Activated Carbon PM2.5 Filters for Face Masks (10-Pack)
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For an additional layer of prevention and security, insert the five-layer PM2.5 Filter into a reusable face mask to keep away from a range of airborne particles.

Using a filter in your mask is perfect for those who are still working around others, the trips to the grocery store, and any other necessary errands.

Provides extra protection against dust, smoke, pollution, pollen, viruses and dust while remaining breathable.

These filters can be used with any of our pocketed masks.

S5 Layer Filtering System

First layer: Anti-Sticking Cloth
Second layer: Filter Cloth
Third layer: Activated Carbon
Fourth layer: Efficient Filter Cloth
Fifth layer: Anti-Sticking Cloth


- Package Includes: 10 Filters
- Made with activated carbon
- 5-layer design
- Designed to protect against 2.5PM
- Fits most reusable face masks
- Each filter may last to up to 60 hours of use
- Material - 40% non-woven PP, 40%melt-blown PP and 20% carbon cloth
- Product Dimensions per piece: 4.9" x 3.1"

4 Stars  Positive Protection 
Quality item which fits mask well.

5 Stars  nice 

4 Stars  Mask Filters 
They do a great job. Hard to fit in the mask which is probably not the fault of the filter.

2 Stars  ok but not a great fit 
These probably help but they are too small for the masks sold on Pulse - they move around quite a bit

5 Stars  Best Filters Ive ever Used 
I love the Charcoal Filters, I can feel and smell the difference. The air I receive is fresher.

5 Stars  Good price 
I use these in any mask that has a pocket to provide extra protection.

4 Stars  Works well 
This filter works well in face masks. It is a little small but works. It should come in three sizes.

5 Stars  Mask Filters 
They are surprisingly light. They fit perfectly in a mask and provide more protection. I can breath through them ok and they make me feel safer.

5 Stars  Convenient & Easy! 
These are very convenient & easy to use! Much better than trying to fold coffee filters to fit inside your masks plus these are thicker. I would definitely recommend them.

5 Stars  Mask Filters 
I have been using these filters for a while. I feel that the air I breathe thru my mask with filter is healthier for me.

5 Stars  Filters 
They work good with the plain white or blue non medical masks.

5 Stars  Pleased with product! 
I feel even safer when wearing one of these filters under my mask!

5 Stars  Works Great 
Works Great and FAST Service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars  Works Great 
Nice to have an added layer of protection.

5 Stars  Good Product 
As advertised.

5 Stars  Fits fine 
The mask fits fine. Easy to breathe while wearing. Easy to change the filters.

4 Stars  Good replacement 
Does what you need it to do! Good price

4 Stars  Good fit 
Like it because it s adjustable and with the carbon filters it gives you more protection

5 Stars  Arrived quickly 
These fit nicely in the masks made from material.

5 Stars  My favorite 
I have many different ones but this is my favorite. it does not smell funny, it is light, and nothing like activated charcoal to actually do some protecting!

5 Stars  Added protection 
Nice to be able to add extra protection

4 Stars  Great for my masks 
This is the 1st time that i am using this filter and it seems to do the trick inside my masks.

4 Stars  WORK GREAT 
These are perfect they fit all my masks which use these filters

5 Stars  Filters Work 
The filters fit the mask and seem to work well.

5 Stars  Filters 
They work really great!

5 Stars  carbon filters 
feel confident with this in my mask

5 Stars  Do You Have a Filter? 
These filters are great! Easy to insert and remove when its time to wash your mask. Filtering has never been easier and they fit great in the masks for sale on this site! Filter me up!

5 Stars  Review on Carbon Filters 
This is the product Ive been looking for online,Great product,Great price. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

5 Stars  Extra safety 
I am extremely happy with these filters. I now wear only the masks that I bought that have the filter pocket.

5 Stars  Added layer of protection 
Filter fits most standard size pocket-style masks. Peace of mind protection

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Video: 5 Layered Activated Carbon PM2.5 Filters for Face Masks (10-Pack)

Provides extra protection against dust, smoke, pollution, pollen, viruses and dust while remaining breathable. Can be used with any mask with a filter insert.
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