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4K-Ready Stealth GE Antenna With Free Screen Shelf

4K-Ready Stealth GE Antenna With Free Screen Shelf

4K-Ready Stealth GE Antenna With Free Screen Shelf
4K-Ready Stealth GE Antenna With Free Screen Shelf
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The Two Items Every Family Room Should Have

This GE UltraPro Indoor/Outdoor Stealth HD Antenna by itself is one of our most popular items but combined with our best-selling Screen Shelf, this is a winning combo no one should miss!

The Stealth Antenna is capable of some of the highest TV quality available; 4K. If you never experienced this magnitude of television, you'll be in for a treat. The detail and quality are almost life-like. No worries if you are not watching a 4K broadcast, this antenna will still give you Full 1080 HD video for all your stations. Speaking of stations, you'll pick up a lot of them. In my house (Chicago area) I pick up over 70 channels from Illinois and Indiana. This includes all the local ones like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox.

Installation is so easy, just plug it into your TV's cable outlet and scan for channels in the TV's menu. It also comes with mounting hardware so you can put it on a wall or for an even easier option, just set it on a shelf. Don't have a shelf? You do now because this with this antenna we are including our super popular 13in. Adjustable Add-A-Shelf for free.

The shelf can attach right to your flat screen TV or computer screen with no tools or complicated installation. It literally takes 5 seconds. Just fold out the legs and set it on the top of the screen. Now you have a great spot to put your remotes, reading glasses, DVDs, pictures, Roko TV box, and so much more.

The shelf also includes a rubber mat to keep your items from sliding around. If you want a bigger shelf you can also buy more shelves and add them together.


  • Comes With The HD Antenna And Shelf
  • Get All Your Local Channels
  • Antenna Works Indoors And Outdoors
  • 4K Ready and Full HDTV Support
  • Antenna Is High Quality And Made By GE
  • Multi-Directional 60 Mile Long Range
  • Crystal Clear HD TV and Sound Quality
  • Shelf Fits On Flat Screen TVs/ Monitors of All Sizes
  • Add Multiple Shelves Togather

4 Stars  Works well 
Works as described. Would have given a 5 star but it s less sturdy than anticipated

2 Stars  Not better than rabbit ears 
I have a house with a metal roof and this product got me 14 channels - the same as my old pair of rabbit ears.

5 Stars  Works much better that old ant. 
I was getting four channels sometimes. Now I get 49 all the time. Very good antenna. Will buy for the rest of my tvs

5 Stars  Antenna 
Works as promised Installed on small kitchen tv lots of channels without satellite or cable even ME TV !

5 Stars  Problem solver 
This antenna is very well constructed and works great

5 Stars  Computer shelf 
Absolutely luv these, got extra for my daughter s birthday in June ..depending on her reaction I might buy more at that time for stocking stuffers for Christmas

5 Stars  These tv shelves are a great addition 
I love this shelf and Im glad I purchased it, I actually bought a few I used 3 on my tv and it looks great with sound bar, picture, nick knacks.

5 Stars  Adds needed space 
Works great as a added shelf. I put a few things that mean a lot to me up on shelf to keep from little hands..

5 Stars  works perfectly 
got a 65 inch flat screen so it took 3 units to put my sound bar on top instead of on the stand in front of the TV. makes a big difference.

5 Stars  These tv shelves are a great addition 
I love these and I bought plenty for all my tvs. They work great.

5 Stars  Remarkably useful 
Easy to set up and unusually useful...take advantage of wasted space get one today!

5 Stars  13in. Adjustable Add-A-Shelf For Screens 

5 Stars  Awesome 
Its nice to have the shelf on the tv for decorations or cable box

5 Stars  Worked Great 
I bought 2 and used them side by side. I mounted a sound bar on it and it workled perfectly

5 Stars  Just what I needed 
Very handy and they stay put securely. Great way to keep items for easy access and finding rather than having to search for them.

5 Stars  Very Handy 
Very handy at uncluttering the front sides of the TV. Unexpectedly firm and sturdy, carries the weight of the Set Top Cable Box.

5 Stars  great shelf 
its exactly what I have been searching for

5 Stars  Does what I need very well. 
I purchased one for my computer monitor to hold my speakers and then decided to get another 2 to put over a windowsill for some of my plants. They work great for both purposes.

5 Stars  Handy holder 
This was easy to setup and place the remote in our grandkids playroom all in one location!

5 Stars  Works fantastic! 
We used two on our 42 inch TV and they work great! Easy to install and a wonderful extra surface for remotes and gaming components.

5 Stars  Nice! 
Nice shelf to extend my storage space. Item is as described and super easy to setup.

5 Stars  Simple and works 
Easy to attach to top of tv, holds cable box perfectly and out of the way.

4 Stars  computer shelf 
good shelf does not hold very much or anything with weight but have 2 and i like it for light things

5 Stars  4 port usb 
love this can plug all my things in from the front instead of going to the back of my PC

5 Stars  It works! 
Easy to set up.

4 Stars  needed 
purchased 4 add on shelves put 2 on my stove back and 1 each on my tvs

5 Stars  Good Choice - No Kidding!!! 
Very Smart Idea - Good Choice - Stores all 4 of my Satellite Joey Boxes for my 4 tvs on top instead of using a table.

5 Stars  thanks for providing this very useful device 
I was very well pleased upon receiving this from Pulse.com..I am using it attached to my computer monitor screen to accommodate my 2 speakers. It is working out very good!...Thank You!

5 Stars  So far, very good! 
I bought a couple of these a month or so ago, along with a couple of other things. Had to try one out right away, and it really does work -D Set up was easy, the knob works as advertised, and it has been stable ever since. The non-stick pad is a great addition, too. Right now, I am using one of them to hold my external CD drive, and a couple of portable music players. The tray gets bounced a bit, as a result, but it has been solid the whole time. I gave the other one to my wife, but it would not work with her work-from-home set-up, so she put it on our TV screen, where the remotes and such now sit perfect! The pad, however, she did keep, for her pens, which tended to slide off her workstation, which is tilted a bit for ergonomic reasons. So, it all has worked out beautifully! Definitely recommend these and will consider buying more for gifts.

4 Stars  Shelf 
Very good

5 Stars  GREAT BUY 
One of the best things I have bought. Works as advertised and is perfect for holding a clock or your remotes when the TV is off. That way you wont loose it. Would buy again and have recommended it to my friends.

4 Stars  Monitor/TV shelf 
Nice addition to hold extra speaker. Could be a little better adjustment to tighten Leg. I did have to cut a notch into the front lip so it would not block the camera built into my monitor

5 Stars  Very convenient 
Perfect for holding a small light for ZOOMing........

4 Stars  Adjustable TV Shelf 
The legs are a little shaky and not sure the shelf could hold very much weight, but it is a good place to keep your remotes.


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Video: 4K-Ready Stealth GE Antenna With Free Screen Shelf

This GE UltraPro Indoor/Outdoor Stealth HD Antenna by itself is one of our most popular items but combined with our best-selling Screen Shelf, this is a winning combo no one should miss!
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