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4K-Ready GE Indoor Pro HD Amplified Antenna With Free Screen Shelf

4K-Ready GE Indoor Pro HD Amplified Antenna With Free Screen Shelf

4K-Ready GE Indoor Pro HD Amplified Antenna With Free Screen Shelf
4K-Ready GE Indoor Pro HD Amplified Antenna With Free Screen Shelf
Your Price: $15.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $25.98 (78% off)
Spectrum Warranties
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Spectrum Warranties offers replacement coverage for your purchase on this item. It covers drops, water damage, and all sorts of accidents with a quick and easy claims process.

Warranties purchased at the time of product sale take effect on day 31 after purchase.

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  • Contract covers units in a residential (non-commercial) environment.
  • Contract covers free shipping of repaired items.
  • If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.
  • If unable to replace a 100% refund will be issued for the purchase price (less shipping & tax).
  • Covers standard malfunctions & accidental damage.

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The Two Items Every Family Room Should Have

This 4K-Ready GE Indoor Pro HD Bar Amplified Antenna by itself is one of our most popular items but combined with our best-selling Screen Shelf, this is a winning combo no one should miss!

The Antenna is capable of some of the highest TV quality available; 4K. If you never experienced this magnitude of television, you'll be in for a treat. The detail and quality are almost life-like. No worries if you are not watching a 4K broadcast, this antenna will still give you Full 1080 HD video for all your stations. Speaking of stations, you'll pick up a lot of them. In my house (Chicago area) I pick up over 70 channels from Illinois and Indiana. This includes all the local ones like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox.

Installation is so easy, just plug it into your TV's cable outlet and scan for channels in the TV's menu. It also comes with mounting hardware so you can put it on a wall or for an even easier option, just set it on a shelf. Don't have a shelf? You do now because this with this antenna we are including our super popular 13in. Adjustable Add-A-Shelf for free.

The shelf can attach right to your flat screen TV or computer screen with no tools or complicated installation. It literally takes 5 seconds. Just fold out the legs and set it on the top of the screen. Now you have a great spot to put your remotes, reading glasses, DVDs, pictures, Roko TV box, and so much more.

The shelf also includes a rubber mat to keep your items from sliding around. If you want a bigger shelf you can also buy more shelves and add them together.


  • Comes With The HD Antenna And Shelf
  • Get All Your Local Channels
  • Antenna Works Indoors And Outdoors
  • 4K Ready and Full HDTV Support
  • Antenna Is High Quality And Made By GE
  • Multi-Directional 55 Mile Long Range
  • Crystal Clear HD TV and Sound Quality
  • Shelf Fits On Flat Screen TVs/ Monitors of All Sizes
  • Add Multiple Shelves Together

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